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  1. Unfortunately once again we just can’t stick the ball in the net, the defence has been brilliant all season as was again yesterday…

    Stand out players probably Shinnie and Ebesole also thought Morrison was very good. I fancied us to win this until the sad passing of Trevor Hemings when I thought Preston would be right up for it but they just didn’t turn up looked a poor side! 

    Normally you’d never say no to a point away from home but in the position we are in we have to winning those games if we are to stay up. Can’t fault the players though they give everything after 70 minutes they looked tired which is no surprise.. 

    Havent seen a replay of the handball from where I was standing looked blatant but once again no surprise it wasn’t given our way as they haven’t all season! 

    Onto Luton 🐏

  2. On 10/10/2021 at 10:21, Foreveram said:

    Tickets for Preston away  now on general sale until Wednesday 500+left £24 each

    Think a lot more left the last block  on sale isn’t open yet it’s only open for disabled supporters atm until the middle block sells out which still has 300 left so roughly 1600 sold 

  3. Been a great servant to Derby, think the fact that we’ve had so many managers and he seems to be played by all of them shows his character. Fought back from a few serious injuries and still plays just Aswell, yes he has a mistake in him but so does everyone in the championship that’s why he’s a championship player 

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