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  1. Uptherams

    Google fined for pushing Android rubbish on people

    In its ever growing quest to expand, the EU will resort to this more and more often. What a shambles these bureaucratic vassels are.
  2. Uptherams

    A Trip to Trump-ton

    So are the people who are on the far left who are violent and racist and so on...are they actually far right then?? These people are the far left. They are the extreme end of the spectrum. You guys really do have trouble with this. You narrow the spectrum and the only reason I have read for which that is the case is because your ideologues.
  3. Uptherams

    A Trip to Trump-ton

    In SOME countries that's fairly accurate. The government and Islam are so intertwined that you can't distinguish the facist part of the state. Is Islam the enforcement or is the government. Do they just use each other. Are they afraid of the others power. You can't criticise either and you are punished for your sins. The government forcibly oppresses it's political opposition and other religions are too. When we compare political Islam in some nations to our government and the dominant religion of Christianity then it's a fair equation. These countries need to widen their separation of church and state.
  4. Uptherams

    A Trip to Trump-ton

    I didn't watch the clip. Just stating you don't know what a fascist is. I don't care for moral compass tests. Try asking yourself these silly questions then you might begin to realise why people don't care for them.
  5. Uptherams

    A Trip to Trump-ton

    You don't know what fascism is. These people are quite literally openly protesting against their own government.
  6. Uptherams

    A Trip to Trump-ton

  7. Uptherams

    A Trip to Trump-ton

    What absolute rubbish. Capitalism has lifted people out of poverty on a scale you can't comprehend in the last 60 years and before then some of the stories of what people had to do and go through are incomprehensible. Such as killing their own children.
  8. Uptherams

    A Trip to Trump-ton

    Individuals that self promote? Whereas their counterparts are forced on us by elites and the mainstream media. Ultimately these people are voters and we live in a democracy. Your comment about capitalism, imperialism and Western foreign policy is a strange one. Your opponents are quite clear, listen to them, they like nation states. Not imperialism such as the EU. It's also a very naive point to make about capitalism. Capitalism should be viewed through the metric of how many lives it has saved. I am interested to see how many people you think died in the UK last year as a result of Capitalism.
  9. Uptherams

    Tory party eats itself

    Time to get lost useless May. The leadership of every party is a shambles. What a state.
  10. Uptherams

    What do we have to offer the New Manager?

    Give them away. Rather the U23's.
  11. Uptherams

    What do we have to offer the New Manager?

    I don't care what the financial situation is really. Time for a proper clearout.
  12. Uptherams

    New manager's objectives...

    Objective,...play the youth and have some fun.
  13. Uptherams

    Did Google's AI just pass the Turing Test?

    True. But these things will be there for people to use if they so choose. Most applications will go unused 'directly' by the average person. But some will be so seemless and realistic we will forget or never even know we are not interacting with another human.
  14. Uptherams

    Local Elections 18

    Derby is now going to be a key area of focus from politicians, to the media and the pollsters. Interesting times ahead.
  15. Uptherams


    Last game of the season I hope the stadium is rockin'. The Moana at every misplaced pass or chance need to die down. It's all the time now and as loud as when we almost score. He has my full support until the end of the season. The end of May!!

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