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  1. Absolutely not Utter filth! (Written) scenes of a sexual nature. Google would have a fit!
  2. Cocu wasn't a headline grabbing attempt to raise the club's media profile, so no 😉
  3. Rooney at Derby is just another one of those big, headline grabbing Mel Morris ideas which sounds clever, looks promising, but goes to absolute poo a year down the line. Sadly.
  4. The reasons weren't wrong, but they badly backfired. For all his faults yesterday Wisdom was trying to pass it out from the back quicker and more directly than Clarke does. Upping the tempo of our play IS something the management have highlighted as something they want to change. I'm not sure why they didn't just trust Clarke to adapt though. The problem wasn't the speed or tempo of Wisdom's passing it was the horrible accuracy. It's a weird one because there have been games where Wisdom's passing has been very good, clever short passes to players near him. It's when he's a
  5. Johnson leaving wasn't in itself a mistake. He was mostly terrible for us, however he became quite useful in the end because we needed someone in the middle with a bit of bite and battle in them and his opposition for this spot in the team was either Tom Huddlestone or Max Bird. He didn't exactly set the world alight for Blackburn last season either. It's not really about losing Johnson, who was and is pretty limited, it's one of his replacement being crocked and one of them not being quite good enough, leaving us in the same position we were when Johnson was previously elevated to
  6. Blaming Cocu for the recruitment team so far not managing to land their main striking target is laughable. I mean like, really pathetic and stinks of holding a grudge. Also if it's a loan, actually even blaming recruitment is a bit harsh considering they've done everything else right this season - you can't force other clubs to lend you their strikers if you haven't got the cash for a loan fee to speed up the process.
  7. Perfectly calm, just pointing it out. It doesn't matter if you're making a joke, it's still spreading.
  8. What was that I was saying about mistruths yesterday? Classic example right here.
  9. The entire football universe of 2020 disagrees with you
  10. I think you're deluding yourself if you believe that the squad of players we have is capable 'strong, direct' football. Whereas Reading's squad has been built for that for a while. The manager simply has to embrace that, there's nothing to change or develop. We have no strength or pace in the team, no runners, nobody who can physically impose themselves on the opposition. We get bullied every match. We're not going to turn from a team of to a team of and start pushing other teams around, especially with no hold up striker to cause defences a problem.
  11. Yes, which makes me partially responsible damn it, but hey even Hitler painted some nice watercolours in his youth! (well, not really, they're all a bit poo) Maybe Walliams should be seen and not heard!? That'd do me tbf. I just don't get his whole act and his voice does right through me.
  12. Anyone who's at any point contributed to the success of David Walliams and his presence on our TV screens
  13. Except for Same Rush, and Claire Ince ..but never again!
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