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Makes a change from deodorant I guess


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Turning this into a general thread about presents......i'm already half way through this book.....


This is really interesting for me because it turns out that stewart imlach - speedy scottish winger - played one season for Derby at the time her indoors Dad played for them. 

Imlach demanded a transfer after less than one season,after the club reneged on the promise of a club house for him and his newly wed wife. It transpires he'd been promised the house occupied by Bert Mozley who was big mates with our man. Mozley - an international full back nearing the end of his career - was offered the chance of a job in canada which he accepted. He went with the clubs blessing after 9+ years but because he  hadn't completed ten years service, he was denied his loyalty bonus of £750. This must have been quite alot of money at the time. His house was then allocated to another new signing prompting Imlach to demand a transfer.

According to the book, players generally were treated badly. If they were transfer listed then the club didn't have to pay them, and the club held onto the playing registration even if the player was released. I can now understand why her indoors dad never spoke about it and was apparently somewhat bitter. He also was released or left  after 9 seasons, which now looks like an attempt to deny him his £750 loyalty bonus too, but the club held onto his registration so he couldn't play for anyone else unless the other club paid a transfer fee. Eventually all this was overturned for the benefit of later players, but - from what i'm reading - the Derby manager and directors don't seem to emerge with much credit. 

Good book so far.

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