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Recommend me a season ticket location!


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Hello,newbie here

Joined for a bit of help in deciding where locate nxt season

First ever season ticket for me and my 6yr old lad

Want a bit of atmosphere but not too much standing

I like the idea of being near the pitch,I have fond memories of being close to pitch in the columbo and when I have sat higher up at pp I havnt enjoyed being far way

Ideally band D but maybe C if its worth the extra

Oh and I'm not keen on lower East Stand I hear your exposed to the elements


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I'd say North Stand row z, as you'll get the chance to catch the ball when we play Forest.

There isn't one.

Me and the missus have season tickets on the back row - and that's row X. Even Theo's not got one that high (yet).

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I'd recommend the west stand. it looks quiet but it can be pretty scary.

Its always simmering and on the verge of kicking off.

Peter gadsby goes in there wearing his jeans and looking well hard.

Other old lads chuck their sweet wrappers on the floor and just don't give a f...k.

some people brush past saying 'excuse me mate', but its the way they say it.

i sit between a couple of women and try and keep me head down.

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