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Transfer Talk - Time for a change


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Transfer Talk forum, the one thread per player worked for a while but as the forum has got bigger, more puns, 500 page threads for transfers trying to break records, it has been mentioned and noted how hard it is to find the latest news.

So, the mods could edit the first post or even have a thread that is pinned with the latest and links.

My idea tho is to scrap the one thread per player rule, I've been accused of being a dictator so I may as well be, this is what will happen.

If the Thorne transfer was to happen again I would like to see separate threads for the latest, for example....

Thorne Twitter rumours

WBA say Thorne not for sale

Bid rejected for Thorne

DET reporting a new bid next week for Thorne

Thorne not travelled with squad to America

Thorne officially signs!!!

Thread titles should be clear, nothing cryptic and the first post will have the article and linked.

This way members can stay quickly up to date by just reading the first post and the thread title. The rest of the thread will be opinions and puns which you won't need to go through to find the latest.

Football-rumours.co.uk threads will still be deleted and please think before posting these Twitter rumours, if the account has 100 followers it's most likely ******.

Also please don't bump threads to let us know a player we was linked with months ago as joined X club, post it up in Football Talk if you like.

Thanking you, let's see how this goes.

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Any chance of having the topic name begin with the name of the player, rather than the source?


i.e Mason Bennett- loan to Sheff Utd- Sheffield Star


Would be clearer from a glance who the thread's about.

i like splitting hairs.

But u iz a pussay.

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I actually agree with Fox ram (or wherever he comes from)....so......can you start threads with the players name please folks to save me doing any work.


Or Cumb will ban your sorry ass.


And froggg will eat your young.


I'll chase you all the way to the station and Boycie will note down the number of the train you're on.....

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It's not really.

The idea is simple, allowing people to see the latest from the thread title and first post.

The Freeman and Best threads would be full of duplicate links and posts saying there are a lot of duplicate posts, before you know it we're 20 pages in and other members who are not on here 24/7 have to read through all that to see if there is any latest developments.

I've already noticed a difference where people are actually talking about the player more than other random ******.

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Don't agree with locking because one member posts something, another member comes on later and want's to reply to that comment but can't as it's locked.


One thread would revert back to the pages of crap, massive difference in conversations in transfer talk already. Even finding myself reading the threads again which hasn't happened in a long time.

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