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  1. It's ours to lose considering who the likes of Boro and Bristol have left to play.
  2. And that loss is almost entirely offset by the players that will leave this summer.
  3. The club is losing £10m a year on players that will be leaving in the summer and that bar one or two don't need replacing with incomings. ''We'' have spent significant amounts over the last few seasons on upgrading our infrastructure too. The expenditure of the club has peaked. All we have got to do from this point forward is not be ridiculous with our signings. There are probably about another 2-3 that could leave this summer too that we only have due to injuries and youth not quite being ready. Unless I am missing something, we are in a position to make losses of £3m -£5m every season without factoring in the potential to sell players. Mel may have lost a significant amount in the past, but he would probably lose less over the next 10 years than he did in the space of about 2 years.
  4. It's clear that our squad, come the start of next season, will be significantly different. Our wage bill will probably be half what it is now.
  5. I see no reason why he shouldn't remain our number one for the rest of the season and then go into next season as that. He's growing with each game he plays. He is calm and has the stature of a top quality keeper. Some of the positions he takes up when making a save have really impressed me. They have been perfect and sometimes no matter what you do the ball ends up in the net. That inspires confidence. This save for example.
  6. Our performances have been fairly average of late, we have a much easier run in than our competitors, have games in hand and players are coming back from or to come back from injury. I am confident we will finish in the top 6. But we should be going into every one of these remaining matches playing for a win and a convincing one at that.
  7. He's been injured, he was getting into the starting side and having an impact as a sub too. I would take him and Waghorn in the starting lineup over Nugent and Waghorn.
  8. Would it though? The roofs on many new, modern stadiums are extremely lightweight and require little structural support. Bucharest stadium for example. How many football stadiums in a 40 miles radius are actually capable of this type of upgrade? Leicester, Coventry? Perhaps in the summer months there is more demand for this kind of facility in the East Midlands than people think.
  9. It wouldn't impact Financial Fair play as far as I am aware.
  10. But it's not over a season, which is why we are currently sixth. This blip could have been/be significantly worse. We've literally been a chance away, in multiple games, from having another 10 or so points in the last 8 or so games.
  11. 5 points in 5 games isn't awful and neither is still being 6th.
  12. I'll keep saying it. Lampard signed him as a long term replacement for Bryson.
  13. Wisdom left back for now and give Bogle the freedom to attack/Run so when he's caught out we have 3 at the back.
  14. We aren't fluid enough right now. People not getting into the right positions, moving the ball quickly enough, and are playing on their heels not toes. Quality of our passing. Too many casual short passes that go into no mans land or straight into the oppositions feet or passes that they can't expect the receiver to do anything, absolutely anything with other than lose. Multiple players congregating in very small spaces then losing possession or not gaining it. You have to retain the ball or win it back asap with this approach. Otherwise you leave too much space for the opposition and just two passes later they are at the edge of our box. We are trying to play good football and it's not clicking at the moment. It's a long process, especially in the Championship when your players aren't as good. It has happened overnight for the likes of Liverpool, Spurs and Man City.
  15. Yes and his strength is cutting inside, which leads to numerous freekicks. The talent we have, I'll take that! It will also soon lead to penalties too and goals for the lad himself. It also draws in another defender which frees up the likes of Wilson, Mount and Lawrence to have a pop in and around the box. Marriott is a natural poacher and goalscorer. He adjusts his position accordingly. If the ball isn't coming in via a cross he still takes up the appropriate position.
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