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  1. Nor me. Ok so we lose and I won’t start panicking but this is an away game with a team that has something to prove. A win would be brilliant but we need to be looking for a point as a minimum.
  2. I know what you mean, especially if we are looking upwards. Yet what it means is we are 9 points above the zone and have games in hand over the 3 teams below us. 4 points from the next 2 games and it becomes ever more relaxing.
  3. And he’s got a new contract so we’ll be able to give him a proper 30,000 full house welcome some day soon ! Really looking forward to it. Like we’ve all been in hiding. The sun is going to come out and we’ll all have a song for Colin the king. I say beyond doubt his presence, desire, leadership and Karma has been a saviour in these dark months might be nice if on the first match back the club make a big deal to present all new signings (post lockdown) in person to the crowd before kick off.
  4. You know what .. I bet he knows it winds them up .. That is what makes you like him. The dead pan innocent little needles that say “I am one of you” .. well done Wayne
  5. In many ways a typical Derby .. we were hesitant, didn’t get enough second ball, they were more aggressive. We didn’t cherish the ball or go on the front foot nearly enough. Knockheart is quality . Few good moments but we kept powder dry under pressure and then along comes King Colin - the second of his name rightful king of Chad, Normanton and Allestree, ruler of the South stand, the unshorn father of rams.
  6. Just second best on the second ball . Come on lads .... settle .... you can do this
  7. It really was Snottigham .. in whichever Dane or Norse lexicon .. the land of Snotts People 🤣
  8. Salute you for being a real fan .. it’s all about hopes and dreams. Of course it’s a tall order, it’s unlikely, it would be epic if we get to the playoffs. But there are still something like 35-40 points to won. That is what we have already after a car crash of a start to the season. Hell ! It could just happen. let’s just hope the team are thinking along the same positive lines.
  9. How old is Jason knight ? Playing with intelligence beyond his years. Delighted for Waggy. He is a rough diamond but the goal will lift his next performance. Despite the nay sayers he is a good player, great left foot, no softy. Gives 100% Great team effort and that is what Rooney has done more than anything else. Made a team .. COYR I have spare axes (plural) in my shed ready for Friday ... come on lads let’s do it 🐏
  10. Roy, that is beneath you. Waggy hasn’t been in good form but come on man get real
  11. 23rd of feb 2021 AD a few days after a Rover 216 I GL landed on Mars complete with velour upholstery 🤣
  12. Good shout. It’s funny isn’t it, over the last few years it’s always the DM fulcrum that we search for and been jinxed by. will Steve Mac have spotted it / considered it ? .. BTW what is mr Bangemin’s preferred slot ? pro uses to be a good game. Win it and we are making progress in what feels like chipping at a granite wall with unfamiliar tools.
  13. I don’t think so .. it’s just that Bostiek has done his cruciate or something
  14. Free Beer .. yes .. really went to Majestic on Ashbourne Rd to buy some wine Lo and behold .. at the cash desk there they are a dozen or so bottles “out of date” on 20th feb .. described as free and so they were. The joys of food labelling and responsible retailers 4 bottles - ( I’m not greedy ) for the next lap top game .. cost ? sweet fanny adams .. happy days
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