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  1. Rules are clear regarding administration I think.
  2. Agree. At least another 5. A few purple patches left in him yet.
  3. 32 Red Rooney. Head & Shoulders Hart?
  4. What really helps is not only is the club encouraging this, but these players are not doing it alone. Many good footballers don't cut it in the first team or higher up the EFL, through various other factors. It's great that the lads have peers throughout the club who are helping them out and that they have each other to relate and talk to about what it is they are going through.
  5. Well done Max. So composed and comfortable at this level already. Genuinely one of the best CM's at retaining the ball in this league already. Next season the competition within our club will be even higher for YPOTY.
  6. So they're not renting in Edinburgh then?
  7. Would have him back 100%. Unfortunately, how? Would Watford be up for loaning him to us for the season for a fee and option to buy? Just under 2 years left on his contact now.
  8. I'd rather a bright youngster sat on our bench than another failed high wage/transfer fee player. Also allows us to concentrate more resources on getting the right player in positions we need. Instead of a pick further down the list. I'd be interested to see if Buchanan is moulded into a winger. Guy's got a decent cross on him. I'm not sure where Whittaker's best position is. I remember when Barca used to play without a proper forward. Can see it here too. Whittaker playing centrally but deeper and closer to the likes of Sibley. Playing deeper for most of the game than Lawrence and Wagho
  9. Tough one. He benefits enormously from staying with us, due to the fact he's played so many games with the others who have broken into the first team. He needs game time and starts though. Depends entirely on what our options up top are in 7+ weeks time. Hector-Ingram will also be forcing his way into matchday squads. If Martin stays another season, I think Whittaker will stay with us throughout and we won't sign another forward. The only forward I'm confident will spend the season playing for us is Waghorn. Big changes or none at all.
  10. A fully fit Bennett is a great asset. If he stays, we all know he won't stay injury free. Managers decision. Wouldn't criticise for selling or keeping him. The money would help secure a season loan for a winger.
  11. Finally gotten over our 2nd half decline. Just got to hit the ground running next season.
  12. I'm not entirely in favour of caps. But the truth is, players and agent's are bleeding fans and clubs dry. They earn more than enough money. Ultimately the club's control the market. Introduce a wage cap and obviously, signing on bonuses, etc, the players have no options. What are they going to do? They can't make more money anywhere else. Overall I think football needs a shakeup and this forms part of it. Also includes a proper streaming platform for the Championship/EFL and abandoning broadcast deals, which will enable clubs to reduce matchday prices and fill their stadiums. Allowing th
  13. I would tend to disagree. We've seen in recent years players getting paid insane wages because they've puposely run down their contracts. Before you'd have to have paid £30m (for example) in transfer fees, signing on fees and contract commitments. Players agent then argues for more, but the club still ends up paying less.
  14. It's the reason he broke into the first team, consistently, before the others. He fights for everything.
  15. 2 attacks, 2 goals. It's all we have to do. Instead of dominating possession in our third of the pitch 😂
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