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  1. Haha
    rynny reacted to reveldevil in Moving to Derby - Part 2 - Tradesmen Required   
    Internet security is his speciality?
  2. Haha
    rynny reacted to i-Ram in POTY   
    I have just read this after reviewing last night’s game thread. I am confused. I thought the season had ended now?
  3. Haha
    rynny got a reaction from froggg in New joke thread   
    So how do you know he walked 5 miles a day? 🤔
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    rynny reacted to Warren Hobhead in Derby County v Millwall   
    He kept showing for the ball, then when he got it he’d fail to turn out and just pass it back to where it came from or at best, go square a few yards. Other than that and closing people down/fouling them, he offered absolutely nothing. He wasn’t alone, but he’s having a terrible season and I’m staggered he’s picked week in week out. 
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    rynny got a reaction from archram in Derby County v Millwall   
    Bryson's night was summed up by the South Stand shouting for him to turn, only for him to lay a simple pass off to Keogh. 
  6. Haha
    rynny reacted to Millenniumram in Derby County v Millwall   
    Bryson hasn’t turned since 2015, only ever plays the way he’s facing. Got a worse turning circle than big tom
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    rynny reacted to reveldevil in Midfield, eh?   
    Once again @Alpha hits the nail on the head. 
    Simple game football, why do we make it look such hard work?
  8. Clap
    rynny reacted to Alpha in Midfield, eh?   
    I thought even with our God awful midfield they wouldn't manage to be bad enough lose to Millwall.
    Big Tom, bottle job Craig, Castaway Wilson take a bow. 
    Let's not forget the supporting cast. Holmes, Lawrence, Johnson, King and Evans. Whoever is given the responsibility for building through the middle, being selfless, feeding the ball and supporting it, dropping it off here, laying it off there, doing dummy runs and pulling opponents formations apart with movement, getting goal side and defending sensibly. Take a bow. 
    You may score a wonder goal here or put in a good solid 7/10 once in a month. 
    But as an actual team player? You're completely poo. Butterfield is as good as any of you. James Bailey is as good as you. Fook off with your poo step overs, your "I'm not listening celebrations", your cowardly passing, your 30 yard screamers, your "physical presence", your super stealth interceptions that Stevie Wonder could read. And the Hollywood throughballs? Those defence splitters? I'd like to fook you off to Hollywood you selfish cretins.
    You're all a good action sequence in a horrible movie. You're the catchy chorus in a bank song. 
    What's the saying? "Fur coat and no knickers" 
    I wouldn't call any of them bad players which is what pisses me off even more. They aren't poo. They have shown that. 
    Maybe it's Lampard's fault. Maybe I'll regret this post when we beat Forest. 
    Far too many games now. Just like the inability to stop crosses. Areas that have constantly cost us points and continue to undermine some of the hard graft put in by certain forwards feeding off scraps and 2 CB's that are asked to do absolutely everything. 
    2 CB's bombarded with crosses. Tasked with playing more than half the pitch. 
    Mason Mount needs to come sort this shizzle out. He's the only one left in the squad that can if he recaptured some form. 
    Anybody who didn't rate Will Hughes? Look, here's what he did. The support role. The thankless link play. The "I'll clean your poo up so you can do stepovers" role. Assist the assist. 
    These guys idea of foreplay is spitting on it. 
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    rynny reacted to reveldevil in Travel info for tonight   
    Thanks mate, useful to know.
  10. Cheers
    rynny got a reaction from reveldevil in Travel info for tonight   
  11. Haha
    rynny reacted to mozza in New joke thread   
    Perfect example of why we need to know what the next unread topic is.
  12. Haha
    rynny reacted to Steve Bloomer's Washing in Why Derby won't make the top six this season   
    Don't regret it at all - it's the longest a podcast post has stayed on the first page by a mile. 🤣
  13. Haha
    rynny reacted to reveldevil in How this season ends.   
    Wash yer mouth out.
    Like Inverurie would base a song on something so commercial.
  14. Haha
    rynny reacted to ThePrisoner in How this season ends.   
    Nah, there was no Youtube embed! 
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    rynny reacted to BondJovi in Should we be worried?   
    People using Solskjaer as an example... He had 8 years of managerial experience prior, won things. Fans wanted a return of something like Ferguson, in some ways a perfect fit. This is the very definition of a free hit as he is a manager on loan.
    I think it would be stupid of Chelsea and Frank to consider it at this stage. But as said above, football is stupid so it wouldn't surprise me.
  16. Clap
    rynny got a reaction from Alpha in Should we be worried?   
    That was in the April. 
  17. Haha
    rynny got a reaction from David in Forum Update 19/02/19   
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    rynny reacted to Paul71 in Should we be worried?   
    To be honest i think more of someone who keeps his cards close to his chest rathet than lying and clearing off a couple of months down the line.
    He would have been mullered had he committed then turned around and gone anyway.
    Worst mistake mel made was sacking him.  Second worst wad sacking him a second time.
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    rynny reacted to SimonBHA in Brighton and Hove Albion vs Derby County Match thread   
    Had a look on the evening of the game, didn't see anything I felt compelled to reply too so left you lot to it 🙂
    I was a bit nervous about what would happen if you got back into it as we didn't really have much available to us on the bench in terms of trying to pull a result out the bag. Thankfully the starting XI were good enough to get the job done. 
    From our perspective, it's crazy how much strength in depth we have now. I've seen it said they we played our reserves, and yeah, it was 8 changes I think but if any of them started in the league you wouldn't exactly be surprised or making excuses about having to field a weakened team (except perhaps Button in goal, and Burn as a new signing). 
    Derby much better second half, braver on the ball, but lacked a bit of magic to cause us problems. We are, usually, a very organised well drilled side though and despite recent form, we are very strong at home. Outside of the big 6 only Leicester and Burnley have won at the Amex since we were promoted. 
    Huge opportunity now for our first proper trip to Wembley since 1991, I'm not counting Tottenham away in the league! Will no doubt be a tough game at Millwall and we'll probably rotate the squad again but better than getting City away, or United like last season.
  20. Haha
    rynny reacted to David in Visiting football fan (Hibee)   
    Suddenly it all makes sense. 🤪
  21. Haha
    rynny reacted to David in Should we be worried?   
    Are Sky sources still linking Alan Curbishley with every job going?
  22. Haha
    rynny reacted to MuespachRam in Should we be worried?   
    I am disgusted at Frank for not publicly denying It already and stating how much he loves It here and wants to stay.... get him out, obviously a traitor just like Mac was.....
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    rynny got a reaction from richinspain in Forum Update 19/02/19   
    Was just about to post the same thing. Always a bit unnerving of what thread is going to load. 
  24. Haha
    rynny reacted to i-Ram in Forum Update 19/02/19   
  25. Like
    rynny got a reaction from reveldevil in Forum Update 19/02/19   
    Was just about to post the same thing. Always a bit unnerving of what thread is going to load. 
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