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  1. Strange month to decide to stop taking season ticket money though isn’t it if they’re scratting up to pay wages?
  2. Feel like I can’t envision the day that this is announced
  3. Without dishing out any facts I’d probably say Derby’s finances make them one of the most complicated business’s in the football pyramid. The MSD loan, the stadium, the ongoing court appeal, the fact that a betting company are paying the wages of our star player turned manager - all tricky situations no doubt. No surprise they’ve got work to get through to get it done. Also - they’re the issues that are out in the public - who know what else was lurking in the closet.
  4. Every time I see this thread bumped I’m praying I don’t click and see Man City preparing a bid #lovecolin
  5. But can he do it on a cold Wednesday night away at Gibson’s Middlesbrough?
  6. If we’re being right they shouldn’t have bought any players for transfer fee’s this summer until us fans had been refunded the money we’re owed. I would HATE for that to happen, but it wouldn’t be accepted in other walks of life, would it? It’s like your mate owing you £200, not paying you back, then going out and buying a Ferrari
  7. Shows how incredibly easy this market can be influenced
  8. Been told by a trusted friend (not ITK but he gets snippets) that Xabi Alonso’s name has been mentioned as someone Interesting Derby. Asked for a request a bet from Skybet on Twitter and they’ve instantly put him on at 25/1 haha
  9. There’s something about him that fills me with zero confidence. Glad I’m not the only one
  10. Quite gutted for the man. So desperately wanted him to succeed. Don’t want to take this off topic but if we’d somehow managed to keep Chris Martin, this would’ve all been different. Just my opinion, but one I believe strongly in
  11. Not sure we’d want to be switching formations that often if it can be helped? Usually a sign it’s going wrong. Can already do this with Evans also if fit
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