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  1. The last time I went into the cubicle at PPS I turned around to leave and there was some sort of art installation hanging on the door I don't know what statement the artist was trying to make?
  2. Tikki fire rum ice cream sounds amazing.
  3. Probably for the same reason Spain will be opening up their tourism industry but don't want people from the UK visiting until our figures improve.
  4. Overrated - everything! The most overrated are bands/artists who released one or two good albums 20, 30, 40 years ago and have done nothing of particular note collectively or individually since of any relevance, living purely on past glories. Whilst there's some debate to be had for quality over quantity, but it does somewhat mystify me that somebody can be described as a songwriting genius when it takes them 15 years to write and record 10 new songs. Underrated is a funny thing - I've looked through 3 pages of people naming bands/artists that are all fairly well known and/or have dedicated followings. If you name a band and the majority of people are familiar with their work, they can't really be considered underrated! The only truly underrated bands are the ones which have slipped past the general public's collective consciousness
  5. We're going to end up as the only European country with a second wave anywhere near approaching as bad as the first wave, aren't we? Too late to lock down, fewer control measures than elsewhere, a longer curve, a higher risk of damage to the economy forcing an easing of lockdown both weeks later than others and yet far earlier than we should really be considering given our infection rate. ..or I could just be a little drunk and fearing the worst.
  6. Did anyone actually expect a police investigation to uncover anything, or think that it was even a serious, detailed investigation in the first place? The only way they'd have realistically do anything is if they'd physically caught him in an illegal act or had irrefutable video proof. Essentially they've just said there's a lack of evidence, nobody has confessed to anything / broke rank under casual questioning and there's no point us looking into it any further. Hardly a surprise. Using the lack of action as a point scoring device seems a bit odd to me tbh.
  7. What he did is only a small part of the issue though. "What he did" could have been dealt with in a couple of days with quick action / response from the government. As we've seen in the past 3-4 years though, this government don't do much of anything quickly or decisively (unless it's to save one of their friends / donors paying out an extra £40m!) A vast number of people would have been happy for him to show some contrition (even if blindingly false), admit to some specific wrongdoing (not just "I have made mistakes, we've all made mistakes") and make a brief apology, regardless of whether he meant it or not. Yes there would still be some people refusing to let it go but as a whole people would have moved on to something else. ...but no. that's not good enough. Instead of doing what almost anyone else would do in that situation we get 3, 4 days of buffering whilst they work out a plan and come up with a story for Cummings to tell the world, all the while condemning the media reports as 'false reporting' (again, without ever stating what specifically is fake and what isn't) in the most hypocritical fashion possible when the story they've invented for Cummings could at best be described as cockamamie. However bad the media is (and they are), I think it's painting them as the enemy and liars of the piece that's lead to the story rumbling on and on. The whole remain/leave angle is only an addition to the story, not the story itself or the reason it's still an ongoing topic of discussion. I really couldn't give a stuff what Dominic Cummings and his family actually did at this point, but trying to take everyone for a fool afterwards has brought more shame on him, and Boris Johnson, than a 260 mile trip to County Durham ever could.
  8. Sadly a vote for anyone other than labour in the last election was as good as a vote for conservative. That's not meant to be a dig at your choices though
  9. Sorry, but I have to ask, is that a decision between shorts & trousers, or....?
  10. There are those times when they've made up their decision about an incident, get the chance to look at 5 or 6 replays and just repeat the same thing they said first time despite clear evidence they were talking nonsense, knowing it'll never get challenged. You can play a little game with yourself (no, not that one), try to spot the comments where they set themselves up to sound good on the highlights package.
  11. The biggest problem with RDR2 was the developers saying "Life as a cowboy was hard work, if we make even the simplest of things in the game a slog, it'll be more of an authentic and immersive experience", and people eating that particular line of ******** en mass declaring it the best game they've ever played. Nearly everything you do in the game is utterly pointless, but hey life is futile really isn't? YEAH! No, duck off. You criticise it, you get "well you just didn't 'get' the experience" or "clearly it's not the type of game for you, you just want everything to be fast action and easy victories" or somsuch poo. No, I just know a badly engineered sinkhole when I see one. Don't get me wrong, plenty will enjoy the experience but it is, was, and always will be a terrible game. I mean ducking hell, your main character dies and god knows how many years later you're playing as a replacement... who just so happens to have the exact same mannerisms, movement, skills (which actually have virtually no bearing on gameplay) and inventory as some bloke he had quite a vague relationship with years ago. I didn't finish the epilogue and can't think of a single reason to go back to play it. The original RDR was fantastic, RDR2 was not.
  12. None of which means their supporters will just accept things going stale and them eventually falling back down the leagues, unfortunately.
  13. I suppose it's as good an excuse as any other to get out before anyone starts criticising your lack of progress and fading hopes of ever getting back up to The Championship.
  14. Oh believe me I had plenty of bottles of that back when it was just known as 'Rum Cask Oak Aged Beer'. Tesco (& Sainsburys) used to sell 660ml bottles of both I think, £3 (£2.50 on offer) seemed quite a lot for a single beer back then, little did I know the wonders and expense that would come. Sainsbury's always used to have one special version per year in their Christmas range, I always stocked up on a few each year. They were ahead of the game, although they have been left behind in modern times in the 'craft' world.
  15. First 'flavoured' beer I ever had was Wells Banana Bread Beer, first time I knew that there were delicious, interesting or barrel aged beers, and other good ones above 7%,, was Innis & Gunn original, although back then I think it might actually have been properly barrell aged and not just aged on top of fake, flavoured 'barrel chips' Anyway, I don't care that much about its authenticity, I just know that it is responsible for my going down the glorious beery path I've been on for the past 8-10 years.
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