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  1. Brexit or Eurin?

    More posts came from a single remainiac than the entirety of Russia. But then again you lot think the writing on the side of one bus lost you the referendum.
  2. Brexit or Eurin?

    No, they are taking issue with the motives you lot imply about immigration. I must confess though, I think I was duped into voting to leave because of Russian Memes.
  3. Brexit or Eurin?

    https://www.welt.de/wirtschaft/article170553372/EU-Parlamentspraesident-fordert-Einfuehrung-von-EU-Steuern.html Military, Taxes, huge budget increase. Good job we are leaving.
  4. Brexit or Eurin?

    No because it is next to nothing and the idea that Russia is the only country that does this sort of thing is laughable. Obama giving one statement about back of the queue had far more influence than any Russian conspiracy. Only problem is it backfired on your lot.
  5. Brexit or Eurin?

    Just get over it already. Most people who voted remain have.
  6. Brexit or Eurin?

    LOL. People don't deny interference, it's just that it's so minute it's irrelevant. Also they play both sides. You sound like Crazy Clinton.
  7. Paradise Papers

    Good Point. Goldman Sachs funded the Remain campaign...
  8. Paradise Papers

    That's the point really. They don't do it all by themselves. They people to manage their finances.
  9. Paradise Papers

    Not illegal. Tax is a red herring, everyone would do it if they could and not because they are evil. It's similar to a consumer buying something from outside their domestic market or at a discount. Just looking for a deal to save money. Most people do it indirectly anyway, as any fund you pay into is diversified globally. Are people bad now if they also buy shares in companies in other countries too? The only real issue I have is these bleeding heart liberal celebs who tell the masses they should pay more taxes, or be more charitable, all that garbage and do this stuff. People will have different opinions to me and I understand the sentiment. I think measures can be taken to increase tax intake, probably different measures too. But ultimately we are powerless. This is global finance. You are either part of it or not and this country would be very poor if we were not.
  10. Reasons why I'm glad we lost today

    I don't know why Wisdom doesn't make more runs. The guys a tank. Doesn't matter if he can't always have an end product. Defenders can't deal with his pace and power. Always results in something positive for us. He showed that in the second half yesterday until he finally broke free and put in an excellent cross.
  11. Reasons why I'm glad we lost today

    Our performances have not been good with Ledley in the side, the results have been. Huddlestone looks overwhelmed when he is partnering someone who isn't doing their job properly (Johnson) often enough or is simply there to make up numbers in the middle (Ledley). Drop Huddlestone for one game and let these two play alongside each other then maybe you will see the problem is not Huddlestone. Johnson, in the second half, was playing the role better. Getting stuck in and driving forward to keep the pressure on that the forwards were applying. Ledley just doesn't have a USP for me, other than do everything to an average level and not doing anything stupid. He's a squad player, not a starter.
  12. Joe Ledley's impact

    The number of goals conceded before him joining and after are a poor metric to use. Sheff Wed dominated us with 10 men, Norwich could have had 5 goals. Ledley and Huddlestone are a ticking time bomb. He doesn't have the legs, his passing lacks range. People used to mock Butterfield for side ways passing, this guys side ways passing is shocking by comparison. It's already taking it's toll on Huddlestone. We will be much better off once Thorne is starting again.
  13. Leeds United V Derby County

    No it's their fault the stream can't handle 20 measley thousand people.
  14. Leeds United V Derby County

    Wow is RamsTV awful.
  15. QPR FFP Fine

    Great news for the league. Hopefully no silly transfers next season now.

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