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  1. As a total aside to this I watched the U18's beat Man U U18's 3-1 yesterday on youtube. As there were no names on the backs of the shirts I couldn't tell who many of the players were - but there seemed to be some new faces who did look good....
  2. As reorted in the DET today : Derby County reportedly stole a march on top Premier League clubs when they signed young midfielder Bayo Fapetu. The Nigerian teenager last week said he has signed “a long-term deal” with the Rams after leaving Arsenal, where he was a part of their Under-16s set-up. However, he will now not be part of next season’s intake of academy scholars at the Emirates Stadium. On Friday, he took to social media to say his time with the Premier League giants had come to an end as he had made the move to the Rams. Posting a picture on Instagram of hims
  3. Maybe because our guy hadn't signed his contract - which had been on the table for several weeks ???
  4. Good luck to the guy - but it's also just as likely he'll sink into football obscurity. Equally I think Wayne played a master stroke by bringing him into the first team and putting him in the shop window. It was clear he wasn't going to sign his contract - which had been on the table for several weeks, so he went to the highest bidder. As I said good luck to him, but the grass isn't always greener elsewhere is it....
  5. ...apparently Adrian Edmundson is his Dad...a small world eh...
  6. I cant see how ANY club in this league (other than those with parachute payments) can be making ANY money now because the grounds are closed - but they still have the overheads as they normally would. Therefore we have to sell to survive / bring in new players. Simple economics. If you start spending money you don't have you fall foul of FFP.
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