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BOLD Season Predictions


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Let's have them then...

What are your Bold Season Predictions for the 2014/15 season?

I don't want some middling "I think we might get in the play offs" nonsense. I want big cojones predictions... Ones that we can look back on in May 2015 and be able to say "that guy is the oracle, he's more ITK that MackworthRam... He never had to eat his own poo as he knew what was going to happen in the future".

I want specifics, I want to know exact goal tallies, exact win totals, exact clean sheets, exact milestones. Give them to me!

Pic related (size of balls required):

"d/14/07/07/e5eqyju4" alt="e5eqyju4">

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Either first- With 5 games to go.


OR- Second, but safe with 3 games to go.


Allowing for a standout season from one of the relegated clubs.


Either way, we will be top scorers again, and with an even better goal difference than last year. 

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This will be the thread quoted by fans of all the other clubs if we don't go up wont it?

Who cares!! Forsyth is going to score FIVE goals this year in what amounts to total football from the left back position!

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