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Loved how it wa done tonight... Nice to finally see it back on the BBC too.... When they cover sport.... They do it right time and time again. Shame they can't afford much.

Can't wait for 3rd round day.... Not much gives me goosebumps and butterflies in the stomach in football anymore. Apart from this.

I'm always on the edge of my seat watching it. Maybe being bought up watching/listening to it and loving all the old FA Cup final coverage on BBC all day like they used to do makes it feel special.

Hope it rekindles interest in the old cup....

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Dark days indeed. Bueno on the bench tho to add some flair.

Did that fat lout Steve Evans take Pringle to Rotherham based on that match?

Based on that match he probably wouldn't have taken Commons for free never mind Pringle. We had less everything. Shots, corners, possession...

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Crawley v Derby


Brayford Barker Addison Roberts

Savage Bailey

Green Commons Pringle


that was like looking at a fugly old girlfriend and thinking , oh no i didn't

I had to bloody watch mate; considering I went through the 80s, I think this game was the lowest point in my 45 years of following the Rams.

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