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Do we really need more in?


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The more I think about it, the more I think the answer is no.

If anything I'd rather see more leave freeing up room to add in January having had six months to really assess this squad. Not forgetting that we've not been a million miles off over the past three seasons.

We've added Vydra & Wilson. There's goals there. We've Weimann coming back soon, there's some more pace. We've got Camara getting game time, more pace for breaks.

Keep Martin. He might not be the main man now but all of this out talk might have stirred something inside - let him prove a point.

Pearson know's what he wants, but has so far had to give a lot of players a run out to see if they'll fit into his formation. If nobody comes in then that might suggest that he's happy. So we should trust him and be happy too.

We are too top heavy, so get a few out on loan.

The transfer window is all about excitement and a lot of people are getting hung up on us not signing anyone. But just think, the more players we have the less chance there is of ever picking a settled team.

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If Nigel is going to stick with 442 and its variants, I'd like to see some wide midfielders come in rather than using our attacking wingers there, but I suspect he'll keep trying to force the square pegs into the round holes. And a holding midfielder to back up/replacement for Thorne. Hughes does okay in that area, but his abilities are a bit wasted there in my opinion.

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No, what we need now is for the manager to start earning all that money we're paying him and get the best out of the squad at his disposal.

I would've liked to have seen a DM, Winger and RB come in, but omething tells me we're going to wait until the loan window opens again or go rummaging for some free agents.

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I think we have a few genuine requirements - leftback, holding mid, winger.

No need to go berserk like last year, but equally, I don't really want to see us go to the other extreme and bring no one in.

I think the combination of bad luck, low confidence and questionable tactics have cost us so far, but as per above, we DO have some genuine need too.

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