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are we safe yet

harwich ram

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Peterborough are unbeaten in 10, that's promotion form so Saturday will be a real test. A win will do it for us, lets just cross our fingers the right Derby team will show up!


They've only won 3 of the last 9.. Which is the same as us over the past 9 games..


I have no idea how they've played but maybe they've been fortunate and scrapped draws rather than playing like a team towards the top..


Either way I don't think we should be worried about playing them.. In fact, a draw would be disappointing and a loss would be terrible.

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All this talk about 'are we safe yet'.


At no point in this season have we been threatened with relegation.


At no point in this season have we threatened promotion.


Some fans like to put themselves through the mill for no apparent reasons.


A point away from home at Barnsley is a steady result in the grand scheme of things and avoiding defeat against Peterboro would be another steady result. At this stage of the season you can often turn the table upside down and the clubs at the bottom suddenly start to perform and become very, very tough to beat.

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I just don't know.


We're obviously not safe because the gap is less than the number still to play for.


I'm concerned about how many points teams around us are picking up. Avoid defeat and I think we'll be ok, but if we lose and results go badly elsewhere, we're in the soup with young, inexperienced squad.


Right about now we could do with Savage...

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