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  1. And to think the **** you guys gave me over the very same thing. Unbelievable.
  2. Lol. To be honest I am not shocked you want to target Israel and the US and think we can have peace with ISIS.
  3. Give us some substance then. Tell us what you think should be done, instead of policing other people's thoughts and opinions.
  4. I am not advocating genocide. They made their choice when the left to join a terrorist army. We should force them to go back and stay for the land and sick death cult ideology they fight for. You don't care about the lives of innocent children? What do you even suggest doing? Instead of moaning about the rights of mass child murderers.
  5. Would they? Besides, we can just not let them back in too. Does this cost £500b or something. Money isn't the object.
  6. It is but I don't care. Many people don't care. It should be done and the consequences dealt with and ignored. What about the rights of little innocent children?
  7. They can if there is a political will to do this from our government. I'll take 1000 unhappy British born ISIS members who have trained and fought for them leaving permanently over 1 dead child.
  8. The aftermath is looking serious with this threat level. Coppers dotted around the city center and seen several vehicles patrolling.
  9. I am not. The narrative attempted was to avoid saying words like terrorist or mentioning 'radical Islamic terrorism'. Now it seems like some in the media have got the out they desperately wanted and needed and that is to now talk about his use of drugs. Round and round in circles again. They are not going to come out and dump all the info they had legally and illegally on this guy. But the idea that he is known to them and these kind of things are public and that their Intel is still limited is outrageous.
  10. It doesn't. Reports saying a black flag with 'Islamic' writing flew in his garden. That he would walk the streets making strange 'chants'. That the area is home to many people who have died fighting for ISIS or blown themselves up or been put in jail. His Imam was deeply concerned about him.
  11. #NotallCannabisusers
  12. No they didn't.
  13. We don't know the full extent of info they had on him and never will. But it's becoming more and more clear they knew where he had been and for what reasons. Do you think he was simply known to them because he just so happened to travel to certain places and they simply suspected he was there just to plant some tree's? What Snowden has taught us is the US and UK have a network which can access a lot of private communications. In which they acknowledge it was our security services that developed the techniques. They aren't about to come out and openly admit they can do all of these things and have mountains of data on someone.
  14. Who is talking about persons of interest, a much broader group? Most persons of interest simply say extreme things. This is specifically about people they know have been to fight for ISIS or have been to a training camp. Round the clock surveillance requires 20 spooks per suspect. They don't need that many to establish someone has been to fight for ISIS and has returned to the UK.
  15. It is. They know of hundreds. Versus allowing attacks to take place and then making a handful of arrests over the following days. This tactic is deployed across Europe. It isn't working. The security services can't round them all up and deport them because of politicians. So they do as you say because their hands are tied. Not because they are trying to implicate as many people as possible. That is a secondary approach.