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  1. Brexit or Eurin?

    They were no less informed than usual and they voted with their guts and all that yada like every election. This one was not special or unique.
  2. Brexit or Eurin?

    This is the case. Millions of people who have never voted before or for a generation voted in that referendum. The so called left behind. They were vocal then about it and are saying the same now and bi-partisan pollsters like the guy I linked to are saying the very same. He's an excellent commentator. That these people if forced to vote again will go back to their status quo. Many more of which are ex Labour or potential Labour voters. It's not a personal opinion. A personal opinion of mine is that as a swing voter I would never vote again or at all for a party that supported Remain in a second referendum. People voted pretty much how they always vote. Enough with the belittling narrative.
  3. Brexit or Eurin?

    I agree. But my original point was about alienation from politics and voting entirely. People still went out and voted in the last general election in large numbers. But if we had a second vote many people would not vote thereafter, for a decade, for a generation or ever vote again. If Remain voters end up not voting in the future because Brexit is delivered that is entirely on them.
  4. Brexit or Eurin?

    You said the first vote alienated many people. There is no evidence or anecdotes to support this. We even had an increase in the youth vote at the last General Election. There isn't a big difference in this context either. There is great risk in alienating both those who supported and respect the vote.
  5. Brexit or Eurin?

    But it hasn't and didn't. Was the last General election a poor showing? So called Remoaners still went out and voted. A considerable majority support and respect the outcome of the result. That is the key metric.
  6. Brexit or Eurin?

    Leave would absolutely walk it. Take this into account. We would also now have the government campaigning to leave the EU. The biggest factor immigration still being the biggest factor. We would have fresh info about the future of the EU. Economic fears have to a large extent been diminished. There was supposed to be doom and disaster the second we voted to leave the EU, which was supposed to dwarf any current exit bill. Calais doom mongering. anyone? No idea what Labour's stance would be, but supporting Remain would make them un-electable (as a majority) for decades. To top if off we would have the likes of Blair coming out and campaigning for Remain. Having a second referendum would be disastrous for our democracy. A real stain that will be talked about in 100 years. Hard core remiainers severely risk alienating vast swathes of people.
  7. Scott Carson

    Can't believe he will soon have more caps for us than for any other club.
  8. How big are Derby County ? 4 questions

    40,000 seat stadium in the Premier League and almost fill it every other week...absolutely. You could get 4000 away fans every game while some days in this league we are lucky to get 800. Even at gates of 37,500 would anyone notice there being that many empty seats...no. Considering Mel's now consistent promise in regards to season ticket holders if we get promoted and them clarifying in the fans forum how in the PL that would only account for 4% of total revenue, I anticipate season ticket costs and even ticket prices coming down so long as we are in the PL as a means to boost the clubs size.
  9. George Thorne

    Great performance and he boosts Huddlestone's confidence. He had the his best game in a while.
  10. Donald Trump - Re-Tweeting anti muslim videos

    You answered your own point. They will hit 4% GDP growth Q4 2017. Next year we are looking at figures of 5%. Employment is up. Thanks to the tax bill people will be better off. We are already witnessing the impact. Companies committing to bonuses, wage increase and investment. 2018 is going to be a great year for them.
  11. Donald Trump - Re-Tweeting anti muslim videos

    He's making America great again.
  12. Brexit or Eurin?

    No it isn't. I have talked about what our approach should be in the past. To concentrate on premium products in agriculture and high end manufacturing. New Zealand did rather well when they opened themselves up to more competition in agriculture. Manufacturing and agricultural will always only form a small part of our economy. You are the one making these points, not me.
  13. Brexit or Eurin?

    Maybe you should focus on deciding if you support or oppose free trade for the UK.
  14. Brexit or Eurin?

    Calling someone a fat bitch isn't a violent threat or death threat. Twitter also isn't the only means of communication. We also don't know what their metric is either. There are many floors in this research and the methodology and they even highlight some of them.
  15. Brexit or Eurin?

    Ignoring the mainstream non extreme views that are held also by far left and right is what is leading us to this. For example instead of ending mass migration versus increasing spending for X,Y,Z people and communities in A,B,C ways why don't we do both. That is the middle ground, that is the compromise. It's the same with this referendum. The compromise is not ignoring the electorate yet again. Leaving the EU and the single market will allow us to do many things we currently can't. Every 5 years we will have proposals from political parties and individuals in the form of manifestos and we will decide what we want. People need to stop using the EU as a weapon to implement their ideology just because it does. The compromise is elected governments might not do things we like every 5 years. The opposition(s) have had plenty of opportunity to accept the result and work with the government. There are people in every party that even now could become involved without fuss from the government but the backlash against them would be unreal. So here we are, people and parties who have made it impossible to be united on the exit, now severely impeding negotiations. Not so that we get a good deal, but so that at the very least we have a seemingly endless transition or remain so closely aligned that in effect we haven't really left and it will therefor be almost seamless in practice to slip back into the EU officially. This to me is all extremely unacceptable behaviour as it is damaging the foundations of what makes us one of the greatest and safest nations on the planet. Something that once lost can take decades and great loss of life to recover. The vast majority of people have accepted the decision. https://mobile.twitter.com/GoodwinMJ/status/940654214799339520

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