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  1. No stability in football management but i can so your point. I think he would happily be here for the long term if required. We need stability after years of churning.
  2. I would take Hughton. Tried and tested at this level and above. He always seems hard done by but has done well at every team he has been at. He turned brighton into survivors mainly because they could do nothing else. Only downside is he spent a lot this season to no real gain. Locadia and jakanbash ring a bell as complete flops. Would love for him to sign knockhaert for us.
  3. Yes they kin are but we shouldn't have told everyone 🤦‍♂️
  4. I agree some of the players they got were outstanding. Its a very competitive market out there though. Most of the good players are at good clubs for a reason. Our track record of 'foreign' transfers are pretty small though.
  5. I think it is our own fault inflating his cost all season. We should have set the bar far lower than '£50 million'.
  6. Some of the ones 'tested' in English football havnt been great to be honest. Pretty expensive too.
  7. I cant see us coming up with the demands Barnsley with have. They have money they don't need to sell. Meanwhile we are selling off any young player we have to gather a few coins together. Maybe if we find some change down the back of the sofa or crowd fund it but I don't see this happening.
  8. You wouldn't think he was on the pitch for less than 30mins based on those highlight reels. He will be a good player for us next season. Hopefully FL can find a few more gems in the lower leagues.
  9. Pretty sure Ross McCormack was even shorter odds to join us in 16/17 season but never did and it was a load of baloney. The bookies are not always right. Most of it is done by an algorithm anyway.
  10. Leeds and Millwall have to be up there as the most hated clubs I think. Fpr different reasons of course. Thankfully i dont know many Leeds fans but of the ones i dont most of them are pillocks. Forest we play every year so it has taken the edge off a bit. When the poisen dwarf was in charge though it was completely different. They are just a shambles now.
  11. I watched a few Cov games looks a good player. Reminds me a bit of Will Hughes. He doesnt seem a Leeds kind of player in my opinion. Worth a punt if we can get him on the cheap.
  12. We could easily take it too. Just need to rework the lyrics a bit haha.
  13. Rubbish game but i love that 'Allez Allez Allez' chant Liverpool have and Villa subsequently stole. Very catchy.
  14. No not bad at all. That season in the prem was painful infact The whole Jewell era was a debacle. Another season in the championship wont hurt us been here for 11 seasons can go again no worries. Surely Frank and co can only get better.
  15. There is a reason fans love players who will give everything for the club. They are a rare commodity and i feel they are very important. They are key for getting out the division. Keogh has been a fantastic servant and a bargain for £1mil hope he can take us there.
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