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  1. Clarke is the new Forsyth. Confidence up and he's a good player, makes us a lot more solid from set pieces and can contribute well to our attacks. Confidence down, in and out of the team and he looks shaky and makes some crap passes, but overall we're still more solid. Give him a proper run of games in a more settled side and he'll be fine. Plus it hardly helps that a couple of his appearances have been with either Davies or Buchanan alongside him rather than Keogh and Malone. I liked/rated Tomori from the off (a few of his errors came about due to being manhandled by the opposition, refs ignoring some blatant shirt pulling) , but put him in that match yesterday at the same stage of his development and we concede from at least one of their corners.
  2. Derby 3-2 Cardiff Just for poops and giggles, FRGS Tom Huddlestone
  3. We're hardly going to let someone who's first name is an anagram of Forest take us over now, are we.
  4. Because he knows that if they're out of the cups and not in the top 6 by the end of November he'll get the sack, and maybe even if they are.
  5. ...which is in itself a meaningless stat without considering who the players making the numbers up actually are. I can't actually be arsed to analyse it further though.
  6. Mardarse You'll have forgotten all about this game when we win a couple.
  7. Nevermind the weather there'll be an electricity spike in the city of Derby tonight from all of the people sticking their washing machines on. So much bedwetting.
  8. Wasn't sure if you meant Subbed off or sent off!? Given its Sibley you may need to be clearer in future!
  9. Amateur defending from amateur players, not really a surprise. Despite doing OK in the 2nd half last time out Buchanan just isn't ready for this level, and he's not a left back. Adomah just benefitted from 2 players diving in and not standing him up.
  10. Wish Ed Dawes would stop bloody saying 'decked' every time a player goes down under a challenge, always makes it sound like someone's been fouled and/or punched.
  11. Not really all that arsed about this game tbh, well, not unless we win (not likely and not expected) or let in 5+ goals!
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