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  1. Coconut

    Watchable telly

    After Life is to Netflix shows what RDR2 is to gaming, enjoyable but massively overrated and nowhere near as deep or interesting as it thinks it is. I didn't feel it offered any real insight to the mind of someone who's suffered such a personal loss and a lot of it felt like it had been written by committee and hit on a few too many obvious/standard emotional manipulation tropes, almost like there was a brainstorming session asking "What do we think people in this situation would think/feel/say" rather than drawing on any deeper, more personal experiences. I don't think Gervais' character was particularly three dimensional. We're told he's a good man, a very nice man through videos made by his dying wife but that's the point, we're TOLD it, we never actually see it - the only thing we're really shown of his life with her is that he loved to play (generic, borish, annoying) practical jokes. To me that doesn't show character depth, it shows that he was always a bit of an ********, and now he's being.... an even bigger ********? So again we're just relying on her word. He bought her a dog though (probably one of the biggest, most basic plays of audience manipulation), so he must have been a great guy deep down? Nah, I don't think so. The only time it ever really got dark was when he gave the homeless character 'enough' money, the only moment when I thought "Oh, this went deep, I want to see the rest, how dark it can get?", but it was pretty much brushed aside within half an episode. I suppose it would have to be, because it is a comedy show, afterall, but the problem is it's just not that funny. Because there's not any real depth there's no real reason to invest in the character - essentially you're just watching Ricky Gervais playing Ricky Gervais saying slightly outrageous things. Nothing new there. It's not particularly clever either, there's one scene where they're in the newspaper office discussing whether God exists and it falls back on "If God created everything, who created God?".... seriously? Is that supposed to be an example of clever writing? It's primary school level discussion. Don't get me wrong, it was an enjoyable watch, but nothing to go crazy about. I think ultimately the message it was putting across was quite basic, quite simple, but positive and worth taking on board. That doesn't make it an outstanding piece of work though.
  2. Are those the extra-lubed ones?
  3. It really doesn't, a ridiculous point. That's like saying that being a criminal psychologist means you must be criminal scum.
  4. A pathetic, aggressive man ruining his life for the sake of landing a feeble, glancing, blow on a footballer that was felt for literally no more than his 15 seconds of fame & ultimately spurrred on the opposition team to victory. Pure schadenfreude. There's nothing wrong with finding some entetainment in the incident knowing that it just ends with a little fat man in a poo hat trying and failing miserably to prove how much of a 'man' he is. There's no need to be po-faced about it after the event, knowing how it all plays out. Nobody thinks the act of running onto the pitch and assaulting someone is funny. If you were watching it live you wouldn't think "haha, look, that man has ran onto the pitch, this is hilarious, I hope he lands a good punch on somebody!", No actual harm has been done, and maybe Grealish will learn that no matter how much skill you have the way you present yourself matters, tone down the goading antics, gobby on-pitch attitude and just let his ability do the talking. All actions have consequences. "What if he had a knife?" Well we wouldn't be talking about the same incident, would we? The reaction would be totally different. You could ask "what if" and present the worst case scenario about absolutely anything. What if the Leicester chairman's helicopter had crashed on the day it delivered the ball into a stadium full of fans and he'd killed hundreds of people instead of hours after a match into an empty car park? It's irrelevant to what actually happened.
  5. Fun to watch though, a comically bad punch too. A bit of light relief compared to seeing a bloke punch a young girl in the face and run off, witnessed from a bus stop in Derby last night.
  6. Pot bellied 4 foot nothing man in a poo peaky blinders flat cap decks future millionaire gobshite shocker
  7. Coconut

    Ex Rams

    Fun fact, we've never, ever played Wycombe Wanderes in a competetive match. Not sure about friendlies.
  8. Coconut

    Beer Thread

    4-5 years ago, maybe. I used to watch all of his videos when I was first discovering the wonderful variety in the world of beer - it was just before the craft beer explosion, when most breweries weren't releasing about 8 diferent beers a week and it was easier to keep track / note down the ones you wanted to try. His videos served a purpose back then. He became a bit of a parody of himself though, did some really weird 'comedy' videos which were just bloody awful. Last year he lost pretty much all his credibility when he did a series of reviews from Greene King HQ, reviewing various beers of theirs in the company of brewery employees / the brewers themselves and giving inflated scores and reccommendations to beers which he'd usually have made entire vidsos slagging off. The bloke's a shill who's opinion can now be bought, maybe he always was?
  9. Maybe it's a West Brom thing, you could probably put Chris Brunt in the same list. Chris Brunt is also a great spoonerism for a poster no longer with us.
  10. Coconut


    Best thing one of mine ever got was a mole! I hadn't seen one in person before and haven't since. There was once a squirrell, but honestly there's no chance they actually caught it without it already being half dead, a healthy squirrell is far too clever to be caught by a cat.
  11. Just as horrible to watch and play against as their first team. Big men up front, big men at the back, functional football, nothing pretty, bully the opposition and look to get lots of crosses in.
  12. We reserve it for when we play against teams with big bar steward CBs. Did you not see us hoofing it up to Waghorn against Milwall, ignoring him every time he came short for it and refusing to play it into his feet?
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