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  1. Truth is, I've never cared if you or anyone i don't know dies. Never did pre Covid and don't now either. Too many people pretending they do. BS.
  2. Very big week ahead. Will be happy with 4 points, but i'd like us to be Gung Ho for all 6.
  3. Great guy but he's not got much to offer us anymore. I expect him to leave in the summer and he will start scoring again. But can't see that happening here anymore. Needs a fresh start and one final contract somewhere else.
  4. He's playing too many minutes. Think his impact would be much more significant if he was subbed off 60-65 mins, in most games.
  5. This right here is the the justification for a Stevie Mac double sub at 60-65mins. I've not been happy with Rooney's insistence to keep certain players on the pitch, for up to 20 minutes longer than they should be and last did anything right.
  6. Waghorn has been pretty bad since he's returned. Constantly losing the ball or making poor passes. He's not contributing much at all right now.
  7. I understand our current situation keeping him out. But that's also an argument to play him as he's the only player who can bag a brace out of nowhere. The best place for him to learn, as with any young player, is playing in the first team. I'm starting to grow concerned over the handling of both Sibley and Bird. Bird is not a DM. Sibley needs to play.
  8. Ultraviolet tubing also being inserted into the body too. But people are so deranged that because Donald Trump spoke of these things, they must be bad or stupid. As if the guy just wakes up and thinks of these things himself..
  9. Same reasons why people aren't being told every hour to go outside get some fresh air and do 10-12k steps in an hour of sunshine whilst also supplementing with Vitamin D. Imagine if these vaccines were only as effective as Vitamin D. Watch as these vaccines become an annual thing. Non optional. All about the money. Now we are getting people trying to convince us all to eat synthetic meats. Let's call them what they are, processed foods. Just like all the processed vegan junk meals. People are idiots.
  10. Nah this is another drug. Many cancer drugs have been trialed in may different settings and had very positive results. Truth is, many don't want these things to be true. They thrive off the misery of Covid and adore the propaganda.
  11. There's plenty actually. I'm no sycophant. Just like how he's critical even when we have a decent win. We are getting results but that's been down the how impressive Marshall has been along with the defence. For 15+ games they've been playing like an automatic promotion side. We need to improve significantly in other areas of the pitch and when we do, we'll be a team capable of play offs every season. I still think we'll end up 3 wins off 6th spot this season. Make no mistake, this is some of the worst football I've seen Derby play in a very long time. I thought Cocu ball was bad.
  12. Not a fan of what they are doing to Bird right now. He can't play that deep role. Stop bringing him on and playing him out of position.
  13. The biggest lesson of this game is that you play your strongest lineup. It was clear that he was resting players for Watford. You don't do that in this league. We aren't Man U. All eyes on your current fixture because bottom of the league can be tougher than top of the league. Nothing is guaranteed.
  14. We are awful against the worst sides in the league. Our approach is completely wrong. We are making it a habit of playing the opponents game when they are a hoof-ball side. Lucky escape.
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