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  1. I get that mate. As a white fella I really find it hard to give an an informed opinion, as I've never walked in your shoes, so I'll go with taking on board what you and the players are saying. I certainly wouldnt boo. CKR has done an interview in the athletic last week, his opinion is the symbol of - 'taking the knee' he feels is derogatory in itself and suggests a submissive meaning. Says he's told all lads of colour at the club this too and why he does the black power salute. And why the team now don't take the knee but stand together. Opinions....
  2. We lost most of games anyway. Could have been wearing out.
  3. 5 years later, still the 'ethical bank' https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/10455131/Former-chairman-of-the-Co-op-bank-uses-crystal-meth-and-crack-cocaine.html
  4. We played in all sorts of coulors up to the merger with the Derby Midland FC in 1891. Which was the catalyst for the black and white. We also inherited a few decent players from them including a certain Steve Bloomer. The merger was essentially a Derby County takeover as the Midland were going bust, but to appease the members of the new board of directors who were from the Midland, we agreed to play in the Midland's black and white, but stopped short of playing in their stripes. For years after the reserves played in the Midlands narrow black and white stripes with white shorts (Juve style) as
  5. Until you get bored playing Blackpool, Morecombe, Plymouth, Sunderland, Portsmouth, Ipswich, Lincoln, Crewe, Wimbledon for the the millionth time......
  6. No its a terrible statement. Could be down there for years. Its like the old 'we' re not ready to go up yet, another year and we'll be ready' we'll next year never comes. Just as this crap about regrouping and bouncing back up. Utter, utter poo. We need to stay in this division, even if its by goal difference with eh last kick of the last game. Clean slate next year and go again. But not from league one.
  7. Only been around about 270years. They own most of the land around Spondon and surrounding area.
  8. It's exactly what a technical director should be doing. Overseeing the training, offering advice etc. Don't know why it don't sit right, as long as Rooney is ok with it I aint worried. And if Rooney wasn't happy he'd say - not the sort of bloke to be shy.
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