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  1. Before we get another 12 point deduction......... And pass them for a second time by Christmas.
  2. I doubt he will show his face around Derby any time soon if ever. He will go down in history as the bafoon who took the club into ruin. There is no malice involved like the three amigos. It's just sheer naivety, mismanagement and stupidity. That will be his legacy. If it was me who had done that to this club I would be beside myself.
  3. I guess with Stretton and now Baldock as our only recognised strikers we are going to have to learn to keep the ball on the deck.
  4. As it stands the likely starting 11 would be. Roos Byrne Forsyth Buchanan Williams Bird Shinnie Joszwiak Lawrence Watson Kazim-Richards
  5. Great seeing him back training on grass so soon. Wrap him up in cotton wool and keep well away from Rooney and hopefully he will be ready before Christmas.
  6. Well they might as well keep dragging pur clubs name through the mud.... Our reputation is already so discredited I think it will make little difference now. A sad state of a club.
  7. I can't see this happening. Really under embargo and with such a small squad we should not be selling anyone as they still take up a place in the player of professional standing right? You would be selling someone who we literally can't replace due to a technicality.
  8. I remember a time when Thorne was due back before Xmas 😔. Still waiting. Let's hope it doesn't affect him to much he is our only star player.
  9. Let's be honest he is our best attacking player. Probably one of the best players at the club as is the loss of talent over the past few years. Good luck to him for the sake of everyone I hope this makes him the talisman we all hoped he would be back in 2017.
  10. You can add Gareth Roberts to that list too. If they want it they can do a job at this level.
  11. This is a better year than anyone to make a claim for the 1st team. At this rate he will be starting with CKR up front.
  12. As things stand I expect we will get relegated. My hope is we survive relegation in a less stressful way than last year.
  13. No a bad fixture to have pre season. The recent ones of note I recall were Rangers and Villareal. Hopefully we can raise enough gate receipts from the Man U game to survive another couple of weeks.
  14. Yes there is plenty of money in the Premier league but that is the whole point of getting out of this division. Many teams come down and fall into mediocrity. We wasted our parachute payments and since 13/14 have failed to capitalise on anything. The door has been wide open several times but we failed to take the opportunities. Now we are further from promotion than we have even been since 20010/11 and that isn't because of the fortunes spilling down from the Prem it is through gross mismanaged by the board causing chaos both on and off the field.
  15. Free agents, loans and academy players. I can't imagine we can or should be spending money in the state we are in. It is possible to build a team with limited funds. I even remember when Malky Mckay got promoted in a similar fashion with Cardiff an few years ago. Not saying promoted but we could be competitive certainly.
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