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Chris Beardsley

Matt Carbon

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Hi all,

Heard a rumour from a completely unsupported source... so I am not backing it to be true...... but thought I would share non the less, for everyones opinion.

Allegedly Chris Beardsley from Stevenage is going to be one of Clough's targets this Transfer window.

Wikipedia says he used to be a trainee at Derby and has done the rounds since then.

Anyone heard similar?


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I doubt it to be honest, he is from Derby but he averages about 1 in 7.8 according to wiki, that is for a striker who was playing non-league and then now in league two.

I wouldn't be disappointed with the signing on the basis that he would never get played, but it would be a ridiculous one in my opinion

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Chris Beardsley is a mate of my sisters boyfriend, and hes heard nothing of it haha

Fair enough. I would be very surprised if it happened to be fair but these rumours all start somewhere!

Either that or he hasn't had the phone call yet... Mr Glick leaving it late in January again... he will probably get to work 4th, maybe 5th February.

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