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  1. What a twist. Keir now with favour among the activits. Give it a few months and he'll be nasty new Labour again 🤣🤣
  2. More than half of the black population of the UK live in London.. The premise of that article is to cause division. Despite it having some good information.
  3. Everyone is suffering. It doesn't matter if 99% of people who don't have a garden are black or white. The outcome for decisions should be the same regarding the lockdown.
  4. Which is categorically untrue. The way factions of the far left turn on minorities when they dare go against the far left wisdom or narrative is disgusting at times. Only takes this for some to then spew racism at the so called deserters. Happens on social media quite often. It's one of the stupidest and most bigoted statement's a person can make. But whatever makes the person who uses such phrases feel better about themselves. 👍🍻
  5. Just interested to see what people think Jayden Bogle's position will primarily be next season. Whenever that is. We've seen him pushed into midfield multiple times this season and in terms of ability, appears better at bombing forward than defending. Might he even play more minutes next season in midfield than defence?
  6. Of all the things to argue about and over analyse Stay Alert 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Correction, the people who don't understand it, think they're clever..but clearly lack common sense and independent thought. 🍻😷👍
  8. Do the math, it litterally doesn't make perfect sense, when we consider how large the deficit will be because of the lockdown. If saving money was the goal we wouldn't be in lockdown.
  9. Bingo. I've been in supermarket queues and had a lapse of concentration, forgetting we are in lockdown. Stay Alert Makes perfect sense to me.
  10. I gather something cracked off the other day here. Why not just create a far left thread 🤣🤣 Might solve alot of issues.
  11. Sorry, i don't care about any of that. This tactic of guilty by association to discredit isn't going to work with me. Enjoy your lockdown 👍
  12. If guilty of anything personally, I'd like to think he was being a bit daft and not quite grasping what 'might' have been requested or the opportunity to make it stop. It's important this all becomes publicly available and foreign money leaves US politics altogether.
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