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Crystal Palace v Derby County


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I wore my Monday to Friday socks on the correct days last week and we won. I'm feeling a lucky charm coming on so 1-0 to the rams. Some care who PR how as long as we win (but Stevie Davies to score would be nice, we need a prolific confident goal scorer and he could be our best bet.

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Claude...he is one derby player i have no doubt of that he is still **** :p, our best tactic here would be to pass him the ball, wait for it to go through his legs, and run onto it and score :D

Steve Davies will be our scorer

Ben will spend the match on the bench unless someone gets injuired

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Derby 2(Davies, Cywka)

Palace 1(Moxey)

Of course moxey will end up scoring against us :(













Apparently, Cywka is still injured - to see a specialist for knee injury.

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-Bananas- so not available for the game?

I guess it'll end up with pearson on the wing, with savage and miles in the middle...

I think pearson does alot more(well recently) than addison/savage are doing and when he's put on the wing, due to his absolute lack of skill he only can try and beat them with pace

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Personally i hope he's stuck on the bench,

To begin with i liked him but over the course of the season i feel he has done just less and less....he is useless in my opinion at rb and at rm so please clough keep him off the wing!

Though, if clough were to play him in his ACTUAL position as a cm (instead of savage i think would work ;) since savage is off anyway) he may start playing significantly better again and dictate play like he was earlier on.

Anyone have news on bailey?

And about savage, it's a pitty he's going into commentating i would have liked to see him back for some role like a coach, his legs have gone but his voice hasn't

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