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  1. Are we sure Ashley isn't just hoping to send Bielik and Jozwiak up to Shirebrook?
  2. The chanting didn't go unnoticed by Sharp himself (about 1:19 in here):
  3. The big question is if Dre will be linking up with M&M again
  4. JfR

    Ali Al Hamadi

    They've put up another earlier clip of him while he was on trial at Forest, which is worth checking out. A couple of Martin-esque flicks in there.
  5. Nowt about us, Hughton's gone from Forest
  6. JfR

    Reading FC

    Could only happen at De- Wait, Reading!?
  7. When Forest were talking about bringing the "good old days" back to the City Ground, I don't think they meant 108 years ago.
  8. Here's an interesting fact for you Fouls made by Birmingham: 9 Fouls made by Derby: 1 Have a guess which side has had the only booking of the game
  9. They had five centre-forwards on their books that season, with every single one of them individually costing more than we spent on Martyn Waghorn: Britt Assombalonga: £15m Martin Braithwaite: £9m Ashley Fletcher: £6.5m Rudy Gestede: £6m Jordan Hugill: On loan, but having moved to West Ham from Preston in the January for £10m £46.5m of firepower, £36.5m of which was out of Boro's pocket. Don't know how they coped. Furthermore, £30.5m of that money was spent while Boro were in the Championship. But obviously, us signing Martyn Waghorn for £5m to replace the £11m Matej Vydra is the real problem. On a side note, they only got a £4m return on that crop of players, with Assombalonga, Fletcher and Gestede all leaving on frees, and Hugill going back to West Ham at the end of the season.
  10. Ravel should be available. Jamaica have only used their English-based players in the earlier Panama match, as the other matches are away in red list countries.
  11. JfR

    Scott Carson

    Looks likely that he'll be playing against Leicester at the weekend. Ederson looks like he might be unavailable because Man City didn't release him for international duty, while Zack Steffen's tested positive for Covid.
  12. Patrick Bamford goals for England against Andorra: 0 David Nugent goals for England against Andorra: 1 ❤️My striker❤️
  13. A lot of Brazilian players didn't even make it to retiring before letting themselves go.
  14. The person who reported him hasn't been named, but has been quoted as saying "have that Gibson, you grassing twit"
  15. RamsTrust put out a summary of what was spoken about (and could be discussed outside of the meeting) on their website: https://ramstrust.org.uk/wp/2021/08/08/supporters-groups-club-meeting/ There really weren't any bombshells in it, though, but that's probably to be expected. Anything information that one would find particularly interesting seems to be being kept on a need-to-know basis by all sides.
  16. I wouldn't be so sure on the EFL necessarily acting reasonably about HMRC deferrals. They did put 10 clubs under embargoes earlier this year for "late filing of accounts", even though all were simply taking advantage of the government's extended period for filing accounts, an extended deadline which the EFL themselves made use of. Given that precedent, I wouldn't think it's impossible that there's an agreement in place between the club and the HMRC, but the EFL are being more stringent than the body that are actually owed money.
  17. There is a similar process wherein a player can be suspended for "successful deception of a match official" i.e., they dived and profited from it, either by getting a player sent off or by winning a penalty. Probably should have clarified that.
  18. It was reported that he'd said something in the meeting about walking away. Some have interpreted this to have been "if fans start chanting "Morris Out", I'll walk away". Personally, considering he also said that he's with anyone that says "Morris Out" because he wants out as well, I think it's more likely he said it in the context of that. I think he's saying that he's trying to get out, but that relies on a sale. As that's what he's trying to do, chanting "Morris Out" won't do anything. What can Mel do to get out other than what he's trying to do? Unless people want him to just walk away. He could do that, but is that what people want? I think that's the point he was making, that if he's going to leave there's two ways to do it: the slower way that he's currently trying to do it, or the quicker way that no one wants him to do it.
  19. Presumably Marinakis has misheard the fans saying "Gary Brazil in!" as "Get a Brazilian"
  20. Also, does anyone else remember Cafu having a couple of nasty kicks out at Waghorn in this same fixture last season? Presumably he got punished retrospectively for violent conduct, right?
  21. It's the inconsistency even in televised fixtures that annoys me. I remember a couple of seasons back when we played West Brom at home, a game that was shown on Sky, and Matheus Pereira pulled the most blatant dive to win a penalty near the end of that game. When I saw the replay after the fixture, I thought it would only be a matter of time before he was hit with something, but no retrospective punishment ever came his way. It particularly annoyed me, as just a few months prior, when we played West Brom last game of the previous season in another televised fixture, Sky kicked up such a fuss about Lawrence "diving" in that game that the FA reviewed it and commented to say they would not be taking action over it, as there was clear contact in the foul. Yet an actual, clear incident of simulation was allowed to go unpunished and uncommented upon. There seems to be a very unclear method by which the FA decides what to look at and what not to look at when it comes to retrospective incidents, that would give the impression that they just pick and choose as they feel.
  22. JfR


    Think it was before it. Dara O'Shea kicked the ball from the spot to waste time, and Ronaldo slapped him. In a VAR game, I'm surprised it wasn't spotted.
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