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  1. Mason Bennett

    I don't get the arguments of if he was any good he would have made it by now. He has only just turned 21, he's had injury setbacks and has not really been given a proper opportunity. Bigger asset to us than both Weimann and Blackman in my view. Plus with the way Vydra and Russell performed last season, he could have a bigger impact than them too. I hope he gets his chances this season, but we still need another winger. He deserves to be on the bench at least.
  2. Crazy money....

    In the UK they will level off, but the overseas rights go for peanuts in comparison. It's a huge growth market. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4525808/amp/Premier-League-earn-billions-thanks-foreign-TV-deals.html Domestic and international deals have the potential to go above £15 billion over three seasons from 2022-2025. Double what it is now.
  3. Ince's Replacement

    What Spanish club is going to bid £12m for a player with 1 year on their contract left? The only teams that would outbid us are relegation battling PL teams, such as Newcastle. But in my view they want proven PL property. This isn't Football Manager - it's reality.
  4. Ince's Replacement

    They seem to have done that to command a fee for him this summer. We can easily beat off what a Spanish club would offer.
  5. Ince's Replacement

    What's the situation with Jota? How long does he have left on his contract? I thought he was more of an attacking midfielder but that wouldn't matter. He would be coming inside and linking up with Martin. Very impressed when I have seen him. But we need two in so Ibe on loan too please.
  6. Darren Bent

    Bent is too far down the pecking order for him to stay and it be worth it. If they want to pay that much then I'd be very happy. See if they want Blackman too.
  7. The BBC

    When an analysis misses key variables it becomes meaningless. The pound falling in value has already had a huge impact. It's cheaper to export now. This fall goes a long way to offsetting any potential threat from a no deal scenario and thus world trade organisation tarriffs. To the point where for manufacturers, particularly car manufacturers, their goods will be cheaper to overseas buyers in the EU than pre referendum. But this misses one crucial aspect, the rest of the world. Where it is significantly cheaper to buy our manufactured goods. Hence announcements from the likes of Rolls Royce and Jaguar Land Rover. The three biggest points of contention were the car industry, farming and the city. Farming exports are low but a no deal isn't good for them at all due to high tarrifs. But government ministers have already begun talking about helping them tap into other markets more, selling as premium. The last being the city. Clearing isn't leaving the UK and London will remain the financial capital of the world because the EU is bad for business as far as they are concerned. With proposals such as a financial transaction tax. You seem to think all economists support project fear. Most did not even get involved in the debate because of its very nature. Politics. Instead of relying on the MSM to give you your info you should seek it out. It pushed this narrative and conflated it's size. There were as many prominent economists who decided to enter the debate who supported Brexit but they received little airtime and column space.
  8. The BBC

    I have to disagree. That guy is alright but still a pussy. Plus you still only get a fraction of the facts. Seems like he is trying to ease his audience and himself into it. Or in other words thanks YouTube for the platform for free speech and f**k you for your cencorship.
  9. The BBC

    Nope. As I said pre referendum Brexit is an opportunity. You can remind all you like me. I actually know and knew what the worst post Brexit could look like. f**k project fear.
  10. The BBC

    Inflation isn't just caused by Brexit. Otherwise no other nation would have inflation. Saying we have higher inflation beating nations by 0.1 and 0.2 isn't a winning argument. We were meant to fall off a cliff and it doesn't address the other points either. I guess you are just one of those wrist slashers you so often go on about. #sunnydelight
  11. The BBC

    Where is this then? The strength of the pound that was highlighted as being overvalued by how much it has fallen. Completely regardless of Brexit. The employment figures that are up? The demand in manufacturing that is up? Inwards investment that is increasing? GDP growth that keeps getting revised up? Inflation? Take a look at other countries rates first.
  12. The BBC

    It is causing problems. Even Comrade Corbyn can see it surpresses wages. Do big businesses want reports they fund and conduct saying mass immigration surpresses wages or do they want cheap labour? Do left wing politicians want reports that counter their ideology? Our football club uses demand based pricing. It's an easy example to use. I find the whole job losses arguement outrageous really. If anything it's job creation that would be hit. Let's just hypothetically say 500,000 less over a 5 year period when we leave. The painfully obvious solution is you decrease immigration. The economic analysis of Brexit was shocking. With everyday that passes that cliff edge get's pushed back. Most of our trade has nothing to do with the EU. Our exports to the EU are half what we import. We currently pay a membership fee that is higher than the cost of tarrifs if we don't agree a free trade deal in the short term. The common external tarrif inflates the prices of goods in the UK. Project fear was garbage and will soon be dead.
  13. The BBC

    I agree. But that isn't the be all and end all of the matter. Trying to find balance isn't the same as finding the truth and reporting the facts. We still get facts, truth and other stuff that is unreported by the BBC from other outlets whether they be left or right wing. Merely using the BBC or mostly for your news is as bad in my view as just left wing or right wing outlets. Two is better than one and all three is the wholly trinity. But in order to access other sources you have to pay a license fee or potentially and often, face a stint in prison.
  14. The BBC

    So much denial of reality.
  15. The BBC

    If you don't understand why Brexit is patriotic and remaining in the EU or the still fake narrative of 'soft brexit' isn't patriotic then we are at a crossroad. "having or expressing devotion to and vigorous support for one's country." Brexit is as patriotic as you can get. It's a belief in our identity as a nation. Us deciding our own laws, controlling immigration, negotiating trade deals. Having our own culture, own army, own language, own currency, own constitution, own flag and anthem. The EU's aim is to eradicate all of this. It's purpose is to take what it is to be a country and sand it down until what's left is a few symbols that have become meaningless.

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