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  1. Sums up my feelings entirely. Another season or two with us and he'll get game time and we can sell him for £20m+. The lad and Derby both lose in this situation. He's not going to be playing for Liverpool for years. What's the point?
  2. They did it in person at the training ground 🤣
  3. Mel is trying to Sheikhdown as much money from them as possible.
  4. Fully agree. Even if it's not a full time direct role. This guy and Curtis Davies have so much more to contribute to this club and football in general, beyond their playing careers.
  5. Potentially a very good idea. We'd need a majority owner though to help cover losses. Mel himself maybe. Fans obviously can invest. Probably get the likes of Gadsby involved again. But I think the main benefit is that it would allow some of these 80 or so interested parties to take a minority stake. Up to 5%, so they don't have to even declare. It's all down to Mel's strategy regarding the stadium. Needs to increase advertising and sponsorship revenue and upgrade the facilities to put on non footballing events asap. If done right, he can make a nice profit every year. Profits that he can
  6. I like this league. I like to actually see Derby win games. Whilst returning to the PL is one hope, staying there and working our way up the PL table is another. All of the great things that PL football will allow the club to do and grow. But I'd rather make a go of it on solid foundations. We don't need a squad full of tired old experienced and expensive players. Our academy is churning out some real talent and sometimes all they need is the opportunity and then a consistent run of games to show that this league isn't above them. With so many players coming through the system, we
  7. That's the problem with you lot. It's either one thing or another. Specialty is projecting what you hope others think.
  8. No, don't tell porkies old man.
  9. Agreed. It's horrifying the damage lockdown has done.
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/16/coalition-of-child-experts-urge-inquiry-into-uks-covid-crisis Some 1.5 million children under 18 will either need new or additional mental health support as a result of the pandemic. A third of those are new cases, according to the Centre for Mental Health.
  11. And that's the trouble. We should be selling players at the right times. The difference £25m can make to the club is significant. £50m is the kind of money that enables the club to stop getting into these situations. Being able to sell a player every 18 months for £10m should be the difference between us making a loss and breaking even. The club need to recruit someone with market leading commercial experience asap. The stadium has no sponsor. England's all time goalscorer is the manager. There's between £5m-£10m per season extra to be made in commercial revenue whilst we are in this lea
  12. Considering how long it's been since we were in the PL, rightly so. It's understandable that many more clubs should have a higher wage bill as they still have players and staff from when they were in the PL or are still receiving parachute payments. In a typical season our revenue is just shy of £30m. Whilst I think we should be looking at and hopefully will increase revenue and find new sources, our wage bill should be under £20m. I think a club like us, should not be spending more than 66% of revenue on wages. We'd still be making a loss. The fact that we are churning out so many acade
  13. Does anyone look at our squad and scratch their head trying to figure out how our wage bill is so high? There genuinely must be a handful of players on ridiculous contracts. Holmes and Te Weirek going. Add Waghorn, Lawrence and Marriott in too. £5-6m? I don't think we should replace all high earners with younger players. But if an older player can barely get in the side or barely does anything then just get rid. I like Waghorn, but there will be a player out there that can offer us more than Waghorn, Lawrence and Marriott combined, earn a third of the wages and cost us a frac
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