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  1. DCFC-Dan

    Official: It’s Frank, 3 year deal

    carlo cudicini?
  2. Cheap appointment, Paul hurst Shrewsbury done well everywhere he’s been. Gamble and unrealistic appointments, Zeljko Buvac (klopps assistant), Rui Faria (Mourinhos assistant) leaving this summer to be a No1 or Quique Sánchez Flores ex Watford manager. Doubtful he’d come with our budget I know but plays attractive football.
  3. DCFC-Dan

    The Alternative

    Take a gamble on someone like Mikel Arteta, perfect football philosophy learnt under pep and wenger. If not him it needs to be someone that the players have instant respect for and are willing to fight for instead of a team with no desire to succeed.
  4. DCFC-Dan

    Song ideas

    I hate the dull same old songs we sing for the first 10 minutes of every game at home
  5. DCFC-Dan

    Song ideas

    As you can probably tell I’m not gifted at song ideas 😂 so unfortunately not!
  6. DCFC-Dan

    Song ideas

    first one second
  7. DCFC-Dan

    Song ideas

    Sharing is caring
  8. DCFC-Dan

    Song ideas

    Is it that obvious?
  9. DCFC-Dan

    Song ideas

    I’m a long time visitor to the forum but decided to finally make the jump and join. I might get shot down for these ideas but it’s worth a try! Vydra is our top scorer and we’ve not got a song for him I feel this needs to change. So here it goes. first idea: “Ohhh Matej Vydra, you are the love of my life ohhh Matej Vydra, I’ll let you **** my wife ohhh Matej Vydra, trust me when I say....” Second: “uncle Mel went to Watford in his brand new Tesla got himself a little Czech super Matej Vydra” Third and final (not vydra related): “1234.... Wooowhooo we’ve got Richard Keogh Wooowhooo big Tom in the middle Wooowhooo playing football the Rowett way 1234......” all feedback welcome.

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