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The forum will be moving to a new server, I've pencilled it in after the Palace game on Monday 21st March. The forum will go offline for 12-24hrs, the actual process of moving the forum will only take around 10mins although the domain takes longer to point to the new server.

No members (unfortunaltly), threads, posts, stats etc. will be lost, it's just a simple case of transferring files from A to B. Reason for the move is with 120k+ hits each month we're reaching the limits that the host sets, I've been given a friendly hint hint that we should move.

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Might as well throw the bourbons, no point even packing them, nobody eats them.

Yep, get rid of those. I make a mean batch of cupcakes with piped buttercream if anybody wants one :D just name your flavour

ps - no forum for 24 hours?? God, Davs going to be hell to live with - we'll have to talk to each other!

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Bumpy bump, don't forget tomorrow the forum will be moved. If it's quiet late on tonight I might do it then, although this depends on a few factors. 1) How much beer I've drunk

2) If the missus is in the "mood"

3) If i can be arsed

4) If only 1 or 2 are online at the time

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