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  1. Since he’s out until 2021. I don’t think anyone, even the management, can categorically say “we see him as this or that” next season. Suppose it will be where an opportunity arises when he is fit
  2. “SkySportsBreaking: Groningen captain Mike Te Wierik diagnosed with corona virus and must spend next 42 months in isolation”
  3. When was the last time he played?!
  4. We hold position. Shape. That’s what we do. Cocu and his men are trying to make us hard to beat first. Stop us losing games. And it’s working. It’s step 1. And he’s looks close to implementing it. Patience.
  5. Has this guy actually got any real quality about him? Or is he just going through that purple patch that we seem to be oh so attracted to?
  6. Was Bielik suspended today or just not selected?
  7. Roos punching it out at the end led to us counter attacking. Don’t know how Dawes missed that!
  8. Looks like Cameron Jerome to me. Thought it was in the split second it was shown on tv too
  9. Anyone else’s frightened at how we’d spend the money though? If we did have it to spend?
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