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  1. where are they now - Rob Hulse

    Whilst Commons was unplayable at times he often broke down but if it wasn't for Hulse we would have gone down. 15+ goals a season in a side teetering on relegation. I have massive respect for the guy.
  2. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Looking back the first goal was a poor one to conceed. Fozzy was too narrow and Jonno was not tracking hunt. I would question the selection of both those players as Olsson and Lawrence have done alright. Second goal was just a well place shot from 30 yards going through 3 of our players. We didnt have our shooting boots on today and possibly lacked a JR type player. But we were not smashed off the park and 2-0 is harsh. This team has much more solidity about it than previous seasons i don't feel a crumble coming on. Bring on Leeds.
  3. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Meh. I just hope we don't crumble lie previous year's. That is the true test.
  4. Too many draws?

    We probably stand a better chance of closing down villa than we did on closing down Burnley back in 13/14 season. This team has not been as good technically as that team of 4 years ago but they are hard to beat and pick up points eventhough we often get battered on an off day. I would rather be the hunter than the hunted. We just have to keep getting results and hope Villa slip up. They will slip at some point we just have to capitalise.
  5. Derby County F.C. v Norwich City F.C.

    I think Ledley needs to come back into the team. He is more positive than Thorne and George looked tired today.
  6. Derby County F.C. v Norwich City F.C.

    Now unbeaten in 12 games...
  7. Bomb Scare

    I normally stay but the game was secured yesterday after vydras pen. There wasn't much time remaining and i needed to get to a lodge in Lincoln so that's my excuse ha ha. It's all down to personal preference some just get so flustered when sat in traffic or busy situations. Overall i thought or fans were a bit flat last night i am not sure if it was the arctic weather that came in at half time or the fact the game was very one sided once the Brentford player was sent off.
  8. Johnny Russell - Signed for Sporting Kansas City

    GR is a magician. He will pull something out of the hat come deadline day.
  9. Kuzszack

    Prettt sure GK is the one position you can get a player on loan outside of the transfer window so i dont think a permenant player is necessary. If Carson gets injured there will be plenty of 3rd or 4th in line keepers who could be taken on loan i.e. Danny Ward at liverpool or legzdins at Burnley. Dont waste the money i say.
  10. v Ipswich (A) - Predictions

    Ipswich 1 - 0 Derby As usual. Ipswich get battered and chance their way to an awful win
  11. We're coming after you Wolves

    Cardiff 1.0 down now as well.
  12. Derby County v Ipswich Town

    Cant win them all especially Ipswich at home another hoodoo team. I hate it when we play Ipswich always know its going to be tough against Sam Eagle and his men. Still we are in a great position and I dont think we are out of 3rd gear yet. Getting Thorne fit will be important also does Bent get a look in soon we look a bit light of attacking options atm.
  13. Derby County v Ipswich Town

    everyone is getting booked for diving these days.
  14. PA System

    My ears are ringing even now. I thought i could tolerate loud noises but this is next level. I have to shout at the person stood next to me just so they can hear me. I didnt even clap the teamsheet either why bother with that noise.
  15. Fulham vs Derby County match day thread

    I would take a point all day. I hate craven cottage and fulham always show us up. If we get anything it will be a mighty success.

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