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  1. Removing Cocu was only the first hurdle. As others rightly point out, this rot will take a while to shift. Personally, I think we’re nailed on relegated, simply because we don’t have any goals in us, by the time we can fix this it’ll be too late.
  2. Why stop there, let’s experiment with cocuball all the way down the pyramid, it’s got to work somewhere, right?
  3. This is why i fear it’s going to drag on and leave us in more of a mess, if that’s even possible. It needs resolving now so the new manager can get to grips with the squad and knock this rancid style out of them.
  4. There comes a point where it’s not wise to continue though. Simple because a league one destined club is worth less than a top 10 championship one.
  5. He watches every game, do you blame him 😂.
  6. Agree, but right now the only roll of the dice is to sack him. We can’t sit here and risk going down because the senior may or may not be contributing, it’s the manager’s job to deal with that.
  7. He should’ve gone the week after this thread started. It’s patently obvious he’s not got the skill to get players grafting in this league. Unless you’re working with a set of exceptional players this is a must!
  8. We’re sleep walking into league 1
  9. I’m not for Mac3 but, as a stop gap to steady ship until we get sorted off field, then it’s looking like a must.
  10. For the love of god. Sack the clown!
  11. I may be behind but didnt we establish this person to not be a royal?
  12. How have we resolved the issues that prevented previous attempts of a takeover by this consortium? I feel particularly uneasy at the EFL signing anything off, they do not act in the best interests of any member club; Charlton, Wigan etc highlight this. So are we relying on Mel’s judgement and what does this amount to?
  13. The premiership merry-go-round will fire up soon. However, I’m not sure about the likely castoffs. Bilic? Dyche?
  14. The players we’re bringing on are laughable.
  15. He’ll only bring a defender on anyway.
  16. Beyond me how you justify keeping Cocu on. Those players are capable of more, that’s his problem. The inexplicable chopping and changing of formation may well be Rooney inspired but even so, he should be able to muster something that looks better than this. Those players don’t want him here, he needs to be gone before we’re in a irrecoverable position.
  17. Get the investors in and get this disaster of a manager out.
  18. Patently obvious the arrangement with our creditors dictates so.
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