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  1. Nothing. So what's the point in the Academy if you keeping changing managers and ideas? Might as well bin it off. Its costing far more than we ever will recoup.
  2. Has Mel put us on eBay yet? or Shpock as he doesn't have to pay a fee using that.
  3. Using 'The Derby Way' as an excuse for sacking a manager was as embarrassing as him being on Talksport almost goading everyone else. He's tried to be clever and its backfired. But hey we have a really good academy that produces loads of talent (we inevitably sell for £10+ a bag of sweets).
  4. This is my point. So not a 100%, Cocu was great, but giving Rooney a coaching role would have been difficult to work with and I just find it unfair to judge Cocu because of that. If he’d had a season with just him and his staff and we were as bad then fair enough.
  5. Agree. It might have been the right decision if the right appointment was made (Big Mick, Warnock). But we all really knew that the moment Rooney came to Derby it was inevitable that he would oust Cocu so he could take charge. So I stick by my thoughts from December. We got rid of the wrong man. We never really had a Derby with only Cocu coaching. So we’ll never know really if he was as bad as you think. I hope it’s a case of never knowing how good Rooney COULD have been either. Has to go.
  6. There were a number of posters on here adamant that we had a good squad and that would be proved once we’d sacked Cocu. Nice to visit the forum again and see those same posters saying it’s the worst squad we’ve ever had and they want Rooney out.
  7. Rooney should never have been in. Even as a player. It was another Mel publicity stunt. Now I’m not saying things would definitely be different but for me the wrong man left. Rooney is the root cause of the problems. But that’s Mels making. IF we stay up now it will be because of Rotherham’s fixture congestion and that Wednesday started on minus 6 points. Relying on other clubs is as embarrassing as going down.
  8. You need fans creating an atmosphere and a set of players on both teams to care enough. They don't though. Its just another game in their career to them. Plus the rules that have been implemented over the years means that the first heavy tackle (to get everyone going) is likely to be punished by a red card. Boring ain't it.
  9. 2-1 Derby. Holmes to open the scoring for Huddersfield from a sublime 40 yard Keogh through ball. Just so we can all think 'here we go again' and all the Keogh 'was treated badly by the club he loves' brigade can post their thoughts on any Derby County Facebook post they can find. But despite looking brilliant for 80 mins of the game, Keogh to then give away a penalty chasing his first touch, before handing us the win in the 89th minute and blaming his keeper, the ball boy, and anyone else he can for a 'mix up'.
  10. Knowing Derby we'd buy Jacob Butterfield back for £150m!
  11. He made the right runs but the ball was always played to where he'd started the run from. I would imagine he would be far more comfortable and effective with players who understand he's going to make the run.
  12. I hope we sign enough to keep us up without spending silly money. This is not the season to be silly. No need. Let the new owners settle in and start the new season with fans in the ground and some statement signings.
  13. I see where you’re coming from but I see it differently. Given what Cocu was handed and the instructions (I think) he was given, I.e. promote youth, create your own funds/money to spend, etc. then it was inevitable that there would be a struggle before we had any success. That’s without the interference of Rooney and Rosenior. I think he should have been given another window with some money to spend and things would have changed and his style would have been appreciated more with the right personnel. But hey ho, we’ll never know. The current situation we find ourselves in is awful. T
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