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I had a dream


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I dreamt I was in a crowded pub watching an FA cup tie on the tele. Derby vs Forest. 

We watched the first half, and as usual it was hard work watching us, marshal was working hard, we were giving away lots of corners, just about surviving them, lots of grumbling in the pub. 

but then, towards the end of the half, it was either Ebosele popped up with a goal (it’s all fading a bit now, there’s a chance it could’ve been shonibar). An effortless curler from the edge of the box, a thing of beauty. 

we went in at half time, 1-0 and a little bit more optimistic.

But as the half time whistle blew, it turns out we were watching on a time delay ie someone had paused it at the start of the match. So it suddenly skipped to the end of the match. The final whistle was just being blown, and Jack Stretton was being awarded man of the match.

he wasn’t even on the pitch in the first half, so it made me wonder what he’d done. Quite frankly marshal was the man of the match just based on the first half. I couldn’t see the score, but everyone seemed happy so we must have won.

the tele was turned off, and we all filtered out. I checked my phone for the score...


part of me was annoyed I’d missed 6 goals and probably the best half of football ever. But of course I was very happy with the final score, so I couldn’t be too annoyed. 

And then I woke up. 

I tell you what though, if we draw forest in the cup, I’m having a tenner on that: ebosele first goal scorer, half time score of 1-0, full time score of 7-1, jack stretton man of the match.

I might have a side bet on a stretton hat trick. Didn’t see that specially in the dream, but I suspect that’s why he got man of the match. 

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I just realised. It was a crowded pub. So that probably wasn’t a predication for this season. Maybe that’s why it explains so many new faces in the first team. 

So have faith guys, this seasons going to be rubbish for all sorts of reasons. But this time next season we’ll be millionaires. 

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