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  1. Didn't the articles about Cocu's post tactics suggest that he uses a zonal marking system? Is it one of those things that pundits just see as an easy thing to criticise or is it genuinely something that's almost always been a complete disaster in English football?
  2. Too many grubby bar stewards at the football for me to want to share a water fountain with them especially given how often the taps in the toilets stop working and how often there's no toilet paper! You rarely seem to find an empty soap dispenser though, funny that...
  3. I think this sums one aspect of Gary Rowett up quite well.... https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2017/08/rowett-discusses-new-look-dressing-room I sincerely hope that we had this all painted over as soon as he left!
  4. Haven't we already got bare Ram sellers? You see them on match day dotted around the stadium in little booths occasionally shouting "Programme?"
  5. Ignoring the good/ill bit... Stephen Bywater, who's signing I only knew about the day after it had happened and he'd already made his debut in a 2-1 victory away at Hull in August 2006. It was an early evening fixture and his signing was only announced a few hours before kick off, I'm pretty sure there weren't even any rumours or hints beforehand. I was over in Caldicott for a couple of days without access to the internet (phones+internet in 2006 = a practically useless combination) and had gone out on the piss for the day, so it was only when I saw the highlights the next morning on my host's TV that I knew anything of the result or any signings, so yeah, that was a surprise. I've got a nagging feeling there was a second player in the squad I didn't know we'd signed that day, but I can't think who it would have been.
  6. ..or according to the video Tamari and the bio Tomari, just like when he was here no ducker can spell it correctly!
  7. I liked the "....and a mention to Martyn Waghorn, it's a very short journey from Derby but, 4000 here today, I think the majority were from Derby" bit. Did Martyn spend the morning of the game going back and forth between Derby & Burton giving hundreds of fans a lift in his minibus or something?
  8. Let's be honest, Mackworth Ram's one and only claim to the ITK throne is stumbling upon the right day/time to say that an already publicised potential transfer was definitely going to be completed within a certain time period, something literally anybody could have posted. If he'd timed it wrong he'd never have been seen again. There was bugger all before that and there's been bugger all since.
  9. Number of match wining goals scored Tom Ince after 80 minutes? Two in 123 appearances. Number of match wining goals scored Tom Ince after 70 minutes? Three in 123 appearances. Good point, well made.
  10. I'm not going to see the bloody football though because I'm working 10:30-18:00 at the bloody Alex/Brunswick beer festival!
  11. 1) I felt your intiial post was a little aggressive tbh, I didn't like being accused of being in the wrong, hence the reactive post. No harm done. 2) Yeah, but that's what this entire thread is for! I wasn't angry at the time, or now, just a little exasperated at the cyclists stupidty and thought how differently and how much worse it could have turned out if was another driver or hadn't spotted her. The dashcam link just appears to be about 5 second loop of a cyclist riding on the pavement,, unfortunately.
  12. Anyway, here's another example of me being alert and patient. It's happened to me more than once but fewer than three times on the roundabout at the top of Lara Croft Way. It's people in the right hand (wrong) lane cutting across me in the left to go down Burton Road. First time it happened I had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting the and since then I've always kept an eye out for any idiot trying to do it again - the 2nd time I could see them trying to get the jump on me so very patiently waited for them to make their move before I bothered to even creep forward.
  13. What are you dribbling on about? You assume wrong, and if you think this was a case of me being 'an impatient driver' you're talking complete and utter baalocks. Quite the opposite, it's only because I was alert and not rushing that she didn't end up in a nasty accident. I'm not bothered about losing 5 seconds, I'm bothered about people acting stupidly putting themselves in the path of danger by not having a ducking clue what they're doing and having no road sense & potentially implicating me in a serious incident. I'm not talking about someone road trained, disciplined, in cycling gear and with protection I'm talking about someone ambling about with no care in the world who hasn't even looked at the traffic on an island before pulling out. We're not in Belgium or France. It isn't a cycle lane,, so you've really got no point there. She wasn't ahead of me, she came from my left, from the hatched area (which isn't a lane, and which she has no business being in) and pulled out on a car already on the roundabout. She wasn't already covering the exit as I approached, she rode in front of / across a car indicating to turn left She shouldn't have been where she was, plain & simple.
  14. Back to the roads, special mention to the incredibly stupid young woman on a bicycle at the Mickleover Court Hotel roundabout, completely oblivious to her surroundings and the possibility of there being cars on the road, who seemed to think it appropriate to dawdle about crossing over / blocking the exit (taking the route shown) so slowly that I actually had to stop and wait where the red car is below for 5 seconds for her to get out of the way...
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