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Sky Tv v Virgin Media


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Both at full price are very expensive - obviously with Virgin you lose the ability to have Sky Go on phones, computers or iPad. Personally I've only had Sky for 2 years and only because I got it for half price.. When my current yearly contract is up in June I will cancel again and wait for the half price 'come back to us' offer. If it doesn't arrive I'll just get access via phone to Sky Sports for £10 a month.

I've had broadband via Virgin for 12 months and it's ok, occasionally signal is dropped on the wireless router. I will be cancelling this in August as currently paying around £29 pm for phone & broadband and never use the landline (don't even know the number)

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I'm on (a) Virgin and they're pretty good. Excellent broadband and decent service. The main selling points for me are i can get Sky Sports for a few months at a time (winter) then cancel again and as much as Branson is a c0ck, he isn't Murdoch.

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