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  1. Off the bar then off the line from a Luton corner!!
  2. Luton just hit the bar. They are definitely not a good team for Rovram to play. They can match them all over the pitch and more.
  3. Maybe not but a Rush took a steady ship. Chucked a load of dodgy fuel at it and smashed it into the rocks. Leaving it floundering and discredited.
  4. The reasons are endless and many. But high manager turnover, poor recruitment policy and Sam Rush has to be it for me with a bit of bad luck thrown in.
  5. A day of days. Glad I will be playing cricket instead of watching this game. On paper Sheff Wed's have much the better team and if only for their points deduction the roles would be reversed. With us needing the win to survive. If going down means our club continues to exist with a rich chairman and no Rooney I do not think that is a bad thing. Big ifs though all round.
  6. Whilst a nice idea, no. A Rotherham loss means a draw will do Saturday.
  7. There are a raft of experienced players out of contract in the summer this year. Nathan Baker Britt Assombalonga Barry Bannan James Collins Tom Lees Adam Reach Sonny Bradley No saying of they are that good or even if we can afford them but there is plenty there. No one is coming anytime soon though. Best wheel Davies into changing room or hope CKR can do something.
  8. It's the hoof ball that's the worst. WR has turned us into agricultural hoofers. It worked for a bit but with Gregory out and CKR struggling try something different!! You don't have to kick your way up the league our players looked scared to keep it on the deck today. When we did we actually looked threatening. Why Joz and Roberts remained on the bench nearly the entire game I have no idea.
  9. The thing is he could have had 3 in the last 2 games. One cleared of the line superbly vs Stoke and one off the bar last night. He always came across as a bit of an enigma in his early days. He is the apitomy of a journeyman but with good reason if you care to read up on his experiences of racial abuse growing up. He is a real leader here though and willing to stand up and be counted. The right man at the right time imo.
  10. Colin Kazim-Richards Ibe back from illness Bielik fit enough for the bench Scored a goal And it was from open play Didn't lose
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