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  1. Favourite funny/witty player nicknames

    When do the funny/witty nicknames start being posted?
  2. World Darts

    Anyone got a spare £200 and feel like buying some darts machined to (vaguely) resemble a peregrine falcon? http://www.dartsnutz.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=28532
  3. Jon Toral

    Not only missing out on them, but missing out on them due to taking a position backwards to that which makes any sort of sense given their respective situations at their current clubs. On the face of it a bizarre way of trying to doing business which has backfired in double measure.
  4. Goal kicks where nigh on every player on the pitch stands on one side of it. I say 'nigh on every player' because there's always one player from the attacking team stood all alone on the opposite side of the pitch who'd be an easy out ball but who never, never ever, never ever ever gets given the ball!
  5. When players suffer a momententary lapse in judgement and sign for Nottigham Forest. Why? Why? Why?
  6. Jon Toral

    (cutting edge graphics, obviously)
  7. Euthanasia

    Maybe I'm missing the point of it but the entire concept of the post seems, dare I say, fatally flawed. There could never be such a thing as healthy euthasia because the second you have give serious consideration to prematurely bringing about your own end, the idea that you are 'healthy' goes out of the window.
  8. The new 67 plate and all it's possibilities for, errm, making you look pathetic, desperate and deluded that numbers look like missing letters. Some of the subs make no sense whatsoever. I did see a car with 2X NOB on it when out on a walk a number of years ago. Not really sure what they were trying to say. "This is my nob extension' perhaps?
  9. Derby County v Preston North End

    It's more than could be said 12 hours ago tbf
  10. U23's v Arsenal on Rams tv for free

    They had the advantage of being able to sub a couple of pairs of fresh legs on after 75 minutes, we'd been forced to make 2 subs by half time and yet we still should have won it with some better finishing.
  11. Confess your unpopular Rams opinions

    Tom Huddlestone is an absolutely useless defensive midfielder, his 'excellent range of passing' is in fact just 'excellent ranged passing', his short-mid range passing is at best average, and watching him attempt a tackle is like watching someone playing a FIFA game from 2012 when once you've pressed the tackle button he must go through with the animation/motions of the tackle regardlessly of whether he was anywhere near the ball or not and is subsequently taken out of play completely. If it wasn't for him having played for us as an 18 year old, and If George Thorne didn't have far fewer working parts to his body than he does to his game we'd never have even considered signing him, we'd have laughed at the idea. This was all obvious back when we beat Hull 4-0 under Wassall where Thorne's performance, even at 60%, put a declining Huddlestone's to shame. He's an awful signing based on nostalgia, reputation and desperation
  12. Confess your unpopular opinions

    I can't for the life of me see how a man can be sexually attracted to a woman who is significantly fatter than himself and vise-versa, and my first thought when looking at a lot of couples is "You surely can't be telling me that at any stage in this relationship you actually found him/her physically attractive?" I'm going to die a lonely, fat-shaming bigot ps I'm not saying it's wrong on any level, I just don't see it.
  13. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    The foul throw rule. Sure, there does need to be one to stop somebody encroaching the pitch or launching it one-armed (cricket style), because they'd be gaining an advantage. Neither of these things ever happen though. A foul throw at present though, is pretty much always simply A s**** THROW which is then punished despite having offered no advantage whatsoever to the throwing team. It's just nitpicking for the sake of it, and only ever really applied when the ref feels like he needs to prove he's doing his job.
  14. You can't have hit rock bottom yet, surely?
  15. Confess your unpopular Rams opinions

    Supporters who go 'wheeeeeeey' when they think the ball is about to go out of play from a bad pass only for it to be recovered by the opposition team in a threatening area are morons. Supporters staring/pointing/shouting at the opposition's fans whilst the ball is in play are also morons. Sitting (or standing, or squatting, or whatever) at 'an end' gives you a really s**** view of proceedings due to a poor depth of field and makes your opinions on the performance less educated and less accurate than that of those sat at the side with a better overview of the pitch. I may be overegging that third point for effect / blatantly trolling

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