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  1. Cheers
    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from jimbo jones in Derbyshire Cricket 2020   
    I enjoyed the stream, although I gave up mid afternoon as someone needed me to help with something and there's only so much watching cricket on your phone you can get away with at work.
    Very good effort.
  2. Clap
    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from Mucker1884 in Brentford or Fulham ?   
    They could buy Lawrence, Assombalonga, Diédhiou and Ayew and play a LADA. 
  3. Haha
    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from GenBr in Brentford or Fulham ?   
    They could buy Lawrence, Assombalonga, Diédhiou and Ayew and play a LADA. 
  4. Haha
    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from Van der MoodHoover in Brentford or Fulham ?   
    They could buy Lawrence, Assombalonga, Diédhiou and Ayew and play a LADA. 
  5. Haha
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to GenBr in Brentford or Fulham ?   
    I know we've got Rooney on high wages, but imagine having multiple players on £50k+ per week and not having to worry about it! 
    We are basically competing for one spot most years and we have to do it whilst being hamstrung by the EFL. Unless you do a Leeds and get a world class manager to come in or a Wolves and find a way around FFP its going to be very, very difficult for us to break into that top group.
    The only reason i wanted Brentford to go up was the lack of parachutes. I'm glad Leeds managed to do it as well. When we lost to Villa my Villa supporting mate kept bragging about how they destroyed us, but my response was always that with such a huge financial advantage it would have been downright embarrassing if they'd done anything less. He didn't think parachutes gave them any advantages though...
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Shipley Ram in Former Derby players who are more accociated with other clubs   
    Mick Coop
    Barry Powell
    Mo Konic
    Nick Pickering
    I'm glad these are all more associated with Coventry.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Indy in Former Derby players who are more accociated with other clubs   
    Kinkladze - Man City
    Ted McMinn - Rangers
    Dave MacKay - Spurs
    Rooney - Man Utd
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  9. Haha
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Srg in Mike te Wierik   
    "First things first, Mike..."
    A lesson in how to do a full interview without actually posing a question, usually leading to some of the more awkward interviews I've ever seen.
    Let's hope he's shielding and @OwenB87has done it.
  10. Haha
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to G STAR RAM in Tribunal Update. Or not. Have a look - the mods have no more insider info than you do!   
    They have released the official ball to be used in the EFL in 2020/21 though...priorities and all that.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to SouthStandDan in Tribunal Update. Or not. Have a look - the mods have no more insider info than you do!   
    I've been trying to picture as if it was a work scenario. An employee gaining an approval from a manager and then the company overriding the decision and then disciplining the employee. Surely in that case the manager (EFL staff who approved this) will be the one in the wrong, they allowed the transaction to happen, that is their liability as far as I'm concerned.
    If it was a criminal court case this would have been thrown out before it even began. The club havent covered anything up. Bent the rules possibly but the EFL were fully aware of the club's financial conduct and they approved the damn thing! It's the wrong party being accused of wrongdoing. I'm tired of the BS. If the EFL wins this case, I give up with FFP. Complete shambles.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to rynny in Derbyshire Cricket 2020   
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to JoetheRam in Derbyshire Cricket 2020   
    Just watched the last hour and a half.
    Amazing game to win with 1 ball remaining.
    Hudson-Prentice and Michael Cohen on his debut and 22nd birthday seeing it home. Superb.
    Derbyshire's highest run chase against a county in history apparently. 
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to rammieib in Derbyshire Cricket 2020   
    Cracking end to the game and the video stream was really good.
  15. Clap
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Carnero in Derbyshire Cricket 2020   
    Ha ha well done Derbyshire 👏 recovering from 235/6 to chase down 365 against the "mighty" Notts.

  16. Haha
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Srg in Mason Bennett - joined Millwall on loan until the end of the season   
    What add ons would you have?
    Court appearances? Driver awareness courses? NVQs?
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Woodley Ram in Tribunal Update. Or not. Have a look - the mods have no more insider info than you do!   
    I think the EFL should give us points for being plonkers .  in realty I would have thought that they would have a think about this so that we don't appeal or sue them. A 12 point deduction for next season would not be acceptable as we were not in the same situation as Wednesday.
    so if we missed automatic promotion by 12 points (that have been deducted) would and could we sue the EFL for £100m in lost earnings? A case in the civil courts is based on the balance of probability so in effect 51%  likelihood that the EFL agreed and knew to what Derby did. Does the EFL fancy those odds, not sure I would  
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to CWC1983 in Scottish football thread 20/21   
    Im from Scotland and spent the late 80's, 90's and 2000's following Aberdeen about before moving south. 
    I know its not everyone's cup of tea, but there's an honesty and rawness that still grabs my attention. 
  19. Haha
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to TuffLuff in Brentford or Fulham ?   
    Huge hint at the end there that Scott Parker might have been turned to the dark side. Have to wait for the next season to find out.

  20. Like
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to SKRam in Scottish football thread 20/21   
    I’m not well up on much football in Scotland @CWC1983, I’ll watch some of these games especially teams like Kilmarnock. Sounds like you follow it mate, be great seeing some talent go all the way. I saw Patrick Thistle many years ago but that’s my lot sadly. I know Ross County have done incredibly well, good luck to them 
  21. Haha
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Ted McMinn Football Genius in Brentford or Fulham ?   
    Pontus Jansen: last seen looking for an advertising board to lean on a cry 🤭😳😂😂
  22. Clap
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Sparkle in Wigan FC gone into administration   
    Correct decision but obviously the players and supporters have been royally shafted by owners who clearly didn’t care 
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Steve Bloomer's Washing in SBW Season Review podcast 2019/20   
    Socially distanced podding weren’t we.

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    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from SKRam in Brentford or Fulham ?   
    I'd like Brentford to do it but I've no animosity towards Fulham if they do manage.
    Ultimately, the high point of the play offs was provided by Stoke.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to SchtivePesley in Tribunal Update. Or not. Have a look - the mods have no more insider info than you do!   
    Again we get into the difference between legal accounting and the vagaries of the  EFL P&S rules
    We've done nothing at all wrong in legal accounting terms. Directors of the club don't want to go to jail and this is not a criminal (or even a civil) trial.
    All that has really happened is we have come up with a better way of amortising player contract value so that it helps us stay within the P&S rules that all the clubs agreed
    The fact that not all clubs have handled their accounting that way is not our fault, and probably some sour grapes from a select few
    I remember at least two interviews in the past couple of years where MM talked about how nebulous the P&S rules were and how there were lots of ways to interpret them, and circumnavigate them.
    It's all a nonsense. Essentially the EFL should be eating humble pie and admitting that the P&S rules they have agreed do not stand up to scrutiny. With a bit of luck any truly  indepndent tribunal will be laughing them out of the room
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