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Sky sports hate us...


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Or do they?,another live game announced against boro ,which plays havoc with my away game plans as I usually book flights and hotels about three months in advance,are these tosser's finally realising that we play exciting,attacking football,can keep the ball when we want to,and above all, have a squad young and fit enough to survive in the prem,with a 'coach' experienced enough to keep us there.Watched Blackpool tonight and wondered where we would be without the current owners and their forward thinking.Blind faith I know but looking forward to old Trafford,Goodson and anfield next season.COYR.See you at Bloomfield rd.

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I love Sky Sports, moving 2 games to show live is great news as I won't have to watch a dodgy stream for those.

Cheers Rupert

Love Daveo



Another half fan

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It's East Midlands Today that doesn't like us! :angry:


Leicester, Notts Forest then Derby or Notts Forest, Leicester then Derby.


We sometimes get priority, if the other two aren't playing.

for the time being they are both higher up the league though

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