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  1. kingsy1884

    Ipswich Town vs Derby County Match Thread

    Marriott is a massive miss.
  2. kingsy1884

    19/20 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    I am assuming we are not going up in my comments here. We are barely going to have a full 18 of senior players and a few are no longer wanted. See Anya, Thorne, Martin. You think this year was a rebuild the next one will be massive. Lamps has his work cut out.
  3. kingsy1884

    Injury watch

    King is a work horse at best not renowned for his creativity. Huddz and Wilson are the closest we have to a playmaker. I would have loved to have seen Lampards team with Will Hughes in it. Now that would be something,
  4. kingsy1884

    Ashley Cole is a Ram

    Pretty sure Ian Harte went playing into his late 30s in defense and Graham Alexander. Mainly for set plays i know but Full backs are defenders first. 6 month deal not sure much could go wrong. Get him in as a coach at the end of the season maybe?
  5. kingsy1884

    Southampton vs Derby FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match thread

    Get them off save their legs. VAR can do one.
  6. kingsy1884

    Southampton vs Derby FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match thread

    Clear and obvious yeah right...
  7. kingsy1884

    Looking on the positive side

    Jan and Feb are key months. In the last few years we have hoplessly crumbled at this point. We are hanging in there after some torrid games. Which is nice to see. I will be happy to just not crumble and go down to the last day as we have done previously. We do need some additions though to improve the team hopefully we can get them over the line soon.
  8. kingsy1884

    Rob Elliott

    Some competition for keeper places isnt that bad an idea. Roos isnt near enough to Carson to challenge. Elliot has seemed solid enough when i have seen him.
  9. kingsy1884


    Our fullbacks have been grossly exposed this season. He has done well when he has played. As well as he can anyway. The tactics make him look worse same with Wisdom. Leeds had a young full back starting one of his first games as a pro but beacause they play as a team and actually track back he was covered.
  10. kingsy1884

    Are our loan players really all that?

    Get lost. The loan players are carrying this team. This season would have been pretty bleak without them. God help us if we are in the championship next season as some of the dross thats left just isnt good enough.
  11. kingsy1884

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    The defense needs an overhaul. Midfield needs a few additions. Lampard has his work cut out. Especially as his hands are tied after years of mismanagement. Playoffs is the hopeful prospect this season but we are 6th best for a reason. This team needs investment but we blew all that years ago.
  12. kingsy1884

    Loan Return Planning

    These players dont grow on trees. If they go back they are almost irreplaceable in thier current guise. Hudson-odoi could do well as a replacement for Wilson. Thats about it really.
  13. kingsy1884

    v Norwich away (Matchday thread).

    Just hope we dont get battered
  14. kingsy1884

    Norwich Away

    This game is going to get messy of we defend like we have been.
  15. kingsy1884

    Is Lampard just a man in a suit

    Its a long hard road ahead. I dread to be without Wilson and Mount next season.

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