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  1. Yeah! Like in 2013/14 when he was the most fouled player in the league, because opposition players couldn't get near him and when they did couldn't win the ball off him by fair means so had to resort to fouling him. Then again, back then we had players moving around infront of him and giving him passing options, I'm so glad we put a stop to that though and made our principal tactic "do whatever you can to get the ball to Ince, then run away tback owards your own goal"
  2. You don't replace Ince, you take the proceeds and attempt to build a balanced squad where the goals come from all over the pitch, one capable of scoring 90 Championship goals in a season despite only 2 players getting into double figures. "Just like the team we used to have. (USED TO HAVE!)" Sadly, our recruitment policy has been to that pipe dream what global warming has been to the prospect of ever seeing a white Christmas again*. (*factual accuracy of this statment is neither researched nor claimed)
  3. YOu have to 'poke' their Facebook page, then they send you the link.
  4. Hold on, hold on, hold on! Why the chuff would there even BE a Celtic badge in an FA Cup sticker album? Or is that the point?
  5. ...because Rowett's an articulate man who will explain what he's done and what he's trying to do, with the club's best interests at heart. That will buy him a little more time with the fans, plus being former DCFC player usually helps. Pearson had the total opposite approach with an attitude to the fans and media (even the club conducted media at times!) of near total disdain.
  6. Aye, I really don't understand what there is to get wound up about.
  7. Hardly put a foot wrong in the past two seasons, a much more controlled player than he was prior to that having reacted in the best possible way to the Wembley defeat. If we sell him now we might well be doing so at his peak, which seems a bit of a stupid thing to do. That said, he still struggles against the more physical of opponents, and if there's one negative thing that you can summise not just from that day at Wembley, but looking across his whole time here, it's that he's not always the player to keep his composure at a time when others have lost theirs, which is something many would be looking for from their leader in such a crucial position.
  8. Should he be sold, we'd (hopefully) already have replaced Ince's goals with the return of Chris Martin. That and getting a full season out of David Nugent will be a massive bonus. On top of the goals he's capable of scoring himself, if Nugent (5) Vydra (5) Johnson (3), Bryson (3), Hughes (2), Russell (2) & Butterfield (1) all got 3 more goals each as a result of Martin bringing them into play then I don't think anyone would be complaining.
  9. The neccessity of going to sleep in order to wake up at a reasonable hour for work, just when you've got into the mood for a lengthy debate and know you probably won't be arsed to continue it in the morning, so therefore feel like you've lost your argument by default of needing sleep!"
  10. Do you know that for a fact? TBH if anything that makes me appreciate him even more. If you played Ince as a centre forward in a team where the manager's (Karanka's) philosophy was the ultimate exemplification of what Clement was trying to achieve here then I highly doubt Ince would have managed to score more than 8-10!
  11. Debateable Dawkins linked up with Forsyth, Martin, Hughes, Hendrick & anyone else successully for an extended period which was generally a productive period. Ince had a short spell there linking up with Olsson and Bradley Johnson - a tougher task admittedly, but I do think that because his major contributions there were setting up Olsson's goal against Forest and the lovely move in the impressive 4-0 win against Hull, and these were seen as big & memorable games, that his overall contribution is embellished. That said. I agree that Wassall deserves credit for playing him there, and that he looked a lot more natural there than in his other regular positions (because he didn't have to think about what he was doing) Bamford scored 8 goals for us as a bit-part player, often used as an impact sub, over half a season (21 appearances). The next season for Boro he scored 19 goals and made 3 assists (44 appearances) - 3 more goals but 3 less assists than Ince managed for us this season, and that was in a defensive team who didn't really score many goals. I don't know how many times Bamford played in each position, but I don't imagine they used him as a centre forward that often so presumably he played on the right a fair few times? He's been better than Vydra as a #10, but Vydra never was, never will be, and has never claimed to be a suitable #10 (if you take that to mean 'creative central attacking player, just behind the forward) so it's not really a valid comparison.
  12. Also, I'm fed up of reading the words "for a winger" Ince was not playing as a winger. Ince was playing (mostly) on the right hand side of a front 3 with a big focus on cutting in and having a shot. He spent more time in advanced positions and inside the box than a winger in a straight 4-4-2 setup would have, so the comparison isn't really valid.
  13. Six assists. 28 Championship players made more assists than Ince last season, and it isn't like he was putting twice as many on a plate for someone else to score who subsequently missed. It might be more than the rest of our players but in the grand scheme of things it really isn't that many. What the other assist makers can't compete with is the number of goals he scored. When you look at his direct contribution to number of goals scored (so basically goals plus assists) he had the 11th best record in the league.
  14. Warning: World's Worst Analogy time. Basing your team around Tom Ince is like having 10 dogs, choosing one of them to go on the longest walks, giving him all of the most nutritious food and giving him free reign of the garden to do his business, whlst barely exercising the other 9 and telling them to feed off the scraps that your chosen pooch occasionally drops while engorging himself on his own meals. 6 months later you look at your pack and find that the neglected 9 are subsequently undernourished, have **** all over the carpet and can't perform as well as the one who's fit & healthy, or to even half the ability you know they should be able to given their pedigree. Sell the 'top dog', feed the others more fairly and others will flourish.
  15. Staring at your willy all day won't make it any bigger!