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Couldn't find the old thread so here goes....

What next for UKIP - following Brexit and their on-going internal collapse?.

I'm curious as to how they position themselves now - if they survive their current issues?.

They started off as right of the Tories but were then credited with stealing voters in traditional Labour seats on an anti-immigration platform. Now that Brexit is happening, are they going to go away; shift back to the right; become little more than a pressure group moaning about immigration & Brexit not being "hard" enough?.



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Theresa May made a clear line for UKIP voters in her speech and with Farage stepping down and a no-name taking his place I can't see them becoming a credible party. They were a one-issue party (no one seriously voted for them in terms of working rights, NHS etc) and now that's been achieved they have no real draw to them. They've fulfilled their purpose really.

There was talk of Arron Banks re-branding UKIP to go for disaffected Labour voters but Theresa May seems to have beaten him to the punch.

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