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  1. Sadly all 3 are probably better than what we'll actually end up with!
  2. Please could someone lend me a time machne so I can go back 30 minutes and forget this whole nightmare!? I'd already edited the post before the old one was quoted, too 🤡
  3. Aye I know, cheers. I posted again immedately afterwards admitting to my error... on the wrong thread!
  4. There's no evident 'behaviour' to speak of unless they're going to start trying to throw the book at every manager who walks onto the pitch after full time to celebrate with his team/fans. There's complete video footage of him from the full time whistle onwards, he shakes everyone's hands and there's no sign of anyone being disgruntled with anything that's said at that point, so... Can only assume someone in the QPR playing squad has got mardy about losing and turned playground snitch
  5. A truly awful road for potholes, random bits of a curb jutting out and drivers going over the line to avoid both of these things, I can't even think why a cyclist would want to use it tbh. It's not as bad for leaving Mickleover as it is for returning, but it's cost me one lumpy tyre and a wing mirror in the past 5 years so I refuse to use it when coming home now, it's really not any inconvenience or hardship to use the Rykneld Way turnoff instead.
  6. Thought he was Absolutely Fabulous myself.
  7. I've spent a fair number of years being exasperated by Johnson, and yes I have at numerous points been perfectly happy with the idea of not seeing him play for us again. About 30% of his performances for us have been awful, 30% inadequate, 20% decent, 10% good and 10% impressive, but despite my frustrations with him I can't say that he hasn't played his part in turning us from a team who look hopelessly lost most of the time to one who look hopelessly lost only maybe half of the time! I do think though, admittedly as someone who does like to counter popular opinion, that a big part of the temporary upturn in my general thinking on him is as much to do with the people clamouring for Huddlestone to be back in the team as much as it has been for his own performances. The idea that because Huddlestone is a good passer of the ball it means he controls matches from deep is a bizarre one to me, because all I see when he plays deep is that he's playing the same passes our CBs are capable of but 3 passes later in the move. I almost hate saying it, but I think Johnson is better for our overall team performances than Huddlestone, even with his occasionally shitty passing (Huddlestone has been equally guilty at times) and his tendency to dither on the ball and lose it (Huddlestone has been equally guilty at times...) I think what I mean is that Huddlestone occasionally offers some pretty passing, but it's rarely defence splitting stuff and the number of allowances that you have to make to get what you want from Huddlestone now actually outnumber the allowances you have to make to get what you want from Johnson, and they most defnitely can't be played together, so, what do you choose? The lesser of two evils perhaps. I'm glad Johnson is out of contract, I'm disappointed Huddlestone has a new one. I suppose I'll have to pin my hopes on Shinnie, if he even signs, but I haven't seen enough of him to know why.
  8. 'Best efforts' was really only one incident though. For the first 70 minutes he was probably our best player, the only one who consistently tried to do or did the right thing with the ball and the only one capable of moving up the field with the ball and not immediately losing it.
  9. Exactly this, the only direct impact the defender's intervention had on the situation was whether or not Bogle was on his feet or on the floor, anything else isn't relevant. a) The defender does nothing, Bogle gets the ball in a great position. b) The defender slides in, gets the same touch on the ball but doesn't touch Bogle, Bogle gets the ball in a great position. c) The defender slides in, gets the same touch on the ball, but takes Bogle out in the process...? Clear penalty.
  10. I'd get behind him if he was walking the plank? I want to like him, but I'm fed up of making excuses for him.
  11. Which Sky 'slang for penis' was it who campaigned (successfully) for one of our players to be banned for a (not) elbow around 2004-2006 in a televised game? I'm thinking Gary Birtles as the commentator, I'm thinking Darren Moor as the player? It's a bit of vague now, but I remember the situation at least. Saying situation makes me think of Billy Davies and the way he always pronounced it as 'city-ation' which may be skewing my memory.
  12. The noise when we were awarded the penalty was brilliant, like that bit in Steve Bloomer's Watching when it goes "...and hear that mighty roar" followed by the crowd noise, it might actually have been the loudest cheer I've heard from Derby fans since Stephen Pearson's winner at Wembley. ....but for some bloody reason I'm too bloody cycnical to have properly enjoyed it. All I was thinking was that, yeah it's great that we've temporarily moved into the playoffs but so what, even if we're there in a few games time we're still likely going to have beat one of the teams (Leeds/Villa) who've collectively got a 12-1 aggregate score against us from earlier matches either over 2 legs or in a one-off match, so what's the point in celebrating it? I think the point of supportership (is that a word? Do I care if it is or not?) is lost on me, that said the only time I've ever left a game early is the Coventry beamback at PPS when we lost 6-1 and the whole thing was displayed on a single small screen in the middle of the pitch with a single camera recording from near the corner flag! Christ, we've seen some depressing things during our supportership.... still don't care. Drunk.
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