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I'm sure we did this when I used to play football a few years ago.


Yeah but it's cutting edge modern forward thinking when it's Big Stevie Mac doing the coaching.





(the players probably loved it to be fair, it's a great banter building session)

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I can't remember who it was now, one of the Scottish lads on Radio derby that training is very enjoyable under McClaren.

Hopefully it's effective as well.

Glad to hear though, better than a Di Canio style - allegedly banning ice and ketchup. Training was no fun for Sunderland.

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Looks like the kind of game I would play with the 12 year old kids I coach.... But my kids are not that thick.

I'm a (former) football coach myself, and I would use games very similar to this, except they would be at a slightly slower pace. It's a good drill for improving reactions, awareness and speed with some cardio thrown in.


Drills and sessions are created by professional coaches and filter down to the youngsters, with coaches like you and (formerly) I copying them. It's a 5 minute warm up game, and a really good one for kids and pros alike.

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