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  1. But it's not over a season, which is why we are currently sixth. This blip could have been/be significantly worse. We've literally been a chance away, in multiple games, from having another 10 or so points in the last 8 or so games.
  2. 5 points in 5 games isn't awful and neither is still being 6th.
  3. Uptherams

    Little Duane

    I'll keep saying it. Lampard signed him as a long term replacement for Bryson.
  4. Uptherams

    The Leftback Conundrum

    Wisdom left back for now and give Bogle the freedom to attack/Run so when he's caught out we have 3 at the back.
  5. Uptherams

    The three problems for me

    We aren't fluid enough right now. People not getting into the right positions, moving the ball quickly enough, and are playing on their heels not toes. Quality of our passing. Too many casual short passes that go into no mans land or straight into the oppositions feet or passes that they can't expect the receiver to do anything, absolutely anything with other than lose. Multiple players congregating in very small spaces then losing possession or not gaining it. You have to retain the ball or win it back asap with this approach. Otherwise you leave too much space for the opposition and just two passes later they are at the edge of our box. We are trying to play good football and it's not clicking at the moment. It's a long process, especially in the Championship when your players aren't as good. It has happened overnight for the likes of Liverpool, Spurs and Man City.
  6. Uptherams

    Jayden Bogle

    Yes and his strength is cutting inside, which leads to numerous freekicks. The talent we have, I'll take that! It will also soon lead to penalties too and goals for the lad himself. It also draws in another defender which frees up the likes of Wilson, Mount and Lawrence to have a pop in and around the box. Marriott is a natural poacher and goalscorer. He adjusts his position accordingly. If the ball isn't coming in via a cross he still takes up the appropriate position.
  7. Uptherams

    Jayden Bogle

    I can see us signing a CM on loan until the end of the season, in Jan. With the intention of them playing alongside Huddlestone. Leaving Bryson, Butterfield, Thorne, Johnson and Ledley with little to no game time.
  8. Uptherams

    Jayden Bogle

    Yes his big flaw is stopping crosses. But he is young and it is something they will work on with him. Being good at stopping crosses doesn't come down to any physical attributes, it's purely experience. Bogle also prefers to cut inside than cross the ball.
  9. Uptherams

    Jayden Bogle

    Waghorn, Marriott...Holmes will be another in my view. We'll see about Evans. But let's be honest, teams pay up to £25m for a pair like that (Waghorn and Marriott).
  10. Uptherams

    Jayden Bogle

    In the past I would have said sell him for that. But why? What is the purpose behind selling him? We are in a position now where our recruitment and development process is top quality. We can attract top quality players for minimum fees, others on loan and then there are players like Bogle who are being given the opportunity and developing rapidly. We have an over inflated squad. Our focus should be on this and it has been. Evans came in as a medium to long term replacement for Lecdley/Johnson/Thorne. Holmes for Bryson. Lowe for example is being prepped to replace two of Malone/Forsyth/Olsson. Cost in acquisition fees £0.5m? Savings in wages when these players move on...
  11. Uptherams

    Johnson charged by FA RD

    Big learning curve the last three matches for Frankie. Wrong tactics/formation lead to a hammering by Villa and wrong lineup lead to a loss against Stoke. Hopefully he will stick to playing our game and not the opposition's from here on out and take the draws and minor loses when they naturally occurring in a tough league.
  12. Uptherams

    Championship clubs breakaway league

    The time is right for the football league to create it's own streaming service and these Championship clubs know it. The media giants could begin bidding for the next rights at twice the market value but clubs would still be receiving a fraction of what the audience size reflects. These club owners aren't chumps. They will know how much revenue the likes of SKY Sports generates from advertising and sponsorship associated with the Football league rights alone.
  13. Uptherams

    Haters gonna Hate

    I was walking behind 3 gents who said they won't be coming to another game this season....well only if we win 4 in a row. 🤣
  14. Uptherams

    Jack Marriott

    Put the ball in and around the box and this guy will do the rest. Doesn't need the perfect pass.
  15. Uptherams

    Unpopular topic? - South Stand

    The South Stand is stuffed full of people who start chants. Derby should offer free season tickets or something to some of those kind of people to sit elsewhere in the ground, so that we get a proper atmosphere back. The Club could go fully analytical and reward these people for the total number of chants per game (as a collective) or decibels achieved, or chant variety with 'goodies'.

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