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  1. A Duck Cob

    Never heard anyone outside of Derbyshire misuse the words call/calling/called as much as some of you Belper/Kilburn lot
  2. Thomas Ince

    Absolutely not, raising a glass to your appreciation of the bigger picture 1 more goal and we've officially replaced our top scorer from last season!
  3. Cheese

    Is the next stage in his development learning how to open a Babybel without getting wax stuck between his teeth?
  4. RIP Cheggers

    Knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door at 7:30 am to tell god that he could win a prize just by answering 2 out of 3 questions correctly.
  5. Deco's when do you put them up?

    Does putting cards from neighbours in the mantlepiece count? If not, I haven't put anything up for at least 8 years. Christmas is for children, if you don't have any children who live at or visit your house then I don't see any need for them.
  6. Cheese

    Partial to a bit of Roquefort, straight from the packet, no accompaniment required.
  7. Barnsley F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    ...and what of the goal itself? ...and what of the goals themselves?
  8. Mr Brightside

    My desire to rid the world of Seven Nation Army has nothing to do with football.
  9. Goalkeeper’s distribution

    Can't agree with average at best. It's average (on average, for a keeper!) at worst. At best it's better than anyone else at this level as evidenced by that exact ball you mentioned. Nearly all other keepers at this level and a few above would never even see that ball as an option let alone be good/quick enough to play it. A lot of people are guilty of seeing that someone up top has made a run, but they aren't really judging whether ot not it was a good run, well timed, whether it was worth playing the ball to them or not - against Burton I saw Carson pick up the ball and run to the edge of his box a couple of times, I saw Weimann making a run towards 3 opposition players and Carson making the decision not play it - both times it was met with people criticising Carson for 'not seeing the pass' or 'being too slow' when really Weimann had made a run into a place where it would take a level of accuracy belonging to David Beckham stood at a dead ball to be successful.
  10. Goalkeeper’s distribution

    Do the stats actually even include thrown passes? It''s as easy for a keeper to boost his successful pass ratio as it is for a defender when they're just passing it between themselves 70 times per match, playing the safe ball. For me Carson is the best (GK) distributor of the ball that I've seen at Derby in the last 20 years, that doesn't mean it's right every time it just means that I can appreciate what he was trying to do. Grant was good with short throws but when kicking he was heavily reliant on that one long passs to Forsyth coming off, he didn't really take many risks and the way we were playing at the time meant that he didn't NEED to look at a counter-attacking option, so his remit wasn't the same. Sometimes Carson tries to play passes that you would expect a player like Huddlestone/Thorne to play, but when one of them doesn't come off you immediately get the "what the **** was that Carson?" shouts. He's a goalkeeper, there's a reason he's not an outfield player and yet there are some people who seem to expect him to be as creative as one! You should appreciate that he sees these things rather than criticise him at the times when his execution fails. It's very rare that I see Carson looked panicked yet whenever he plays a 'flat' ball the crowd themselves panic because they think it's going to be cut out, even though a lot of the time it's actually been weighted so well (as close as anyone but the top few other GKs can) that he knows the ball will reach his target no matter whether the opposition come within inches of cutting it out. Sometimes it's overhit but it's very rarely underhit. Again though, even a player witrh great ranged passing like Huddlestone play some outright bloody lousy balls! I also don't think I've seen many other keepers who seem so safe in the knowledge that a shot is going wide/over that they are comfortable standing and watching it go past the post and making no effort to save it. He seems to have that down to a fine art.
  11. Mr Brightside

    I think Seven Nation Army should be made illegal for public broadcast, never to be heard or spoken of ever again.
  12. Mr Brightside

    Upbeat? It's depressing, upsetting song about intense feelings of paranoia! It's not a bad song but there's bugger all about it that actually makes it suitable for use at a sporting event. It just doesn't fit at all, same as when there was a BBC Three documentary about a call centre where the manager said he keeps his staff motivated by playing 'happy music' and used it as an example - it's not a happy song! If I was working in a call centre and Mr Brightside came in I'd be looking for the nearest window
  13. Matej Vydra

    He's got 11 championship goals from 29 shots. That's not 29 shots on target, it's 29 shots total. To put that in context, Ince's record was 14 championship goals from 129 shots. Vydra's record this season is really quite incredible, especially if you consider that were not naturally that much of an attacking team. I think it's fair to say that we've more than adequately replaced our top scorer from last season, not by buying a direct replacement but by setting our team up in a different way to suit other players already at the club. Sometimes it appears that we are now set up to suit only Vydra but I'd disagree with that, even if the rest of his game isn't too good, because we've seen plenty of examples of other players missing great chances - we probably don't create as many as we have done previously (statistically) but I think we create BETTER chances now. Hopefully this also stops stupid people directly comparing Lawrence to Ince, different players, different roles, different system. Lawrence needs to up his game and I'm confident he will, but there's no reason he should be judged in the shadow of Ince.
  14. Thoughts?

    Choosing that photo to represent the 'beauty' of your home is equivalent to taking a selfie when you've been run down with the flu for a week and then using it as your profile picture on tinder.
  15. Pulis sacked

    Maybe he talked a good game in the interview, claimed that the only reason he played a certain way at his other clubs was because of the resources available to him, that without disrespect to Stoke, he had a more talented group to work with now and shouldn't be judged on his previous style... It was funny when Curtains said yesterday "Do you want Tony Pulis instead?". At the minute it feels like with got Tony Pulis in a ginger wig.

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