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South Stand Statement


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Rams advised to relocate fans from the South Stand for next Saturday's game against Leicester City.

After lengthy discussions with Derbyshire Constabulary, Derby County has been advised of a need, based on safety grounds, to move a section of home supporters from the South Stand at Pride Park Stadium for the upcoming Sky Bet Championship fixture against Leicester City and three other games.

The Rams will take on their East Midlands neighbours at Pride Park on Saturday 17th August (3pm kick-off) and as a result of Police input, the group of supporters in that particular area will instead be relocated to other areas of the stadium for the game.

The Club have worked closely with the police over the last 12 months to enable them to open the South Stand for home supporters and also to try to maintain as many Saturday 3pm kick offs as possible. The relocation is in line with previous communications in relation to the possibility that for some games South Stand season ticket holders will have to be moved.

At this moment in time, the Police have advised the Club that the affected fixtures are: Leicester City (17/08/13), Leeds United (05/10/13), Sheffield Wednesday (09/11/13) and Nottingham Forest (22/03/14).

Relocations can be made at the Digonex Ticket Office at Pride Park in person or over the phone on 0871 472 1884 (option 1). Supporters wishing to sit together should have all of their customer numbers to hand when relocating.

It is advised that groups of supporters that wish to sit together should contact the Ticket Office by 5pm on Tuesday 13th August, otherwise the club will be required to allocate alternative seats.

As per the terms of the season ticket the Rams are offering a relocation for this game to the South West Corner Upper free of charge, while upgrade fees to Category C seats, which includes the South East Corner, are available and a full rundown of prices can be obtained from a member of the Digonex Ticket Office team.

Supporters will be able to return to the South Stand for the home game with Burnley on Saturday 31st August.


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How vague?! What now, will they send me a letter telling me which seat I'm being moved to? Will I still be next to my mate and son as we bought them together? Don't see why I should have to contact them, sort it Rush.

your alternative seats should have already been allocated before the start of the season in my opinion.

Now you'll all be on the premium phone lines trying to sort it, or leaving or arriving to work early/late.

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Let's be fair to the club here. Their hands are tied by the police who are now like referees - no police approval, no game. The local police are tied by their own fears of cocking up especially post Hilsborough - if anything kicks off then they will have to answer to the Chief Constable and/or the Home Office, never mind Risk Assessments, elf and safety and all the rest of it. They will always err on the side of caution.

It matters not one jot what the club say. They cannot put on any game of football at PP likely to attract any kind of crowd without police approval, including the ticketing arrangements. The local copper i/c of football matters will have been cacking himself at the idea of Derby and Leics fans within 20 rows of each other, never mind using adjacent turnstiles outside.

And a cash strapped - supposedly - police force hate events at weekends costing overtime as well.

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It's not ideal but we did know it was coming.

I want it to be for segregation purposes though, cos if a dog or a dirty sits in my seat, the whole area will need disinfecting and fumigating, otherwise I might catch something unpleasant.


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