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what has pep guardiola done to bayern munich?


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When a team has so much possession camped in the oppositions half, I assume he's just pushed the fullbacks so far forward they're sort of wingers.


Pep has his own style, and he created the best football team we have ever seen in Barcelona between 2009-12.


But going to Bayern Munich who have a unique, direct, counterattacking side which dominated all before them in 2013 and changing all of that was never going to be straight forward.


It's abit odd really, as Bayern whilst able to attract the best players don't have that possession-based style implemented through their youth teams. It really could take Pep up to 10 years before he finally gets the team he wants.


Mourinho was the same at RM. He just didn't have the players there to suit his style, whereas Ancelotti's style was much more suited to Madrid.


Managerial styles and players suited to certain styles is so important in football. 

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He is playing a 2-1-3-3-1 formation. What happened to simple football?

That's actually not a million miles from how we play. 2 centre halves with Eustace sitting in front of them, the 2 fullbacks pushing on into midfield and Bryson pushing on with the wingers. The numbers are never the best way to describe how a team plays anyway, what matters is the areas of the pitch that players are playing in, and what their jobs are in those areas. The 451/433 we play is very different to the one bournemouth played, the one bolton played and the one cardiff played.

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