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We're still top of the league!!


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I was thinking it would have been nice to win today (obvious statement of the year), not only because wins are nice, but also because it would put us 3 clear points (plus goal difference) clear.

But then, why Is it important to be 3 points clear? So that we can **** up one week without affecting our position.

It just so happens that one week has happened now. As long as we don't **** up again, we're fine.

We just need to go again and work on building a gap, which will allow us to **** up again on another day. As long as we're top (or second if we have to), be it by goal difference or 20 clear points, at the end of the season, nothing else matters.

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the league table doesnt mean owt yet, but being top will add extra pressure, and i think this team might be better trying to get somewhere than trying to stay somewhere. tight league though, we wont be top until the end. we need to start playing our game again. sure we will COYR

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Unfortunately it seems that I must be the voice of reason.

wake up fellas.

Its all over.

The wheels have come off.

We've lost the plot.

You can forget the title, automatic promotion, another trip to Wembley.

We are fooked.

We've had it.

Its all downhill from here.

It couldn't last.

We were stupid to think that it might be our turn.

We are no Leicester. We are no Burnley.

Those Baggies fans tried to tell us and we didn't listen.

How stupid we are looking now.


Ah ******.

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