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  1. So the Efl model for the championship in current state is - three relegated teams can have £30 million players scattered all through their teams, but the rest of you plebs, can only spend that amount in three years.
  2. Ultimately, clubs that overspend, are doing so, to compete with the three relegated clubs. The efl has got to do something about this, or we will have the same three clubs going up/down every year. Next season it will be West brom, Sheff U and probably Fulham smashing the league up,it's getting predictable and boring.
  3. Wolves overspent too, on their way up. All these teams ended up with a fine.
  4. Fair play discuss away, where is our level of fear today- 100pt penalty and we start next season in the national league.
  5. Nobody knows anything, until the appeal is done. Take a break people, you're just getting yourselves and others all worked up, over " the worst case scenario,doomsday" outcome. Not much in the way of positivity, on here these days.
  6. Yes i agree, it's squeaky bum time.
  7. You don't have to abuse anybody in a protest, im a grown up 👀. Im not going, but the time for happy clapping is long gone.
  8. There's been protests for absolutely everything during this past year, if everybody else can, we can.
  9. The Doritos stadium, maybe our best chance of 3 points.
  10. It's too early to say, that said, if they come in and run the club well, it's all good. Keep politics and political opinions out of sport, we need a break from it.
  11. Study how our opponents play, then match it like for like. We then lose, as we've only trained in these tactics for 3-5 day's, not all season. Im not saying we have many, but i can't wait for us to play to our strengths,give the other team some problems.
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