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Nigel at Swindon Game Tonight


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I think that would be more realistic than Austin

I think not, Dale Jennings will be one of the best players in England in 5-6 years if things go well for him and he doesn't get too 'up himself'.

His price tag will be massive.

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Both Jennings and Austin have been watched by Championship and Premiership clubs.

I just think at this moment in time Jennings wouldn't command that high a fee which would make Derby interested, whereas Austin is going elsewhere with a number of clubs wanting him, which will escalate into a bidding war in which I can't see our board wanting to be involved with, especially if we are getting Waghorn on loan and Sammon in from Kilmarnock

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You've been playing to much Football Manager 2011 Alex :D

I don't own it! I didn't want to get it as i'd never get any work done :p

Plus i'd heard it was alot easier, which is no good at all.

I've been to watch Jennings myself this season, very good player.

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