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New plans for both on and off the field, unveiled 12th Oct


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An invitation not to be missed…

Wednesday 12th October 2011 at 8.15am, Pride Park Stadium

For an exclusive insight into plans both on and off the field at Derby County Football Club

and its surrounding area.

Breakfast rolls and refreshments will be provided in our Toyota Suite on arrival before

an overview from our Commercial Team and an insight into the proposed plans for

developments around the Stadium by our Vice President of Operations, John Vicars.

Derby County Club Manager, Nigel Clough will also be present to give an update on team

news including the exciting prospects now starting to emerge from the Academy and will

be happy to take any questions you may have on the day.

Demand for this event will be high and places are limited, therefore please confirm your

attendance by return to *******.**********@dcfc.co.uk with your name, guest name (max

1 guest) and company details including address and contact number.

Acceptance for invitations will close on Friday 7th October.

We look forward to meeting you on the day.

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Jeez, I thought you you lot would be all over this like a rash!

Thank god we're in good form, or there could have been questions about team investment rather than ground investment.


Why ask questions? Clough's answered most of the questions about team investment in his press statements over the last month or so. The answer is, 'not much' and 'we're still a couple of players short'.

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where's all the big debaters? G star ram, ianwhosit, Ramblur etc?

Very dissapointed in all of you.

I thought I would wait to see which shop they were spending our transfer budget on before commenting,

however I keep getting a "this user does not exsist" bounceback when I email for an invite.....very annoying.

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Bet PG is feeling a bit of a fool.

After doing a deal to get development rites ( no doubt would have been lucrative if the club gave him the go ahead) when he sold the club.

Only to Find that the big bad Americans were just going to wait it out until that deal expired before starting work on developing the land.

Still not happy about funds being diverted away from the playing side of the club, if that's going to be the case.

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