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Chisora Haye Brawl


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Chisora is a joke.any self respecting promoter wouldnt touch him with a bargepole.He is second rate at best and relies on controversy to get his name in the papers.Haye isnt much better either.

Boxing is becoming a cheap farce that is getting more expensive to watch.

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Pathetic, wannabe ghetto boxers threatening each other with guns and their entourages.

Never been into heavyweight boxing.

It's amazing how cowardly and treacherous boxers, especially heavyweights, can be. You would think their attributes would make them confident and self assured. However, they brag, lie, cheat and hide from anyone who poses a threat to them. The best boxers never fight each other, and when they do, they do anything to avoid getting hurt. This latest incident is part of a circus. It's no better than a Jerry Springer show. All 'hold me back' and no knickers. Ban 'em both for life and save unsuspecting punters from wasting their money. Oh, and stick 'em in prison.

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