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  1. is there a time limit on this or can the efl drag it out for another 6 months
  2. cheer up Steve Gibson oh what can it mean to a mardy ducking bar steward with a Hugh legal Bill
  3. any truth in the rummor it took him 3 days to sign cos roos had the pen but kept dropping it
  4. bloody good keeper and 35 is no age for a goalkeeper
  5. somebody just sign him so we don't get lumbered with him he ain't any good
  6. apart from the Dutch defender who was done before the window opened can you see anyone else coming in or will it be like the last window we tried but couldn't get them done
  7. watched him play at Ipswich one of the worst players I've seen
  8. bird for me but Clarke will win it I just don't like loan player's winning poty
  9. Birmingham 0 Derby 2 fgs knight
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