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Italy v England


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Both Countries in form, England winning the last 5 and Italy winning 4 and drawing 1, obviously England were playing weaker countries and should have battered them all 10-0 but still.

Welbeck out with a knee injury which some celebrated on Twitter after a man of the match performance and a goal/OG, that's England fans for you I guess.

Sterling, Baines and Milner also out.

Lot's of criticism of the team v Lithuania, mainly Kane not starting, not so much after the game which we won 4-0 with a poor lineup.

So Italy v England, obviously a much tougher opposition but rather pointless game, can't see many goals in this one, both scoring just the 1 at most, 0-0, 1-1, 1-0, 0-1 take your pick.

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Probably alot of changes for both teams, probably something in a diamond for England


Walker - Jones - Smalling - Gibbs


       Henderson    Mason


      Rooney           Kane


Saying that he could try and go with a 4-3-3 but the only available wingers are Walcott and Townsend. 

Possible could start 4-3-3 with those two and change to a diamond later on



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Why play this meaningless game at all , bet some fooker else gets injured just when the season is getting exciting .


​I'm guessing it's to give Roy time with the squad, try things out against tougher opposition than you face in the qualifiers, work with the players more ahead of Euro 2016. Why it has to be done at the most important stage of the season I'll never know. Not just England tho, Spain are playing Netherlands and France are playing Denmark tonight.

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I don't know what anyone sees in Walcott. I think Arsenal are the best club he will ever get a kick for. I think his level is way down. Makes me laugh with his threats to leave. He has his moments but he's about 2mph away from being useless. 

Think a narrow defeat for England. The team that played Lithuania I'd fancy

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