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    Zag zig reacted to EraniosSocks in v Salford City - Pre Season Friendly   
    I just miss being excited about a Derby team 
  2. Clap
    Zag zig reacted to LeedsCityRam in v Salford City - Pre Season Friendly   
    OK, a real mixed bag. The result obviously wasn't good but a good exercise against a team who pressed high, were competitive & keen to game manage - very similar to sides we'll be playing this season. Lets also not forget Salford are highly likely to be finishing top 3 in League Two this coming season (one of the biggest budgets in bottom 2 divisions) so not a massive difference quality wise.
    First half we were unfortunate to go in behind. Totally dominated before the goal & even with their tails up after their goal (and pressing higher), we were still able to play through them. Bird was particularly good first half - they struggled to press us effectively because he controlled the tempo & was unafraid to pass through the lines. Carroll & Morrison also had moments of breaking through Salford's midfield but as an overall unit, the intensity wasn't good enough - too many touches, too pedestrian & not enough movement from those further forward. That said, still had a few chances - Aluko should have scored, Morrison unfortunate with header, Carroll should have got his effort on target & there were other instances of decent delivery but not enough bodies in the box.
    Poor goal to concede start of the second half (first goal just a fluke - Morrison really unfortunate to concede a penalty) - poor pass from Shinnie & whilst Elliott is good in the air, to rise so easily between McDonald & Wisdom was not good enough - even if you factor in they'd only been on 6/7 mins. Thereafter, we still created chances - Baldock did well with one effort but an atrocious decision to try & pass to Morrison for the near open goal
    Positives - felt Jagielka & Stearman looked very solid & rarely troubled, Sibley looked really bright when he came on, good to see Bird playing with such confidence, Forsyth put in some great delivery from left side second half (as did Byrne first half)
    As a takeaway, I like how we're trying to play but we need to work on the intensity of our attacking play & one touch stuff - we're not going to open disciplined teams up otherwise. Some of that will be pre-season rustiness & a lot of new faces - we can improve & we will improve.
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    Zag zig reacted to David in Is this the most depressing period you’ve experienced as a Derby fan?   
    No, but it’s clear the club have some bridges to rebuild with the fans.
    Despite not achieving promotion we have had some real good atmospheres around the club, whilst some may find it hard to believe, we’ve been lucky. 
    Many clubs out there that have gone years without a sniff of any kind of cup or promotion to enjoy.
    I don’t want to get into the blame game or the EFL’s role in the position we’re in, but it’s not a great situation.
    Reading across social media, seeing so many fans feeling disconnected is not great, and as I say we need to see bridges rebuilt, ideally starting before the first game of the season. 
    I’m not one to call for answers from the club, I would rather they spend every hour working on improving the situation as we have too many outstanding issues that need resolving.
    Saying that, I do feel like the club need to host a fan forum asap, whilst some see these as nothing more than PR stunts, some good PR is needed to lift the spirits.
    I fear the atmosphere for the opening game could be extremely toxic if we go into the start of the season under so many question marks.
    As fans though, we need to play our part no matter how hard it is, we have to get behind the players we have and Rooney, dial back the criticisms and as cliche as it sounds, be that 12th man/woman.
    If we can’t do that in our hour of need, then why are we even here? 
    Toxic atmospheres, attacking the club will not help the situation at all, it just won’t, so the question is, how much do we love this club? Right now is the time to show it and come together and try to focus on the positives and help create some optimism going into what will be a difficult season without a doubt.
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    Zag zig reacted to UTFR in Is this the most depressing period you’ve experienced as a Derby fan?   
    Christ. whats the worst that can happen?
    We get relegated? I'll still go. A few new grounds. Still sing, still moan, still have a good time with my mates.
    Administration? Points deduction? Relegation. I'll still go. A few new grounds. Still sing, still moan, still have a good time with my mates.
    Club wound up and we start again in the isthmian league. I'll still go. A few new grounds. Still sing, still moan, still have a good time with my mates. etc etc.
    We cant control any of it lads and ladies, enjoy your life. Football will still be there to dictate ours saturday evening moods forever.
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    Zag zig reacted to RoyMac5 in Is this the most depressing period you’ve experienced as a Derby fan?   
    Nah. Some of Maxwell and the 3 Amigos were worse.
    TBH when Longson sacked Clough that was the worst ever.
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    Zag zig reacted to Sparkle in No signings   
    Then those free agent players need to move on to someone who will give them more than £11,000 per week 
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    Zag zig reacted to Carnero in Out Of Contract   
    I should bloody hope we'll be out of the embargo at some point this season!
  8. Haha
    Zag zig reacted to Gisby in Choose your 5   
    R McFarland
    C Todd
    B Rioch
    K Hector 
    C George
    am I close? 😳
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    Zag zig reacted to BramcoteRam84 in F1 2021   
    His time will come. Hopefully in a Mercedes next season. That would be dynamite!
  11. Haha
    Zag zig reacted to richinspain in Louie watson   
    Well, that was a brief thread.
  12. Haha
    Zag zig reacted to Gaspode in F1 2021   
    I'm sure George doesn't have too much trouble scoring - good looking lad armed with the phrase "Hi, I'm a racing driver" should just about nail it....😉
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    Zag zig reacted to EtoileSportiveDeDerby in F1 2021   
    Vale on the bank with a great view of Club I 'll ask my son when he gets up but it sounded like Lewis answering but with the noise around i could well be wrong. Everybody was laughing and shaking their heads. Best week end, i have had for bloody ages. 
  14. Clap
    Zag zig reacted to Gaspode in F1 2021   
    Just after the incident, Sky showed the view from Verstapen's car where you could quite clearly see his steering wheel - he began to turn into the corner, realised Hamilton was there and starightened - and then turned in anyway. Effectively he decided that rather than back off or run wide he'd force Hamilton to yield - Hamilton had already committed to the move so to my mind Verstapen paid the price for being over agressive. Should have been called a racing Incident but it seems to me that the stewards have become a bit power crazy this season - way too many penalties being applied which is actually having a negative effect on the races....
    As for Red Bull - Horner, their chief engineer, and their owner all bleating like a bunch of 5 year olds (including demands that Hamilton should be suspended for a race) - ironic that when Max had previously carried out a similar move to Hamilton's, Horner had taken to social media to crow about what a great bit of driving it was....utterly classless team and will have lost a lot of public support with their constant whinging.....
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    Zag zig reacted to David in F1 2021   
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    Zag zig reacted to JoetheRam in F1 2021   
    Not a Hamilton fan, but racing incident - about 60/40 Hamilton's fault. Thankfully Verstappen is OK. Think the penalty was about right, I might have gone as harsh as a drive through, and as lenient as no action so 10 second penalty seems fair.
    Didn't think the sprint race added anything as a TV viewer and actually diminished a good qualifying, so jury's still out for me.
    Gutted for LeClerc that he couldn't hang on, but he made a mistake and was punished for it. Great drive all the same.
    Good weekend for McLaren too. Norris 3rd in the Championship - exceptional performance if he finishes the season there.
    Hungary next which is one of Hamilton's best tracks, but a Red Bull favoured layout. Title battle very much still on.
    Also, Sebastian Vettel is just a great guy.
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    Zag zig reacted to Curtains in F1 2021   
    Lewis Hamilton is the best driver of all time. 
    8 times winner of British Gran Prix 
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    Zag zig reacted to JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta in F1 2021   
    Horner and Verstappens bleating afterwards annoyed me.
    Both drivers were pushing it, in this instance Max came off worse. Had it been Lewis in the wall Horner would be noshing Max off for being brave and uncompromising in pursuit of a world championship.
    It's racing. If you want drivers to push each other this is what can happen. You can't go swimming without getting wet.
  19. Clap
    Zag zig reacted to RadioactiveWaste in F1 2021   
    Short answer - Yes.
    Long answer - There are loads of examples of englishmen cheating in sports and everywhere else, "Perfidious Albion" was not a moniker earned though chivalry.
    However, Lewis Hamilton, whilst having the ruthless streak that all the greats have, is actually usually hard but fair. His aggression got tempered with maturity and he's made the odd "i'll just Schumacher you off the road" bit of car placment down the years but dangerous, dirty cheating or unfiar is not the driver Lewis Hamilton is.
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    Zag zig reacted to BramcoteRam84 in F1 2021   
    At worst Hamilton was 60/40 to blame. Max bumping wheels with him in earlier corners. At least 3 times this season Max has nearly caused accidents with Lewis but Lewis backed out. Racing incident with Lewis slightly more at fault. Thought penalty was slightly harsh but all in all the stewards got it about right. Unfortunately it’s resulted in a bad accident for Max but thankfully he’s ok, but it’s racing and there is danger.
    I think the reaction from Red Bull and Max has been completely disgraceful (Horner has gone down in my estimations massively and Max behaving like the petulant child as usual) additionally the racial abuse Hamilton has received on social media despicable. 
    The 99th win of his career and definitely one of his best.
  21. Clap
    Zag zig reacted to EtoileSportiveDeDerby in F1 2021   
    I am Not even English or a Hamilton fan but top top racing drivers would never pull out. Senna, schumi, Mansel. Only saw it on the big screens at the race but he did the same to leclerc and it worked OK. Verstappen is destined for the top he would have done the same
  22. COYR
    Zag zig got a reaction from LeedsCityRam in What Would You Be Satisfied With This Season?   
    Heart hopes for mid table as @LeedsCityRammentioned compared to a few others, our potential squad is on a par with a few that comfortably made that last season.
    Head says there was 4 teams making such a ricket of staying up last season, it was hard for others not to comfortably make mid table last year, so if we scrape up in a tougher environment because either lack cutting edge or legs at that back in stages of the season, I’ll take that 4th or 5th bottom place and hope our financial woes are not as constrained 2022/23.
    In truth, really I just want to feel excited watching live football, seeing my team win the odd big game and everyone feeling a little more positive about our future as a result.
  23. Haha
    Zag zig reacted to AndyinLiverpool in Can england win euro 2021   
    Not sure a season of watching Derby is a fool-proof way of cheering you up.
  24. Clap
    Zag zig reacted to maxjam in What Would You Be Satisfied With This Season?   
    Hopes for the season...
    With the squad we've got currently, survival.  Anything else is a bonus.
    What I want to see this season is to reach a (satisfactory) conclusion with the EFL on all charges and a takeover completed with the new owners setting out a strategy and investment plan to have us challenging in the top 6 year on year again.  I can cope with a season (or two!) of dross so long as there is a positive change coming. 
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    Zag zig reacted to LeedsCityRam in What Would You Be Satisfied With This Season?   
    No doubting we're still in a dicey situation but refuse to be satisfied with merely scraping survival & hence have gone for midtable.
    We still have a lot of talent in the squad - the thought of Lawrence, a fully engaged Morrison & Jozwiak playing behind striker(s) is pretty mouthwatering & as talented as anything in this division. There is steady stream of talented youth players coming through & some fantastic experience to guide them - Kazim, Davies, Marshall, potentially Jagielka also. And Bielik to return at some point too. Not blind to the gaping holes we have in key areas (CB, CF) but the lads currently on trial will bring quality, no matter what their route here has been.
    I also compare us to other sides in this division - neither Luton or Preston or Coventry have massive resources but all finished comfortably midtable last season. Barnsley went even further - this isn't a division that rewards big spending or big name players. Its about building a team by getting the right blend of players, identifying a style that suits this division & sticking to it/getting better at it.
    Obviously still a big question mark over Rooney & the management team to mould this new unit. My thoughts on him are expressed elsewhere but I genuinely hope he proves me & many others wrong. He'll now understand the scale of the challenge & quite intrigued to see the new style he has said we'll be employing this season. Also would admit to softening my view given he's still here despite how chaotic the last few weeks have been.
    Ultimately, we shouldn't ever be happy with 21st given the size of the club & our ultimate ambitions. An improved finish to 10th - 16th with the EFL stuff resolved would see me satisfied.
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