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  1. When you say inability of our Navy, what do you mean?
  2. That's what they are about signings and not loans. The second season is where they show their worth and come good. I expect Holmes to to do very well along with Waghorn, Marriott and Bennett. Obviously last season wasn't Mason's first. But it's the first real shot he's had and Waghorn and Marriott had good seasons, but those two should both be aiming to get into the top 5 goalscorers for this league, this season.
  3. Agree. The guy used to run around players like they weren't even there. He was by far our most effective form of attack. Would change the match the instant he came on.
  4. Palmer, Mount and Tomori all clearly want to come back 😋
  5. https://video.foxbusiness.com/v/6037078123001/#sp=show-clips
  6. Why are you using an article from last year when on the 15th of May this year an energy official announced the USA was energy independent...??
  7. But being energy independent isn't being energy isolated. He's stressed that it's important fuel prices come down. Being energy independent means being capable of producing enough energy without outside suppliers. The US wouldn't need outside suppliers but having one will mean lower prices. A pipeline will create tens of thousands of jobs for Americans. It also means a partner taking on the established order too. North America supplying energy to their allies instead of everyone relying on places like Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc. That's a good thing. It's playing the long game. Produce your own energy asap and then begin to increase renewables and nuclear.
  8. I don't think that's a fair analysis at all. Speak directly to his voters. They don't hate immigrants, many are. There's also nothing wrong in raising the floor and the ceiling when it comes to wealth. He's revitalising the economy in the US, bringing back what should never have been so depleted and deflated. Average Joe is benefiting. They will have to increase legal migration significantly soon.
  9. Yep, he's a drama queen alright. But he's sharp and sometimes quite funny. Knows how to work a crowd. What sets him apart though is he's given a voice to those who have been silenced for too long now by modern 'politicians'. Which is why he gets away with so much other politicians wouldn't. People wanted change, they thought they would get it with Obama, they didn't, people have it with Trump and they will hopefully with the next Democrat president in 2024. No candidate stands a chance without huge financial backing. It will take people like Peter Thiel to get other big players to finally back a so called outsider in the Democrat party. I can see the likes of Bill Gates, etc, backing Yang in 2024 and funding his run, circumnavigating the party machine just like Trump did.
  10. Honestly the more I see the that, the more I see why he got elected and will get re-elected. It's analysis from one or two good commentators and the rest of what they say get's completely ignored and the lazy journalists and activists and commentators just run with he's appealing to his base forever and always from then on. Just lazy. Andrew Yang is a far better prospect than her for the Democrats. She's drama personified. I'd like to see him have a real good shot at 2024, he's proposing significant changes, is realistic and would garner enough support from the other side of the house to deliver.
  11. Maybe, but he loves ratings in general. Refers to ratings and popularity all the time. He mentioned all of their polling. He takes aim at 'loud mouth' people and shows and networks and papers, etc, with bad/slumping polling/ratings.
  12. Are we talking about the current Labour party? 😉
  13. 😂😂😂 Her own party doesn't like her. Why do you think Trump has put her front and center.
  14. Wait a minute. You mean they are letting in less people illegally and therefor more end up in these places...so how is that a bad thing? People have the right to apply for asylum and should be treated based on merit and accomodated reasonably, but beyond that what ekse?
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