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  1. Big ask to get it back from here. We just cant defend.
  2. Its one of those its so random it could be true. Or complete made up rubbish. If its true nice to see us looking further afield for some bargain players. Higher risk but can really pay off. Better than throwing money on panic buys see Butterfield and Johnson.
  3. No away wins in the league in 2019..... Surely we will win right?
  4. We do play Bristol to be fair so still glimmers. Even then people are assuming we will get or if the playoffs anyway. It will be one of the biggest turnarounds in history.
  5. This has got a 0.1 written all over it. See Derby v Millwall a few weeks ago. My lineup: Roos Bogle Keogh Tomori Cole Huddlestone Johnson Wilson mount Lawrence Waghorn Marriott has to be on the bench else just play with 6 subs.
  6. You missed Fozzy and Chris Martin but it is an okay starting block. Hopefully new investment comes before the summer but i doubt it. Frank wont have a war chest like the previous managers did. I expect a whole raft of loans and players from league one (I highly recommed Tom Bayliss) joining maybe a few free agents being drafted in to fill the remaining gaps (Marcus Maddison is out of contract this season). Looking forward to it. First season with close to a true fresh start.
  7. Oh well at least they tried. At least it saves me money on a play-off ticket plus i can book my holidays early. Anyway cheers guys see you in August.
  8. JM is one of the best strikers at the club and scored plenty this season and loads last season. This wasnt tactical if it was then FL is insane. Something has gone on which is why he was a bit blunt abd irritated when asked the question imo.
  9. 7 teams with 9 games to go can all get 5th and 6th still loads to play for. Mount could galvanize the team and provide the spark which has been lacking of late. I feel it will suit the younger players better being the chasers rather than the chased. Doesnt really matter if we fail a seismic shift of players is coming in the summer.
  10. I have donated. Cant begin to imagine what they must be going through. Great from the club and players though and i really hope it all pays off.
  11. He is unfortunately getting on a bit. Likely still on good money when we tried to ward off Burnley. Makes sense for both parties. What a great professional though i will never forget that forest hat trick.
  12. I dont think he is an impossibility there should be a lot of flexibility with wages when everyone leaves in the summer. Big fees are a thing of the past for us so Free transfers should be where we focus.
  13. Kieran Westwood is out of contract in the summer. He is easily one of the best keepers in the division. As a keeper myself i enjoy watching him play. He kept Wednesday in it at the end. At 34 though he is past it probably. Edit: He could actually keep the ball it play too even had the ability to change kicking style for the front man once Fletcher went off.
  14. That Tom Bayliss looked great the other night for Coventry only 19/20 and he is real playmaker and he scored too. He put a few thorne vs Leeds passes through the Burton defense. Bet he wouldnt cost much either. Oh and on a side note i saw that marcus Maddison is out of contract in the summer. Top assisters in L1 and maybe we could get him and Marriott back together. We heard mixed things about him from pboro fans though.
  15. Tom Kalas Loan Marcus Maddison Tom Bayliss Trevoh Chalabah Loan Thats all i have so far. Then give Thorne and Martin another go.
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