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    Zag zig reacted to Alpha in Gary Rowett - opinions   
    Or fans that demand a team to not constantly play counter attacking football when there's no attack to counter. Like Wolves away where we parked the bus to bravely defend a defeat. Not for the first or last time. 
    There's like a huuuuuuge gaping chasm between Rowett's style and Barcelona. 
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    Zag zig reacted to David in Gary Rowett - opinions   
    It does delay, but chances are they won't be around to be the one left to fix it, so why would he be bothered?
    There are currently only 28 managers in English football that have been in their jobs longer than 2 years, 16+ that have been at their clubs 3 years.
    Even Lampard in his first year of management was talking about promotion, managers know that's ultimately what they will be judged on, Rowett knows that, it's why he jumped ship because promotion is also a lot easier with money in the bank which Stoke had. 
    I don't blame the managers, I blame the clubs, managers will only start to build long term projects when clubs allow them time to build them.
    Hopefully under Cocu that is what we will see because I'm getting sick of these 12 month hit and hope see ya later jobs.
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    Zag zig reacted to Alpha in Gary Rowett - opinions   
    And loaning out Chris Martin. I wouldn't have allowed that. If you don't want him then sell him while he has high value. Don't loan out your top scorer. 
    Here Fulham, borrow this. It's never let us down. If you like it then you can buy it but if it's no good then we'll have it back. 
    Well played Nigel "but at Leicester..." Pearson. The no nonsense manager that these players need. Tactical magician for the boys in blue. You epic dildo
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    Zag zig reacted to reverendo de duivel in Gary Rowett - opinions   
    It's unfortunate that Mel doesn't interfere in the managers decisions.
    If I were he, I'd have sacked Gary on the spot when he made clear Will wasn't part of his plans.
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    Zag zig reacted to Paul71 in Gary Rowett - opinions   
    In fairness i doubt he was in charge of negotiating the deal, but making it clear Hughes wasn't wanted is his responsibility and one of his mistakes.
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    Zag zig reacted to King Kevin in Gary Rowett - opinions   
    Can anyone that sells Will Hughes for £5m be classed as a competent manager? 
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    Zag zig reacted to old ilkestonian in Updated Bag Policies   
    Apologies if this has already been mentioned but the first thing dcfc have to sort out for me is having enough competent/efficient staff at the bars for half time so that everyone who wants to be served can be served without having to miss the end of the first half or the beginning of the second - surely they must realise we are there to watch the footy and not to queue for half time refreshments! I used to go down for a half time wine (not whine) every match but haven't done that for over 10 years now due to the pathetic service by staff that clearly have no interest in getting you served in a timely manner (do they have any idea of how long half time lasts???!!!) dcfc and the company involved should be ashamed at this level of service! If it was an efficient service and a better quality of beer, wine, food and snacks I'd be prepared to pay a bit over the odds for it and may be even go to the ground earlier and have a pre match drink but whilst they continue to have crap staff serving crap food and drink then they'll not get a penny out of me!
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    Zag zig reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in Tom Lawrence   
    Been a staunch supporter of Tom and have never really doubted his talent but you feel this is the season where he needs to really try and kick on. He ended last season in really good form, despite having a very difficult time of things off the pitch, so if he can pick up where he left off that'd be grand.
    Happily, it seems that PC has quickly worked out he's bext played though the middle, so I'm more than hopeful Tom can do a few teams some serious damage this season. 
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    Zag zig reacted to The Orange Pimpernel in Tom Lawrence   
    Good player is Tom. I think he is the type of player who needs to be loved. Hopefully Cocu will help him to show us what he can really do.
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    Zag zig reacted to BarrowRam in Picture where you and your knee are now   
    Pride park Stadium tour. Birthday treat from my wife and daughter. Really enjoyed every minute of the tour.🐏

  11. Cheers
    Zag zig reacted to JfR in Steve Bruce   
    The FA are boring. I'd have Dejphon Chansiri and Mike Ashley fight it out, Hell in a Cell style, broadcast live on pay-per-view, Saturday night. 
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    Zag zig reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in Gareth Bale   
    What's a 'few' extra million between pals eh! 🤣
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    Zag zig reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in Gareth Bale   
    Because he thinks you're having a dig at Bale rather than simply saying the Real fans didn't like him.
    I think literally everyone else got the point you were making FWIW 😂
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    Zag zig reacted to Andicis in Gareth Bale   
    Can't be the only one who finds this distasteful? Bale was a huge reason they won their last Champions League trophy, and has been loyal to them since he joined them. Classless club, is Madrid.
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    Zag zig reacted to B4ev6is in Updated Bag Policies   
    Leeds did that to me when sneathier dogs must smelled chilly cream try help my condation neves in my left foot and ankle.
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    Zag zig reacted to Boycie in Updated Bag Policies   
    May be they ought to of just made the reminder about the new bag size if the food and drink was already in the terms?
    Then there would be less fuss.
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    Zag zig reacted to dcfc the 1 4me in Updated Bag Policies   
    The only ground I have visited that have taken drinks off us before entering was Old Trafford, only 3 of other grounds have taken our bottle tops, Leeds and Forest , with Leeds providing plastic cups to empty them into. It might seem “tight” to some people but with kids in tow , season tickets for 2 adults and 2 kids, travel etc we always take a drink each , some treats and definitely flasks in the colder days . I always have my smallish bag checked as I go in which is fine by me, for security reasons I have no objections. If prices for things in the ground were the same as normal pricing it would be ok , (obviously the queueing problem would have to be addressed else there would be no one watching the match!) they are usually ridiculously overpriced and I won’t buy them on principle. I buy a programme every match which contributes a little but if this policy is put into force I will never buy refreshments at the ground , I’ll just go without but I won’t be happy about it. Don’t make our club like the money grabbing Man Utd please. 
  18. Haha
    Zag zig reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Updated Bag Policies   
  19. Clap
    Zag zig reacted to Don't Panic in Updated Bag Policies   
    Serious question but do the food outlets even offer gluten free or plant based food ? Interested to know if this is covered .. 
    Given I know a few fans who take snacks given their dietary requirements !
    Guess they will have to eat the grass pitch instead ! Oh wait 
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    Zag zig reacted to jimbo jones in Updated Bag Policies   
    2 hours without eating or drinking? Are you mad?? 😃 on a serious note though, it’s very very rare I will go 2 hours without taking on some fluid.
    2 hours without water if the current weather keeps up and they’ll need to have a queue of ambulances outside.
    the kids aren’t going to be impressed when I have to smuggle the wine gums in in my underpants either...
  21. Haha
    Zag zig reacted to i-Ram in Gay Championship footballer to ‘come out’   
    It might be something you want to celibate, but is there any chance we can have our bloody boat back?
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    Zag zig got a reaction from Ewe Ram in Updated Bag Policies   
    Was thinking this myself, really daft policy, unless they strip search me, there’s no way they will find my kids goodies. They going to tell everyone to take their caps off, check coat linings for dangerous oranges, the odd mars bar etc
    Bonkers doesn’t do the label, it just smacks to everyone of blatant profiteering and spending well above a grand for the 3 of us, I think I spend enough. So do other relations. 
    Come on Derby at least explain yourself or leave far too many feeling put out with this policy.
  23. Haha
    Zag zig reacted to Nuwtfly in Bart Ramselaar   
    Made me chuckle. You've tweeted it out and you're the chief football writer for the paper. But yeah, fair enough Steve.

  24. Haha
    Zag zig reacted to Boycie in Bart Ramselaar   
  25. Haha
    Zag zig reacted to Gaspode in Updated Bag Policies   
    Good luck to whoever has to frisk me to find out where I've secreted my half-time sausage roll after they bring in this daft idea....
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