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Legends Match Eng V Wales


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Anybody going to this game?? Would like to have gone but I cant make it. Money raised goes to John Hartson foundation. Never used to like Hartson when he was playing, but listening to his interview on RD Derby yesterday, what an amazing and inspirational guy he is. Started with testicular cancer and then spread round his body, 77 sessions of chemotherapy. Hope he gets a good turnout and raises a load of money.

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Yeah, I'm going with missus and her family.

When she got the tickets she asked what stands are available and they told her east stand.

So either it's sold out or theyre trying to pack people together for the telly?

Is it on sky or summat?

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Only East Stand open for it. Had tickets for West Stand, but turnstiles closed.

Got given a new ticket by a steward.

From what we were told 6,000 there tonight, East Stand half full.

Really disappointing... tele kiled the attendance.

My tenner went towards the big mans charity anyway! :D

ps. the game was sh*te, but Calzaghe was quality!

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