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  1. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Warnock hasn't got a leg to stand on accusing others of trying to get a game abandoned when circumstances don't suit. He must be forgetting his part in this disgraceful match www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/battle-bramall-lane-albion-sheffield-8855022.amp
  2. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Kevin Bacon
  3. Boring Sports

    Boxing isn't boring in the sense that it usually doesn't last very long and there can some be high drama, but every piece of 'big fight buildup' = boring macho *****. Interviews, trash talk, weigh-ins, videos of fitness regimes, whatever, all of it, big boring ********. Utterly tedious. I'll save my rant about what an archaic, flawed sport that should have been left in the dark ages where it belongs is, and how hypocritical the outpouring of grief from within boxing community is when a fighter dies after a match is for another day. Some say that horse racing is the Sport of Kings (it's not), well boxing is the Sport of ***** (Mike Hunts)
  4. Jordan Graham

    Don't be too optimistic, we'll coach it out of him and he'll be kicking it straight into the shins the nearest defender in no time.
  5. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    I'd happily see Bradley Johnson turned into glue. Edit: Come to think of it he'd be pretty **** as glue, given he's incapable of sticking to his man
  6. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    I can't have any faith in a team that starts with the Huddlestone/Johnson DM pairing. Playing Bradley Johnson as a DM increases the chances of you losing the match by about 80%
  7. First pubs visited

    Probably the only pub mentioned in the thread so far that's still open.
  8. Jorge Mendes

    Where the comparison falls down is that while we've spent a lot of money (and unfortunately rather poorly) the player's we've bought have all been available to an open market. Even bringing the whole Wasserman thing into the argument, none of the players signed would have been unavailable to other Championship clubs. If other clubs had the financial means to pay the transfer fees and wages then there would be nothing stopping them (aside from common sense) spunking £6m on Bradley Johnson. We're an upper-mid Championship level club who have signed players of (supposed) upper-mid Championship ability . Yes we've spent more than others but it's all been (just about) within our means, and if we do break FFP we'll be punished for it. Meanwhile, no other team in this league would have been allowed to sign the players Wolves have signed, nor would these players have even considered signing for a Championship club under any other circumstances. Wolves are buying/loaning/whatever from a closed shop, and that's why it's an issue that needs looking at.
  9. We are a joke

    Simple statement but true
  10. If only .......we had beaten QPR

    If only I wasn't born in Derby
  11. If only .......we had beaten QPR

    If only we hadn't spent £6m on the worst midfielder to play for us since at least 1995
  12. Jorge Mendes

    ...and all of those companies diligently filling in their tax returns are just jealous of the companies using tax avoidance loopholes, no more no less
  13. Picture where you are now

    Bang(er) on.
  14. Picture where you are now

  15. Picture where you are now

    The building consigned to a smudge in the back of the picture is the third tallest building in the European Union

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