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He's still a casual, lazy fecker.

I don't mean I want him to run around like Sammon. But just give a simple pass the attention it deserves. Just don't leave a fullback with 2 men when half a second ago you were stood on top of one of them.

He's just selling himself short because his first touch at times is magical. His instinct is good.

He should go to Ajax really if he gets that chance. Dutch football as I remember watching it is quite like the German game now. Unless its changed it's about attacking. All teams have good technical players who want the ball but aren't so hot without it. It would be a great experience to absorb the different methods/culture. He could really add a few bits to his game from moving there.

He could do worse than stay here though. Especially if we are in the PL. McClaren is obviously a top coach. He's got experience from Europe and international football. He's had highs and embarrassing lows. Not a bad guy to be sent on loan to.

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He's scored and assisted for fun since he's been here, but he ain't half frustratingly wafty at times. Could easily be a top player though, not seen many as good as him down here for years.

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He is a frustrating player – great instinct for goal (Saturday's goal was a perfect example, he instinctively knew that he could only squeeze it through the gap if he used his left boot – had he used the right foot as was more natural for the path of the ball, it would have hit the defender or keeper)


Then at times he tries to be unnecessarily tricky in open play – if McClaren and Simmo can coach better judgement into him, then he'll be a real player.


I wish he was a bit more physical too – if he was any LESS physical he'd be a vapour

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