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  1. Some people are saying our squad is awful and we need to sign 7-10 players. I'm saying if just one starts to score frequently and we get a couple of loans that are effective, their perspective of our squad will change dramatically.
  2. Moving some of our options to fund alternatives...But the question is why. Why are they not performing? Most clubs don't have the luxury. They hope one or two who are capable, will perform well and get the goals and assists. We've got multiple players who are capable. Compared to most teams in this league we have an embarrassment of riches. They have to make the best of average players and squads. Also don't be a twit.
  3. And the result would probably be that they would register less shots on target than they currently have goals for the rest of the season 🤣
  4. One of our front-men scoring frequently again and a couple of loans and this squad will appear completely different.
  5. Most clubs say that about most of their defenders 🤣 I don't like him. But to most clubs in this league, the opportunity to have him in their squad, they would not say no. Clubs fighting for the play offs.
  6. Injuries of which all clubs suffer from and loans that haven't worked out. You should try talking to some of them. Mates that support other clubs in this league are frustrated at how bare bones their squads are in quality and how just 2 players would make such a huge difference where as they say all we need to do is get a couple of players to just perform. Waghorn, Marriott, Martin and Lawrence always get mentioned. Always saying imagine having 4 players at your disposal of their capability. Where as we have to fight to get a player of the quality.
  7. Lowe, one of the stand out defenders in the SPL last season. Voted players player of the season for Aberdeen. Scott Malone experienced Championship player. Was regarded as one of the best left backs in the league before signing for us.
  8. I'd put us 5th with up to 3 other clubs too.
  9. Top four and that is it. None of those other clubs have better squads. 2/3 about parity with ours. Yet our fans are acting like we've got an average squad. We have a squad that wouldn't have to do much to nick a play off spot. Two loans clearly didn't work out and hopefully we'll try and replace them.
  10. When you take into account squad depth, experience ability to keep clean sheets, score goals and create chances there are but a few clubs with better squads. Many sides above us rely on one or two players to take them from a mid table side to a side that challenges for the play offs. The likes of Sheff Wednesday, Brentford, Hull. All the clubs who have better squads, are clustered right at the top of the table. Our fans have formed an echo chamber. Fans of other clubs laugh at talk of we have a poor squad. No, were just really poo, they say.
  11. Name all the squads that are better than ours then...
  12. Name 6 teams that have better squads not squad parity and give justification... Nope, you can't do it. edit: Just 4 teams, which also happen to be the top 4 in the league. 😉
  13. How many of those played in the same team though? Martin, Waghorn, Lawrence, Marriott and Rooney all here right now. Do these players have no previous record? Almost every side in the league would have taken your arm off if you offered them to their club. Loan players haven't worked out this season either. Dowell. We made players like Hughes, (Bryson) and Hendrick. Just like we have been with Bogle and gradually Lowe. Now Knight and Bird. If those two in particular start pulling up trees in the next 12-18 months, would you then be looking back and saying oh just an average squad? It's no wonder other fans in this league are starting to form a dislike for our club. Too many of our fans acting as if we don't have the squad. It just makes them laugh at how spoilt we are.
  14. We have one of the best squads in the league. Don't do the obvious thing and think we have such a poor squad because they aren't doing well. I'm not about to give a long list of players, their stats in previous seasons, experience in this league, the fees paid, accolades and more as justification. It's easy to say no Tomori, Mount or Wilson. But they were all gambles. It's not as if our manager has been prevented from signing anyone.
  15. How many of our last 5 or so managers would the majority of our fans have allowed to stay for such poor performances? That sums it up for me. He's living on borrowed time.
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