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  1. Beer Thread

    Bottles of Mittenwald Jager Dunkel, Schlenkerla Lentbeer & Schneide Weisse Aventinus Eisbock (12% version of their standard Aventinus) from The Alex as part of thier Oktoberfest event (lovely homemade German-style Bratwurst, Krakauer & Kasewurst offerings) followed by a bottle of Odyssey Simcoe DIPA at home. An extraordinary evening of beer & sausages. Got talking to one of the guys at Ridgeside Brewing (Leeds), he also worked at The Alex in 2012 (ish) before moving over there and his brewery has been selected as the guest brewery (12 beers on) at The Dog in Burton's DOGtoberfest beer festival running from tomorrow until Sunday.
  2. Live games 2017/18

    Ledley taking all the corners despite Lawrence playing is a little odd. Ireland seem to have come to defend
  3. Live games 2017/18

    Wales-Ireland is live on the Welsh language channel S4C for those interested, Welsh commentary to boot.
  4. Tom Lawrence

    I've seen posts saying he's greedy and posts doubting his 'end product', but simply put he has not had the same opportunity to impress in the way another player was given, different team, different tactics, different emphasis. He IS occasionally too greedy, that's a fact, but he does get his head up and is aware of players around him, we just need to play a style that encourages BOTH approaches at different times rather than flip-flopping between one and the other. Lawrence could, can, and does put in more dangerous balls for his teammates in 3 matches than another player could put in for his teammates in 3 months, but for some it only seems to count as a positive if it directly results in a goal.
  5. Another Chris Martin Thread

    It's almost like football's a team game where a player's individual talent should be used to complement the abilities of those around him, rather than being allowed to override them. It's come to something when the manager who currently seems to best understand how to play Martin is Gordon bloody Strachan as opposed to our own club's manager, when 2 years ago we were bemoaning Strachan for doing with him exactly what it is our past few managers have done with him.
  6. Questions you'd ask Rowett

    If that was his response then I'd question whether he had his priorities in order. We've signed a non-priority luxury player before making sure we got the essentials in, and even before Huddlestone was linked there was Whelan, another player who would have taken up a large wage but struggled with the same demands. I know it's 'from the outside' but it looks like we've put the cart before the horse and we all know what the result of doing that is.
  7. Questions you'd ask Rowett

    If you knew money was as tight as it apparently is, looking back on our activity this summer would you still have spent £2m and 2 years of wages on Tom Huddlestone when it was apparent to many people that he wasn't a good fit for the type of midfield you were looking to create? Also, when he first started training with us you said he was "even better than we thought he was going to be" - do you stand by this comment now? Why can the team play well for 20 minutes at the start of most matches but spent the next 70 looking like we've been reduced to 9 men? Are they that physically unfit? Did they cheat on their summer fitness plans?
  8. FIFA 18

    PS4. I have since realised that they have tried to implement something to bridge the gap, called Guided Games. You use a token to enter a queue to join someone else's clam for a single mission with the 'promise' that everyone understands that newbies are newbies. These events look to require a LOT of coordination and talking though, voice chat is mandatory which is probably the main issue for me really. It's just not something I'm comfortable with even with this Guided Games thing.
  9. Our next 10 fixtures

    A maximum of 9 points gained, 20th in the table and looking over our shoulders; all of Rowett's clichéd motivational speaker quotes in the changing room painted over and replaced by a thousand maniacally scrawled lines of "too good to go down"
  10. FIFA 18

    You can microtransact silver to pay for items from eververse, or whatever it's called. The biggest problem with Destiny for me is the strikes, it's fine when it pairs you up with some randoms but Nightfall strikes and raids may as well not exist because they refuse to automatically fill up a team for you, I don't KNOW 2-5 other people sad enough to play games with any regularity and I find it impossible to communicate with strangers online in that context.
  11. What if

    What if I hadn't already generated and succombed to an inferiority complex by the age of 10?
  12. Craig Bryson - signed for Cardiff season long loan

    Haven't you heard? That was all his fault! Chris Martin the pariah. It was his fault we didn't win at Wembley, his fault for getting injured the season after, his fault that Thorne, Eustace and Mascarell all got injured too, his fault for daring to be the top scorer and creator in a season where Clement set us up to score as few goals as possible, his fault that Wassall cocked up his tactics in the playoffs, his fault that Pearson sent him away mainly as a way of making his mark, his fault that Pearson was sacked (influencing 'the clique" from all the way down in that there London), his fault that McClaren tried to bring him back, his fault for signing a new contract, his fault that he's not been playing under Rowett, and his fault that he's incredibly rusty from a lack of match practice. ...or at least that's what seems to be the thought process of a vast number of our idiot supporters, lining up to slag him off any time he enters the field of play.
  13. Beer Thread

    Is that a wetherspoons? That's the only place I've seen Resin. I'm in the new bar on Sadler Gate, The Dog & Moon. Drinking a Buxton Extra Coffee Guatemalan Porter. Unfortunately all I can hear is an early arrival from Birmingham yammering on. Where's Steve_brummie tonight!?
  14. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    People who count in hundreds when the numbers have reached tens of thousands. ie 5750 as "Fifty seven hundred and fifty"
  15. De Boer Sacked

    What's the reason? Dull football, or is he a pig to work with?

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