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Former players you would have back?

Mary Hindge

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Gianfranco Labarthe Tome.

Ruben Zadkovich.

Bob Malcolm.

Nicky Hunt.

Just a few players where I'd rather teabag a beartrap than see them in a Derby shirt again.

All these players we've let go since 2000, only a few dozen or so have left and bettered their career after a poor Derby one. It's so grim.

6 posts in and everyone's pretty much mentioned all the players I'd have back.

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Claude Davis Craig Fagan Gary Teale Giles Barnes Marcus Tudgay Adam Bolder Lee Camp Rob Earnshaw

I know you play FIFA pal so would you like to explain how the players you have mentioned get into the Derbyteam on FIFA? ;-)

Thank you everyone I'm going to go and add Tito and David jones, thank you for all other suggestions but no thank you!!!

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