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Song- We will follow you


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Come across this song online ( and on iTunes aswell)

We will follow you - Syndrome (Google it)

It's apparently an old terrace chant or something from the baseball ground? Asked the old man about it and he can't remember without hearing it so I thought I'd ask on here.

Very much like a marching on together chant but a derby version, with a few tweaks could make a good song for nowadays.

I believe the lyrics are

" through the thick and the thin, we will never give in. We will will follow the great white and blue. We will beat any team because we are supreme, derby county we will follow you"

It goes on but does anybody know this?

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Never heard it - or at least I can't remember it from the early 1970's


There were a lot of songs released by various people about Derby - all of them bloody awful.


Edit: I see it was from 1983. Bloody hell, just getting ready for the third division.

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Someone posted about this around two years ago - it might have been the writer's son.


I spent my hard earned pocket money on it at the time - and drove my Mum scatty playing it. I'd guess that it came out about 1978.


from memory


Derby County, we're behind you and we're strong

Derby County, we'll soon find you

Back in the First Division,

Where you belong


Sadly that's dated a little...but I still like the tune

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Sorry this post is a few months old but I've just been looking for this song and my search brought me here.


I've just registered an account as I'm hoping you can help.


My dad played bass and sang some of the vocals on this song when he was in the band "Syndrome".


I've just told him that it's still online (I found it on spotify) and he laughed as they never expected it to still be around.


He also said that the cheers in the background were recorded at a really important match in Derby's history around that time and was wondering if anyone could work out what match it was?



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The song was released in 1979 when we were relegated under colin addison i still have the single that i bought from the old ramtique shop on osmaston road


Spent many a happy hour in there, chatting to Ernie Hallam.

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I too bought the single from the Ramtique and must have it somewhere. Terrible, terrible song. As I recall it was never once sung on the terraces, either before or after the "release" - just a really dreadful piece of song writing. Sorry MissT!

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