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Simon Dawkins - I think I'm in love!


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Simon Dawkins eh?


Where the hell has he been? How can someone with so much raw talent be unknown to us!


I know Martin got MOTM today, and I declared my love for Chrissy Martin nice and early, but today, particularly second half, Simon Dawkins was absolutely immense. He was unlucky the keeper touched his side-step into Martin's path AND that he was cropped for the penalty as he could easily had two goals today. Not to mention his mini diving header, that was borderline handball when the Blackpool defender got in the way.


I am now worried that today has put £s on his value, knowing how Spurs like to screw every penny they can out of purchasing clubs, I can only hope we have agreed a price in advance!!


I'm not looking forward to watching him develop, as I had absolutely no expectation of him when he arrived.


I'd could abide seeing Jamie Ward never play for us again if it meant we signed Dawkins permanently.

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We are the first English club where he has really fired big time, and his contract with Spurs runs out in June. The only way they could make any money out of him would be to give him a new contract - and I doubt they will do that. They can't exercise an option, because they have done that already. There are 4 possibilities as I see it...


1. They let him join Derby in January for a 'nominal' fee

2. They give him a new contract at Tottenham

3. They manage to get someone else to buy him for an inflated amount - and he agrees to join the other team

4. Dawkins signs a pre-contract agreement with Derby, he sits it out at Spurs until the summer then joins us on a Bosman.


1 is, in my opinion, quite likely (unless they are pissed off that we wouldn't play Adam Smith)

2 is a bit of a stretch. He's never played for them in 5 years.

3 would only happen if (say) QPR or a Premier League side came in for him (completely unlikely)

4 is a waste, but if Spurs arse about, it's a possibility. 

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Agree with the remarks about Dawkins being a class act.


When I saw him play at Watford, i thought he was ok but seemed to fade out of the game, possibly a lack of match fitness...


After seeing him today, he was always willing to receive the ball, rarely gives it away when he dribbles and is great at turning his man and getting that extra yard on him after.


I was impressed with the incisive passing in the final third today, Wisdom is fantastic at it and with Dawkins/Martin always willing to take it, turn with it or flick it on and look to play someone else in we get quite a lot of balls to the byline on that right hand side.... we could have had a few goals from it today! 


Hopefully, we'll sign him on loan until the end of the season and then sign him on a free come the summer. Would be a good, creative player to have if we do get to the promised land!!!

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Don't think anyone could call Ince dirty and going over easily when we have Chris Martin. Look at your own team first before throwing insults out.

Dawkins has got better but I personally won't be throwing the superlatives his way just yet. I think he needs to work harder off the ball, making more runs through the middle (second half he was excellent, first half not so) but when he loses the ball, he still seems to sulk instead of tracking back.

I am also not sure of hm in front of goal. He dithered for the opportunity in the first half when through and he should have buried the opportunity which led to Martins second. So all in all, Martin for MOTM was the correct call.

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He's not an orthodox left sided striker because he's totally right footed but by coming inside he is hard to pick up and offers a real threat.

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