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A settled side


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I argued in another thread that I believe Cocu is still learning about his squad and about the Championship.

Certain factors have meant us losing players but injuries have opened up opportunities for the likes of Shinnie, Martin and Paterson.

As I said, it wouldn't be the first time that chance injuries and suspensions helped a manager find a settled side that just clicked. I think the classic case was Bobby Robson's England in 86, after losing Wilkins and Robson.

We're probably all agreed that we'd benefit from a settled team and, finally, we're heading that way. The final piece in the jigsaw, for me, would be the goalkeeper.

Until Rooney arrives and players return from injury, I'd settle on 4-2-3-1:


Bogle Davies Clarke Lowe

         Bielik.         Shinnie

Holmes.     Paterson.  Lawrence/Waggy


I'd love to get Marriott in there but....how?

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15 minutes ago, Rampant said:

Could Martin be effective in the #10 role if we put Paterson wide? That could allow Marriott to play up top.

I think you'd still have Martin furthest forward, holding the ball up, then have Marriott, Paterson, Waghorn or Rooney work around him, running past him, for the flicks and passes through.

Not sure about Paterson wide... We have a lot of players who seem to play better more centrally in the #10 role. He's one, Lawrence another, Rooney...

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bogle Davies Clarke malone/lowe


       Dowell     Shinnie 


          Martin Marriott 

i cant see it happening but we need to be much stronger down the middle whilst carrying a threat

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Good thread this. I mentioned before the match about unnecessary changes by cocu. Didn’t matter today of course, but I really don’t think they’ve helped us build any form of consistency. Sometimes it feels like we start to see decent partnerships, then they’re broken up for no apparent reason. Almost like the team sheet is drawn from a hat. Think if we’re going to have any success This year we need to stop fiddling too much with the team, so that we can build a defence that knows each other so is stronger, and an attack with players who know each other’s game so are more fluid. Obviously injuries to important players haven’t helped thus far, we really haven’t been lucky in that respect, so let’s hope our luck changes in that going forward. Clearly I don’t mean there should never be rotation, players will tire/ have bad games and rotation is needed in those situations. But we should still have a core of the team to build around imo that doesn’t change too much, that’s a key to success in my view. 

Difficult to say what my “first choice” team would be that we build around. I’d have a 433 though not a 4231- while the latter is useful for tough matches, I think we should be more positive in the main. Maybe something like...


Bogle Davies Clarke Lowe


Holmes Shinnie 

Waghorn Martin Paterson

Think to that we really need to add a goalkeeper and a centre back or even two as a matter of urgency in January. Otherwise that team isn’t too bad.

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8 hours ago, Millenniumram said:

Think if we’re going to have any success This year

I'm as frustrated as anyone that we've not returned to the top division for so long, but I'm ok with yet another transition year. This, because I can see the long term plan with Cocu, to build a team sustained with academy players.

That contradicts what I was asking for, i.e a settled team. We're safe from relegation, so why not rotate, blood more youngsters, try different formations?

But then, I look at the table and think, you know what we could make the play offs.

Argh! ?

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