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Wayne Rooney’s DCFC Fans

Seaside Ram

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29 minutes ago, Seaside Ram said:

Please can someone take this down for this week at least and just leave it as DCFC Fans, which we all are and will be long after he has left us in League 1 . Thank you .

I think we should leave it as a permanent reminder of everything that is wrong with our club!

Yes it looks daft but we need to remember this period of celebrity, arrogance, entitlement........and never return!

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3 hours ago, uttoxram75 said:

I've had that above my avatar since just before we sacked Cocu.

Mind you, I had a "we'll be back in 81" t shirt a few decades ago.

I still have the we’ll be back in 81 scarf,  I remember the Derby evening telegraph taking my photo with It when we beat Leeds in 86. 
can’t wait for next season. 

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