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    rynny reacted to uttoxram75 in Kosovo v England   
    Can't help but be pleased for him, he works really hard and has enough talent to make it at the top level. 
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    rynny reacted to angieram in Ex Rams   
    Charlie Vernam scored two today for Chorley at Chesterfield. 
    He was a regular starter for Grimsby last season but not getting much game time so far this year, so on a month's loan to Chorley. 
    He is one of that nearly squad who weren't quite good enough for us. 
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    rynny reacted to uttoxram75 in The Politics Thread 2019   
    Us Labour lads are getting some real hatred atm from many sources yet when you sit and talk face to face with people its interesting how many tend to lean toward socialist policies but still want to vote Tory/Brexit/Lib Dem because 'Labour will ruin the country".
    I've worked in the private sector all my life (I'm 59), and I truly believe that a strong public sector raises the bar for the private sector when it comes to holidays, pay, working conditions etc. 
    Take away the public sector and it becomes a race to the bottom.
    My ideal world would be all the vital industries that people need, Police, Military, Fire, Water, Power utilities, Transport, Education and Health should be run by the government on behalf of the citizens of our country. Not for profit, but to benefit the people who live in the UK.
    Red line protection no matter who was the elected party.
    Let the private sector make their money from selling their wares rather than dictating government policy.
    Politics is dead easy after a few drinks on a satdee night.
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    rynny reacted to TomBustler1884 in New parents   
    Absolutely thrilled for you @Ramslad1992, now you get to start panicking about all the crap you need to get!!!!
    Stay away from mothercare and mamas and papas, they're designed to terrify you into spending!
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    rynny reacted to Ramslad1992 in New parents   
    Hey guys, after not going to sleep until half 3 this morning due to all sorts of things running through my brain we went for the scan this morning at 8, after a little bit of a wait we were seen to be told that the baby was absolutely fine, had a heartbeat, 2 legs, 2 arms, was exactly where he/she should be and they didn’t know what caused the bleeding but there was nothing to suggest it was to do with the baby. 
    Move been absolutely petrified of the worst over the last couple of days but being told that was genuinely the best thing to ever happen to me. Over the moon 😊 not much to look at just yet as it’s only been cooking for 9 weeks 2 days but here they are! 😁

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    rynny reacted to uttoxram75 in Sheffield weds charged for ground sale   
    You're everywhere and nowhere Wendy, did you not pay tax?,
    Going down a bumpy hillside, ffp is max,
    Flying across the country, your accountant’s lax,
    Saying everything is groovy, when your tires are flat
    And it's high ho points deduction, League one you’ll go now Wendy,
    I see your owl is crying
    And we don’t give a toss, though it's obvious…
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    rynny reacted to RadioactiveWaste in Sheffield weds charged for ground sale   
    Its tied up in lawsuits pertaining to copyright with respect to Wednesday fans song production which has been unrepentantly ripped off by some of the greats of music as well as other fans.
    Think of a song. Any song. Wednesday fans wrote it. From "yesterday" to  closer" by nine inch nails, a tango tinged tubby songsmith from South yorkshire penned it.
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    rynny got a reaction from Alpha in Sibley the best!   
    So do I, much to the annoyance of the wife and kids. 
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    rynny reacted to Alpha in Sibley the best!   
    I practice moaning every day
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    rynny reacted to SaintRam in U23's v Dirty Leeds FREE 7pm RamsTV   
    That image really sums croquettes up. Everything else burnt to a crisp and the croquettes just about done.
  11. Haha
    rynny reacted to Coconut in U23's v Dirty Leeds FREE 7pm RamsTV   
  12. Cheers
    rynny got a reaction from Alpha in Sibley the best!   
    I've missed your rants. Always articulate with a brilliant humour. But the main thing is they are always true. 
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    rynny reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in International Rams 19/20   
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    rynny reacted to Alpha in Sibley the best!   
    How far away are we from American style coverage. Every break in play a quick sponsor will be on the screen. All stadiums sponsored name changes. One league match played abroad. 
    I guess it's all understandable. It's the only way to get ahead of the comp. I bet at one time it was unthinkable that Man United would snub the FA Cup and Cardiff would change their kit colour.
    I think the majority of fans will accept change. 
    Derby wearing Paddy Power Green? "Hey, if it helps us compete then that's what we have to do. Besides, we haven't always been black and white" kind of talk.
    We accepted "iPro" 
    Vast majority see 32Red helping us bag Rooney as a very clever move.
    The majority will accept it. A few will slip away with a shake of the head but they'll be replaced and forgotten. 
    I used to know all about teams all over the leagues. I could name a couple of players from Port Vale or tell you the name of every ground. 
    Now I couldn't name you any Championship starting 11. I couldn't name you many PL starting 11!!!
    I follow Derby but mostly against my will. The whole sport has changed and I find myself feeling a bit bitter about the whole thing. I'm 34 but it's changed a lot since my teens
    The face of a crowd has changed a lot.
    Theres nothing wrong with Tarquin filling his face with a sponsored Latte. Nobody should be excluded from football. But it feels as if everything is geared towards recliner chairs and a waiter in the South Stand. 
    That's cool. It's just not how it was when I first went to the BBG. That's the game I fell in love with.That raw tribal bravado.
    I know pundits have been a thing for as long as I can remember. But the last decade or so has been a battle of broadcasters trying to milk every last drop of interest from you. "Don't go!! We have 500 of your favourite players here to explain something you can't possibly understand" 
    We've gone from Alan Hansen pressing pause to Gary Neville's giant ipad. 
    The pundits are all competing to stand out as so go OTT to the point Kevin Kilbane is furious with Vincent Kompany's positioning and Alan Shearer thinks elbowing someone is a disgrace. No trace of hypocrisy..
    Advertising in general just bothers me. I find it so intrusive. Everything you go on it's just a bombardment. A billion promises. Wear this aftershave and you'll have a strong jawline. Buy these trainers and you'll beat Usain Bolt. Everybody flew to the Maldives yesterday except you. Pay us just £300 per day and you too can drive our car and pretend you own it. Do you need Credit? We will give you £75m and you don't pay a single penny back. Ever! 
    ********, baalocks and lies. 
    Shove a battery up my arse and my transformation into a robot is complete. 
    I realise I sound like a rebel without a cause. It's part of my grand plan to be a miserable Bamford before I'm 35. 
    Sorry. Sibely is good anyway. 🤐
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    rynny reacted to Van Cone De Head in Sheffield weds charged for ground sale   
    Hi ho points deduction!
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    rynny reacted to David in Dowell   
    Said in another topic earlier I wouldn't be surprised if he returned in January.
    As with Butterfield, he's not a crap player, can totally understand why we signed him, just hasn't worked out for either of us, that's football.
    We do have number of games between now and January, Cocu does like to mix things up so there could be opportunities still to show his worth.
  17. Haha
    rynny reacted to Mafiabob in 38 miles round trip to watch U23s at Loughborough   
    Your opinions tend to be on another planet so I’m guessing 19 miles wasn’t much trouble 😉
  18. Haha
    rynny reacted to Van Cone De Head in Sheffield weds charged for ground sale   
    Oooo,looking forward to work tomorrow got some payback to get from last week.
    Might compose a little ditty for them.

  19. COYR
    rynny reacted to ramit in LIVE Football 19/20   
    Doubt it very much.  Last time we played them away from home, it was the same thing and nothing happened, our FA is partly to blame for that i am sure.  The Turkish FA officials were furious with Icelandic customs officials when they came to play us at home, they demanded that they get a speedy way through the airport without having to show passports or be delayed in any way, although they have no right to make such demands.   Seems they want everyone to show them respect, while they show none. 
    A Belgian tourist pretended to be a journalist at the airport and stuck a washing up brush into their faces, as if it was a microphone.  The Turks are still furious about that incident and blame Iceland for it.  There was such an uproar after the incident that the Icelandic FA put a ban on all washing up brushes at our home games and searched people on the day to make sure no one was smuggling one in heh 
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    rynny got a reaction from reverendo de duivel in New parents   
    The best tips I can offer are bedtime is bedtime, this is the first battle. Keep it the same time as much as possible.
    Don't be afraid to tell them no and that they can't have stuff. Some parents think they have to give their child everything they want, whilst it is easier in the short term to say yes, long term it makes everything harder.
    Persist with things and don't back down or give up.
    Dont worry if other babies/children seem to be developing quicker, they will do everything in their own time, my youngest didn't learn to crawl and went straight into walking, my eldest didn't say his first word until later than most (now you can't shut him up) 
    Last thing I will say is don't panic. You will pick everything up as you go. And enjoy it. 
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    rynny reacted to SaintRam in England v Montenegro   
    Rice is better in central midfield than TAA, and TAA is better at RB than Gomez.
    Its a suboptimal change and its only been done because of the drama.
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    rynny reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in England v Montenegro   
    One more England goal and I win 80p. Come on boys.
  23. Haha
    rynny reacted to Coconut in U23's v Dirty Leeds FREE 7pm RamsTV   
    I really wish you'd paid a visit to the Joiners Arms back in September, you could have had a word with Tom Huddlestone and Richard Keogh.
    Especially as you live in Allestree, you wouldn't even have needed to drive!
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    rynny reacted to reverendo de duivel in England v Montenegro   
    That finish from Kane sums up the difference between good and great.
    99% of footballers hit that 1st time, he takes a touch and reverses the shot into the corner.
    A late bloomer, with multiple loan spells in the bank, perhaps showing we shouldn't be so quick to rate or hate our own youngster's.
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    rynny reacted to TigerTedd in England v Montenegro   
    It’s like watching the Derby u23s. 
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