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swansea ram

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1 hour ago, Muskination said:

Is this what it's come to?


had to laugh at this.


Spoke to friends at school back near Sheffield this morning who go to Hillsborough. Plenty of torrential rain, thunder and lightning last night resulting in their game being delayed.

Looking at the gloomy skies when I arrived in derby early evening last night I thought we may be in for a few problems but it passed by thankfully.

Where's Tomasz Schafernaker when you need him??

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Just now, LesterRam said:

my little one is absolutely petrified of thunder and lightning, if the weather is bad he sleeps with me, well he almost sleeps on top of me :(

Mine loves it. Laughs her little head off when there's thunder & lightning. The louder, the better.

....but then she's terrified of the noisy hand-driers in toilets, though. Work that one out.

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33C yesterday here in east London and extremely humid. 28C at the moment. Had to water the garden every day since beginning of July as there's been hardly any rain

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