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'It's a long season'

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13 minutes ago, Smyth_18 said:

Then you don't have emotions so you won't be arsed if we win or lose.

How dare..... you’re right I feel nothing 

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10 hours ago, SK47 said:

I actually think we are in for a pasting on Friday 😬

based on recent performances I would agree, but for no other reason than we are due a win, I feel we may beat Cardiff  

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8 hours ago, richinspain said:

You could wear slip-ons😉

well in that case, I value my slip-ons🤣

and no im not going bare footed🤣🤣

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I think for the sake of restoring confidence and momentum, tonight’s is a game we have to just dig in and find a way to win.

We win it and knowing us, it will probably set the tone for a good run.

Anything else and 5 games without a win in the league becomes 6. The longer that run goes on, the more difficult the games that follow seem to look, especially when you are in a rut and the archetypal ‘confidence team’ like we are.

Cardiff, Birmingham and Luton at home and Charlton and Barnsley away are all winnable games when we are on song, but it depends. Will we see a different team to the one that closed out August?

We are capable of winning 5 out of the next 6 and we are probably just as capable of making hard work of them too.

It will be interesting to see if Cocu has benefited from the international break and got the players more accustomed to his demands.

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Gentle reminder. If we win our 2 games in the next week, we will be on 17 points. Exactly the same as after 11 games last season. Even if we lose one we're still very close.

Anybody who decided that our season was over after Tuesday's antics needs to give their heads a wobble.

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I was looking at the league table this morning, we have drawn 5 games of which 4 could easily have been wins which would put us joint top! Also only 2 defeats, same as Leeds...season isnt as bad as people have made out. 

Of the 5 draws so far - 

Swansea - Waghorn missed a pen

Stoke - They missed a sitter but Waghorn missed a 1 on 1 late on

WBA - Waghorn missed a pen, their pen was a dodgy decision

Cardiff - We should've had a pen just before their pen. Waghorn also missed another 1 on 1

Leeds - Only 1 of the 5 we were actually lucky to draw


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