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How do the Football League Show pick their running order? You know and I know it's Leicester first, everyone else second, and Derby last. But how do they justify that without it being so obvious.

If you have a 4-4 draw, for example, in the Premier League, it goes in first. More excitement = higher in the running order. Makes sense.

But by their own admission, the Leicester game tonight was 'not a classic'. 1 - 0, the only goal coming from a mildly interesting goal keeping error. Hardly a show starter. Leicester aren't even top.

And a I type, we're getting interviews on the Blackpool vs charton 0 - 0, with chances 'few an far between', about 5th in the running order. Seriously!!

Anyway, rant over. I'll wait till derby get on now, at about 1am, and the inevitable ear ache from my wife.

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Everyone thinks their team is on last, Gary linekar retweeted loads of tweets at the beginning of this season, all fans of different teams moaning about their team being last, It just feels like it, when your sat waiting.........

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