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  1. I think we're perfectly capable of finishing 12 points above the relegation zone as even with a few blips along the way we've achieved top 6 form under Rooney
  2. Has anyone tried watching his latest interview via the DCFC App? It's rather, um, interesting...
  3. This is a good example of our defence not being quite as mean as the lack of goals against suggests.
  4. Good god you know it's bad when even supermarkets aren't even willing to pay the new import costs to get certain beers on the shelves.
  5. The only major thing Bielik's really lacking in comparison is long-range shooting. I can't see him ever scoring goals like these
  6. Why are Arsenal so poor? Just watched the first half of their game against Southampton and thy barely got out of their own half. I've not really been following the fortunes of PL clubs, who actually plays for them nowadays etc, I couldn't tell you anything about 70% of the names I see mentioned.
  7. Coconut


    If I could applaud a post five times...
  8. Coconut


    You're just being ridiculous now. The whataboutery doesn't wash. Most 'professional' jobs are completely different to that of a sportsperson who has a contractual obligation to avoid situations where they're putting their physical health in danger. Keogh didn't act responsibly in any way, shape or form so reneged on that obligation. He was offered above and beyond what the club were obliged to offer him. The boo hoo poor Keogh routine is a joke. The club didn't want to sack Keogh, he forced their hand. You'd also be a massive hypocrite talking about "kicking people when they're
  9. Coconut


    ..except he wasn't sacked as a response to him taking part in the events of the night, the club's intentions were never to sack anyone but hand out a suitable punishment for the players' actions & the consequence of them. The club wanted to assist with the rehabilitation of all involved. It's Keogh's pigheadedness and lack of ability to take any personal responsibility for what happened to him that got him sacked. The bolded part is simply nonsense. If I rendered myself unable to work for 6 months through my own stupidity I wouldn't 'resign on the spot' I'd wait to see what the
  10. Coconut

    Paul Coutts

    How the hell is he only 32!? (obvious answer, he was born fewer than 33 years ago you thicko)
  11. The Wildhearts / All solo and other associated band works by Ginger Wildheart (the best, most consistent and most prolific English songwriter of the past 30 years)... Associated bands like Eureka Machines, Scott Sorry, Exit_International + so many more David Ford (second best UK songwriter), Alkaline Trio, Less Than Jake, Foxy Shazam, Tim Minchin Jim Bob of Carter USM, Frank Turner Meat Loaf if I'm feeling nostalgic, drunk & emotional. SImilarly The Get Up Kids perhaps (or perhaps not) Sonic Boom Six, Riskee & The Ridicule, Rancid sometimes, some Andrew WK stuf
  12. The best he can hope for is to become a double barrelled Bamford, like for instance a Complete-Bamford, an Utter-Bamford or an Absolute-Bamford Not may people around with such unusual surnames for him to marry though, so I guess he'll just remain a plan old Bamford.
  13. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-6770519/Derby-County-sale-cards-owner-Mel-Morris-seeks-exit.html "And, it is understood, there is also a so-far confidential personal matter that is persuading him to consider finding a new owner for the club." ..also I swear on my life it was mentioned in an article in the past year, I think it might have been on The Athletic or maybe it was somewhere discussing the EFL case, that he'd had a small operation/proceedure done. Can I find it anywhere online now? Can I buggery.
  14. Coconut


    Only if they're loyal to him, he doesn't have much time for people acting stupidly or dishonourably. Clough has strong principles, yes... but what that really means is he wouldn't stand for the appalling behaviour exhibited by someone in such an exalted position as club captain. He wouldn't even have a say on whether a player was sacked, he'd just bomb them out of the squad, have them training with the kids and stubbornly refuse to play them again.
  15. Coconut


    If he'd have done the decent thing and accepted a lower wage for a while, he wouldn't have been sacked. If anything we were too generous to him.
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