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  1. Good man. Just don’t get too over confident, it can also be your undoing; I learnt most since the mid noughties in my losses, most of the wealthiest speculators will tell you it’s their losses that provided their best lessons. Good for the soul and stock market education.
  2. You can still be both. Some are still in the Kevin Hector fan club. Good goal scorers are always hero’s. Kazim is our current one and rightly so.
  3. We had the better chances and had Knighty scored it would have been a totally different game! Up to them scoring there was nothing in it. We still created good chances and they hardly troubled Roos did they. No way was it undeserved, we stayed in the game and could even have won it; which would have been undeserved. Draw was fair enough to me.
  4. I’ll quote myself to say equaliser a darned fine day 😍
  5. Spot on mate. Think we have also been too rushed final third because generally the build up from the back pair has taken an age and they’re set. Forest doing us so far. Hoping Rooney inspires us and maybe changes things.
  6. So much respect for this guy, go bag the winner tonight CKR......perfect day!
  7. No worries mate, I just felt this thread was full of unnecessary doom and gloom when the signs were there that Rooney was moulding us into a more efficient unit. Wasn’t calling you out, it was good you responded and I did say I’d come back to you, easy to say but I’d have done so either way. Tbh I thought Cocu, much as I liked him was taking us down. Rooney much as I disliked the media circus around him and questioned his somewhat “shoe-in” to management; he soon started to disprove my doubts. Organisation of fairly decent players was vital from when he took over and we have kept making i
  8. So @LeedsCityRam are you with me now buddy 😂
  9. Not just that season, most of the Arthur away days were great, remember the old door at York station hanging off the hinges when we left the station the season before. Oxford away bizarrely stands out only because my mate had to have thorns removed from his neck by St Johns in the ground. Those Div 3 and 2 away days were barmy, daft lad drunk days, like we took over certain places. Getting to Div 1 still produced memorable trips. The best thing about Cox teams was no fear, we could turn up anywhere and get a result and played like it at times; which probably explained the odd reverse ever
  10. Agree, been reflecting and talking to my eldest, we thought exactly that. Once we went at them, we could’ve nicked something from tonight, as despite some obvious talent, they never totally outclassed us. We didn’t have enough belief or luck, but I can live with the result if we beat Huddersfield next. Still on a good run under Rooney and still getting better.
  11. I’ve just fallen out of love with Hughes, had to score one of the best goals I’ve ever seen him score...... against us 😢
  12. Which brings about the power of compounding. Some sage advice in many financial books on this subject. Suppose it begs the question, is buy and hold still relevant?
  13. Wycombe are playing how they play every game, we need to up our passing game massively and show some quality as we did in the move . We just keep giving them the ducking ball back.
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